Derbyshire: Trumpism Cucked On Both Foreign Policy And Immigration Already?

Jumping off the train.

Or getting good and damned ready to do so.

15 responses to “Derbyshire: Trumpism Cucked On Both Foreign Policy And Immigration Already?

  1. Meh.

    Myself and several others told the story before it was even written.

    And ivanka isn’t all that hot. I’ve had better.

  2. Ivanka is definitely hot. No question about it. But her old man looks like he waxes his balls. You know she has him taking out the trash just to make the point about who really wears the pants, and you can bet she makes him take the stairs to do it.

    • lastmanstanding

      Oh contraire brother! Jared ain’t takin no trash out. Didn’t you notice the pictorial yesterday of J’s 1st class tour of .mil in middle east.

      No trash boy getting that treatment. He’s most-likely pulling the strings.

  3. The likes of al Qaeda,ISIS and whatever else is out there including Islamic Fanaticism thrive in ignorance,poverty,oppression,war and chaos.The western liberal democracies need to confront the above if we have any chance for a more peaceful,loving and stable world for our children.

    • No, Ron.


      Try it in Toronto first, eh?

      • those from cana duh are as dumb as the murkins…

        a physical therapist comes to the house 3 times a week (Cadillac health insurance).
        she’s from cana duh. they back trump for defending the helpless chillun.

        teh stoopit. eht hirtz.

    • Wrong!…Let them stay in their own countries, and we won’t give a hoot what these barbarians do….the problem is letting them into the West. I notice that China, Japan, etc haven’t made that mistake.

    • Ron, How is your wife’s boyfriend’s son doing?

  4. From my perspective, considering the last 8 years of a real cuckoldism in American office, that to the rogue nasty fuckers in this world, America still doesn’t mind blowing your shit up.

    If it keeps em guessing for a bit about getting froggy,

    Patton wanted to settle all of it at the end of WWII. Russia, Korea, southeast Asia, all of it. Biggest dick policy after nuking Japan to victory.

    He was retired by the PTB.

  5. Grey Ghost

    There will be no draining of the swamp. Trump has been completely eaten by the gators in the swamp. Didn’t take all that long, less than 80 days. In his left ear is Ivanka/Jared and in his right ear is Bannon. I don’t think Bannon will last 2 years.

    McCain goes to the MidEast on an “unscheduled” visit and within 30 days we have yet another false flag “gas attack” in Syria. Trump believes his “intel” and sends TLAM-C’s into an almost deserted airfield, claiming to have destroyed the “gas” and will do it again if the CIA errrr I mean Assad does not stop gassing his own people. Anytime Beck, McCain, Graham, Pelosi, Schumer, Ryan and the “establishment” come together in this way praising the President, the American people stand to lose even more blood, treasure and liberty. Goddamn neocons are going to get millions killed, millions… the only question left is whether it will be the 200 million as Tfat seems to think or some number less.

    Trump has lost his base and doesn’t even know it. The Trump train has just derailed itself with the help of the U.S. intel community, deep state and the Ivanka/Jared team…

    TINVOWOOT. Get that through your head.

    Grey Ghost

  6. Scott Thorsen

    I am surprised Sputnik News does not deny Assad did it. I was guessing Russian news would claim the denial.

    I don’t like this. Hillary was running on starting a war with Syria and Trump gets backdoored into it.

  7. Tom, you nailed it on Patton. But, so it goes.
    Derbyshire nails it as well, and as usual. I’m left with the question, “Is Trump a phony from the beginning, or was he turned in some way?”
    And, like the rest of us, I’m left with the result: Post election… nothing has changed.
    Now what?

  8. Your question was “now what?”

    Now we keep going just as if HilLIARy! had won the election… knowing that things are gonna’ get sporty soon enough. We keep stacking and do the best with what we got, and work with our local “neighborhood watch” people who fly the Gadsden in their front yard… What else CAN we do?

  9. I think he sent a message to Putin, whom many on the right side of the isle seem to like. I don’t. Let’s keep him guessing.