K Blog: The Dead Run Toward

His latest.

So selfish, these questions.

Why should issues of defined national interest and unintended consequences be of any concern?

Immigrant women are telling us that other people’s children are suffering!

And the smartest of those women says we must act:

LATimes: Like It Or Not, Jared Kushner Is The Deputy President

28 responses to “K Blog: The Dead Run Toward

  1. Again with the deep purple?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Haven’t heard that in a while.
      1973 Subic Bay; of the 200-300 bars, every other bar on the main drag was playing Smoke on the Water (live bands), it was embedded in your brain for life. Ice cold San Miguel and Deep Purple, those were the days……….

      • TheAlaskan

        Olongapo…Angeles City…Subic Bay. Oh those sweet little asian tornadoes. Married one once…for about six months…wild.

  2. Never underestimate the oligarchy’s power & resolve to insert another ‘Lucky Sperm Club’ POS.

    US Foreign Policy – Winning hearts & the mindless, because it’s has been working so well.

    • good find. Anybody here who is registered with VoxDay’s Infgogalactica might want to restore Ben Auerbach aka Emanuel’s (((supressed))) wiki. Apparently Ben was quite a guy: a true Jewish racial nationalist who specialized in deeds not words in Brit-occupied Palestine.. White racial nationalists in Zionist-occupied America have much to learn from his sterling example.

  3. Did the alpha Boyz incentive the Putties and Assadies to dump old stock hatchets on a bone yard air base for effects?

  4. NorthGunner

    Jared = ‘Baby Doc trumpy’
    Kind of surprised that Jared hasn’t hung out with ‘subway Jared’….
    then again, who knows?…..

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty – parasite class can FOAD!
    NorthGunner III

    • World police.

      Enforcers for the banking class.

      What Smedley said.

      • Exactly CA!

        Smedly and others had it right, especially ‘ol Mencken when he spoke about the endless hobgoblins used to frighten the tax sheep.

        What makes the HMF’sWITTIC loose sleep is that there is a committed core of people who aren’t asleep or drinking the deep states koolaide and that we’re waking other people up to what the bankster/parasite class are and what they’ve been up to.


        Same murderous shit from the same parasite class..and trumpy has shown he’s a team player for them…maga bs indeed!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

    • What do you expect from the
      cuckservative tree house?…

      Nothing more that a cheerleader squad for the narcissitic parasite class that believes they have the right to rule everyone else…fuck them and burn their putrid treehouse to the ground and sow salt on the ashen ground afterwards…hopefully John ‘songbird’/palooka joe mcshitstain will be in it when it crashes in flames!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

    • Completely nuts…thanks, “conservatives”.

  5. teh lurker

    All this stuff…
    The attitude of the “Conservative”treehouse that this is our problem is why this will never get fixed. Either over here or over there.
    And these are the smart people, they write well and convince all the other smart people that this is our game. Now the President has been turned or was always in on it. We’ll never know, so we battle it out arguing amongst ourselves if this is 4D chess or if he was always gonna turn this way. ‘Cause we’re smart people too.

    Mr. President I was told by you that as long as one American suffered from tooth decay or erectile dysfunction you’d be America first. Well I guess we’ve all been had, even you.

    The Lurker

  6. “Our officialdom has become a troop of Africans looking for gunfire to sprint toward. And they seem frantic enough to start their own in its absence.”

    What do you think the whole “gas attack” in Syria last week was? I’m just disappointed that Trump was stupid enough to fall for it.

  7. What person with any semblance of sanity,in the the twilight of a long drawn-out conflict ,that they are winning, would gas their own people and bring down a shitstorm on their own heads? Answer….nobody. This is a construct of the MIC and the lobbyist cartel. Recently a mate stated,”A conversation has never taken place that changed someones mind about their politics.” I do not bother with attempting to educate and enlighten people whose heads are full of propaganda and bullshit.
    Time and energy is better spent on other endeavors. Fire up your generator.Put a load on it. Check your water purification systems, medical supplies and procedures. Range cards,blind spots,kill zones and escape plans are a better use of time,energy and resources.
    The monster must be fed.Trump is another cog in a large machine which hijacked the USA decades ago. Smack yourself in the head and wake the fuck up! There is work to be done.

  8. NorthGunner

    This pic says it all!

    (appropriate music: CCR Bad Moon Rising or Twilight Zone -When the Bullet Hits the Bone

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  9. Relax and rejoice..
    Those ‘blue’ voting areas?
    Target map for Putin.. along with a small ME country with 100’s of H bombs
    Hard to believe, but President Putin can MAGA!

  10. It’s how republican Presidents recover from shitty polls.You gain 2 points for every cruise missile launched, and you get the extra point upon impact.. Bush did it, Clintons did it. Trump is just following suit. Obama thought he could talk for his points.. Major fail.