Brushbeater: A Conversation With A Swede


Read and pass on.

10 responses to “Brushbeater: A Conversation With A Swede

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    …ya gets more of what ya SUBSIDIZE, and less of what you don’t SUBSIDIZE…

  2. Multiculturalism and diversity, the twin toxins poisoning Western civilization…and the cosmic snowflakes want us to join them at their barrel and drink the koolaide…

    Not happening with this patriot!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  3. Problem is (IMO) that people (at least in this country by my observation over the past 60 or so years) believe what THEY want to believe regardless of the truth (as defined by who/whom?) or the situation that is staring them in the face (be it political, personal or otherwise). Even when the shit is really coming down, most folks pander off situations and ‘make believe’ what is happening in real time as something else that fits their cognitive dissidence. This (again IMO) is what has been killing us and will finish us as a country/culture in the end ……. which if I read things correctly will be very soon. Full disclosure: I also fall into this trap from time to time (but attempt to use some critical thinking) and to that end have found it helpful to completely (from time to time) shut off the ‘noise’ (that would be news, television and other sources of ‘information’). Seems like we have merged George Orwell with Brave New World.

  4. “A conversation with a Swede”…an excercise that perfectly illustrates the adage “you can’t fix stupid!”

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  5. Detroit III

    Well somone has to breed with these blonde women! European men are notorious porn addicts so who will provide for the next generation of consumers?

  6. You could show her a video of the guy burning cars, and she still wouldn’t believe it. That is how you know the process of subversion is complete.

  7. Sounds like she might end up like this woman who thought Muslims were nice also…

  8. Level 4 is really where the magic happens.

  9. You can’t fix stupid & history is replete with copious examples
    At some point when critical mass is reached & the chaos gets beyond obvious & no one in the government is there to help them that dawning moment will hit some of them right between the eyes.

  10. On Knuckledraggin, Kenny posted a very attractive Swedish female soldier who is truly eye candy in her uniform with all the accoutrements. And good rifle.

    Well trained, a good shot, and impotent to what Sweden has become. My family is from Goteberg. Sadly yet thankfully, my family from there have all passed away.

    My Grandfather would have started Death Wish(ing) these savages a bit ago,.

    It’s all they understand. I hope whats left of real Sweden channels that bit of Viking heritage because it already maybe too late.

    Damn sad