SLL: Calling A Bluff?

Things are seldom what they seem.

Usually worse, in my experience.

Have you figured out what your family has at stake in Syria?

The good news is that you’ll soon have moar freedumb to ponder:

Syrian town “hit by chemical weapons” bombed again

Hey, 144:1, can you guys sketch up a quicky USAF/Al Qaida/ISIS joint ops shoulder patch?

I’m thinking some combo of the USAF wings, the ISIS ball, and a severed head.

Strike the “US Air Force” logo as too nationalist, and substitute “International Security Assistance Air Force”, or ISAAF.

Just spitballin’ here. Probably something you can do with this as well:

Anybody know the Arabic for “No, really, sharia doesn’t bother us at all”?

15 responses to “SLL: Calling A Bluff?

    • no he’s not. The MIC, Zionists, Sunni terrorists set up the false flag with Trumps full cognizance and approval. Trump’s tear-jerker speech was more Performance Art. Just like the campaign.

  1. Keep pushing Putin and he either does something stupid to ensure his survival or we wake up to the headline “Russian President Putin Dead” you know from natural causes when in fact some nationalist or military man decided he wasn’t standing up the to US and EU/NATO and removed him, then what?

  2. I’m hearing that people are seeing our men and armor entering Syria thru Jordan as I type this. I’ll try to confirm and find out more.

      • Some are reporting that the US troops are backing up Jordanian troops after a border attack. It seems the eyes on the ground in Syria are quite jittery at the moment what with a bazillion teams all shooting at each other! I will continue to keep an eye on it.

    • US troops have been in Syria for weeks, up in the northeastern part around Racqqa, supporting the Kurds against ISIS. The purpose here, of course, is to herd ISIS westward, toward Damascus.

      • lastmanstanding

        Once ISIS has control of Damascus, then off to Lebanon.

        It’s only 132 miles as the crow flies from Damascus to Tel Aviv, but is a 1200 mi. drive. Much to inconvenient for a growing nation that gets a huge stipend from the US taxpayer. (Against my protestations!) Lots of nice Med front land to develop.

        Probably just a coincidence that Israel has been preparing for war against the Lebanese. It will be interesting to finally see who has been directing ISIS. I don’t think it will be to long until we find out who gets all of the spoils and we saf know who’s going to pay for it.

        What I am really wondering is when everyone will quit giving them a pass.

  3. NorthGunner

    This picture says all that needs to be said;

    Death and destruction to the parasite class and it’s enablers and enforcers, no quarter given nor asked!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

    • The whole domestic enemy portion of their oath has some fine print and is defined by the govt just who those domestic enemies may and will be.

      Even the so called oath keepers only seem to focus on the “foreign” ones.

      • “War is when the government tells you who the enemy is. Revolution is when you decide for yourself.”

        Does anyone know who said this first? I’d like to provide attribution.

      • NorthGunner

        “The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual crime.”
        – Max Stirner

        Why should anyone respect let alone obey anything that issues from
        the parasite class? They have absolutely -0.0- legitimacy with me!

        They’re the domestic enemy that needs to be exterminated!
        Unfortunately the majority of oath keepers have drunk the
        koolaide and haven’t been exposed to Bill Buppert or Larken
        Rose’s expostions on Liberty.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

  4. It’s 4D chess. Guy’s a freaking genius. Putting all the Goldbug Sux alumni in key positions threw everyone off because it was a double reverse flea flicker move.

    Look Trumpy is not a dumbass, he’s a rich kid who got a pile from Dad and turned it into something. That’s it, that’s all. I don’t give a shit how wealthy he is in FIatbux either it doesn’t make him Einstein.

    Watching him walk into the hall the night he won almost made me puke. Watching him send 400 marines into Syria made me puke. The Tomahawk chop is not 4D chess, it’s Trumpy doing as he’s fucking told. Going off script is not an option and if you think it is, you’re delusional. Pink mist get’s all over the new script, just ask Big Joe’s kid Johnny.