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    • SemperFi, 0321

      The masses refuse to get a grasp that we’re being run by the banksters and military industrial complex. Or that we’re in the wrong.
      The 2nd comment to the picture summed it up, another war monger hating on someone else who’s figured it out. Nothing new throughout history, the world is full of idiot followers who support anything the gov’t does, but for us who see thru the lies it’s hard to comprehend or live with. And we’ll never educate them to where they change their minds, so as always, we will be dragged down to the level of the average human in our proximity.
      Mob rule wins. Unless you’ve got a really fast apocalypse vehicle………

      • +100

        SF0321 you’ve definitely hit the mark! The majority of people walking around in America don’t have a fricking clue and as long as their bellies are full of pre-processed food substitute and a beer in their paws with the remote in their other paw for their Sunday ‘pay per screw’, they don’t care. To them it’s just another BBQ on the fourth with more pussy beer and more soy lent green until someone pops an emp..then they’ll go ‘chimpout’ and loot the local Wallyworld while they wail, “why didn’t pappgov prevent us papagov!!”.

        I’ve talked at length here in my AO with others that are awake..those that don’t want to hear the message are on their own as I won’t waste my time casting pearls before swine so to speak.

        The great die off that’s coming is going to be a bitch all around but maybe it’ll improve the breed by burning off the useless parasites in the process.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Agreed, God/Nature have a way of killing off the weak to ensure the survival of the entire species. Maybe it’s our turn for cleansing and genetic strengthening.

  1. Yesterday afternoon:

  2. This crap will continue until these fuckers realize “we the people” are not on board.

  3. Simple little diagrams for simple minded people. Wonder what caused folks to go to war before the advent of gunpowder – you simplistic rubes. Keep up with your pseudo-intellectual analysis of things you know very very little about.

    • Matthew Wilbanks

      Replace “bombs” with swords, arrows, sticks or stones and the effect is exactly the same. Only a dipshit like you needs to wonder how it works before gunpowder. When you attack someone who didn’t attack you, they tend to get a little vindictive about it.

  4. lon a follower

    The ‘seemingly’ never ending circle of confusion.

  5. lon a follower

    Ca, if this is free style and you have the option or means. Turn us loose, no moderation. Let us converse live. People will expose themselves, perhaps they will change?
    Perhaps try this on occasion? People could benifit from seeing that to revert back to ones natural state is not something to be desired.
    If we cannot communicate to one another on a thread with civility do we ‘deserve’ freedom? Do we ‘deserve’ liberty? Do we ‘deserve’ anything?
    Do we ‘deserve’ rights?

    • there are places that do that which are perfectly functional if not what most people would call ‘civil.’

      “Deserve” is barking up the wrong tree

  6. If it is freestyle why is there any moderation at all? If that is the agenda, let it flow. Comments can always be deleted retrospectively. But then again, if it is freestyle then that would never happen, right?

    Be aware that curious ‘awakeners’ will be driven away by the idiocy, but that happens already, so have at it.

    Back to running the CLC. Waiting for the squad to reach the ORP. His CLC class has so much training value, I cannot express it.

    • We generally do not have to moderate the MVT Forum. But then again the $25 per year membership prevents drive-by idiocy. We keep it rational and sensible and do actual analysis of current events. Discuss. Analyze. And be prepared to moderate or change your POV in the face of evidence presented. Refreshing.