OK….All Is Well, Right?

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Remember this story from last year?

North Korean satellites over US

See this tracker:


Screenshots below of both satellite 4 and satellite 3 (in that order) a few minutes ago:

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  1. I remember.
    I didn’t read the story at the link, but if memory serves, it’s about the SAT’s that can deliver a nuke resulting in an EMP burst over us. I thought there was only 1 SAT… 2? Ugh!
    What would you do if DJT was after you…..? And after what happened in Syria?

  2. Almost forgot… The Terry Savalas ‘meat space baby’ is absolutely hilarious!! 🙂

  3. Read down a bit to get GA’s take on this very subject…


  4. Has anyone plotted when one of these is centered over CONUS and the other over Hawaii? If the little psychopath is going to pop these off he will want to take out both at once.

  5. one can hope.

    it would be a most excellent time to take out the trash that has been piling up for some time now… wouldn’t want to be a cop, judge, or general .gov parasite when that day arrives.

  6. CA, excuse the intrusion. I want to circle back to a posting a couple weeks back that sourced an article that quoted a 90% kill rate in the event of a EMP attack on the country. This seems the appropriate venue.

    I am find myself not convinced. Grew up living the duck-n-cover routine, Cuban missile crisis, etc. In all that time the quoted numbers were 75-85% lossesof the US population tops. Some numbers quoted less than 50%. For example — https://www.princeton.edu/~ota/disk3/1979/7906/7906.PDF

    Now we are expected to believe that an stratospheric burst will kill 90% of the population? There will be no ground effects, no large scale nuclear fallout, not even direct burst radiation deaths. Just a systemic system outage. To paraphrase Dr. Strangelove — “We have a reasonableness gap!”

    • No, it’s the disruption of communications, electric power, food and medical supplies that will do the killing…

    • None of us gets to live forever.

      Local, local and local.

      Lord, thank you for the time and love you’ve given me, surely I didn’t deserve it. May I use the remaining time to do YOUR will.

  7. Read the first three embedded links here:


    Then read the rest of Forstchen’s thoughts at the link.

    The trick is getting 1) the attack to work and 2) not kill you (i.e., a nation state that got EMP’d would be looking to turn your place into glass). Hence the most troubling approach is a seaborne ICBM launch from a non-perp-flagged vessel.

    I defer to the former and current military personnel as to the impact of such a successful attack on DOD. In the civilian world, I can guarantee that much of the country’s wireless voice and data networks would be heavily impacted.

    No joy, brother.

    • Detroit III

      June 1st? “Blah, blah, blah.”

      Remember Stockman’s PREDICTION of financial Armageddon fir March 15th which you posted?

      Your.doomerism has an accuracy of less than 1%.

      One second after, Pete, has been discredited by your bku Karl Denninger.

      Stop engaging in full-blown cognitive dissonance.

  8. Thernos multiple sources: 4chan shitposters

  9. lordofthehundreds

    drdog09, the 90% kill rate is not directly from the EMP burst. That extremely high casualty rate is found one year after the burst, after starvation, civil strife, collapse in transportation, and other mayhem have rendered our once great nation prostrate. Read “One Second After” by Willam R. Forstchen (and forward by Newt Gingrich) to get a good idea about how bad it will be–and why.

    If you need to think about why such an event would be calamitous, after an EMP strike our nation would be shoved back to 1840, when our population was 17 million souls. We could support that many people with food, transportation, water, etc. in a non-electric environment. We are 326 million people right now, so something has to give to reduce the population back to the infrastructure carrying capacity.

    It’s all a bit terrifying, and I hope that the NRO as well as the Air Force has targeted those NK satellites, just to play it safe. This EMP threat really is our country’s Achilles’ heel.

  10. Detroit III

    June 1st? “Blah, blah, blah.”

    Remember Stockman’s PREDICTION of financial Armageddon fir March 15th which you posted?

    Your.doomerism has an accuracy of less than 1%.

    • So it might be, “Blah Blah Blah,” but fact is Trump’s sudden posturing (and warring) are real. It takes “ingredients” to make a recipe, and it looks to me, as of this week the most important “ingredient” (U.S. Prez with the “will”) has been put on the kitchen counter.

      I can own up to being mal-prepped. I’ve needed a refresher on the home-defense front for a long time and this feels like the night-before exam cram. Not good, but better being in a mindset that proves premature than the contrary.

  11. One Second After was THE BOOK that really drove home prepping to me. It was terrifying and almost paralyzing. I firmly faced reality about how vulnerable our supply chains are. I have reccommended the book to many people, most of whom have not read/purchased it. (I guess that denial truly is a river in Egypt.) It also forced me to realize that no, everyone won’t survive-for a variety of reasons. We should have bombed NK and China in the 50’s instead of playing the diplomats game. Dropped 2 nukes and walked away. They will certainly do the same to us.

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  13. pyrrhus, lordofthehundreds,

    I don’t want to get into a spitting contest per se. But think about it, either somebody was lying back then or somebody is lying now. If the 90% today is ‘right’ then the numbers back in the 60’s were extinction level.

    I have read ‘One Second After’ much of which I do find plausible. A throwback to 1840? More like 1900. But the fact is a ground burst nuke leaves nothing behind to recover from. Nothing. An EMP as envisioned in OSA destroys little in the way of buildings, roads, etc. Even most of the grid is still intact —
    “The impact of such an EMP-triggered outage would be severe but not catastrophic if the recovery was rapid or the geographic impact sufficiently limited. The recovery times from previous large-scale outages have been on the order of one to several days. This record of quick recovery is attributable to the remarkably effective operation of protective systems and communications that are an essential part of the power infrastructure and the multiple sources of replacement components from surrounding nonimpacted systems. In this context, a short blackout scenario over a relatively small geographic region would be economically painful. Of the more than $10 trillion U.S. Gross Domestic Product, about three percent is electricity sales. However, estimates of economic loss from historical
    blackouts range from factors of six (for domestic customers) to 20 (for industrial users) times the value of the interrupted service. By these measures, the economic impact of an outage is between 18 and 60 percent of total production in the affected area. Again, this estimate is for reasonably short-lived blackouts. A short blackout presents no threat to
    national survival.”
    pg 19 from the Commission Report from which OSA is based.

    Most of what gets ‘blown up’ in a EMP attack is microcircuit control systems. The wiring in your house is still intact. Most of the grid will be intact. Fact your residence is intact, ie shelter always a first level concern is available. Your car will need a new ECM. Believe me, you can live without a cell phone. The kids can do something constructive rather than veg in front of the XBox. The magnifier of a EMP situation is time. How long before isolated pockets can get the grid rebooted?

    But even at that it will burn a lot of souls.


      Doctor: Sounds plausible. Since the Leviathan and its minions are shielded and prepared for such a scenario, I have a question to all: What if, this is what TPTB want? What better way to totally emasculate the majority and initiate permanent Martial Law and a Mordor-On-The-Potomac dictatorship? I am just asking.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        For any of you that have been paying attention, the elites have stated out in the open their desire for population reduction, ie, Bill Gates and Prince Charles being 2 of the most outspoken on the subject.
        Here’s their chance, and they can blame their euthanasia on a political misunderstanding.

        • Probably not the end game, but my retort to those that suggest population reduction is — “By all means, after you!”

          But your observation is not to be discounted. Fact there is a movie being promoed on Netflix with that very scenario in mind.