Thank Heaven

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  1. lastmanstanding

    Just what I was telling everybody (the go trumpers) who brought it up in the last few days.

    I wish I could just stfu.


    Well, they tried. They drank the kool aid and bought the BS. I did not vote but I had high hopes my cynicism would be vanquished and The Donald would do what he said he would do. It does appear that we, as a country, have just inherited “the flip side of the same coin”. One could argue, however, that we still have SCOTUS. But then, what kind of creature is Mr. Gorsuch?
    There are still plenty of “supplies” out there to be had. Training, PT, prepping, and networking has not stopped. We still have breathing room. It’s time to shine on what could have been and face what is. Keep your eyes and ears open. Keep your nose in the wind. Bleib ubrig.

  3. Sadly how true is that meme.

  4. Lost Patrol

    As SFC Barry stated in several of his emails sent to family and friends since the election … I told you so #1, I told you so #2, I told you so #3 etc.
    And other readers so aptly stated prior to the election … ” we can not vote ourselves out of this mess.” Sooo, Uh back to the drawing board hay …
    Got food, got water, got fuel, got shelter, got alternative energy sources, got comms, got intel, got ammo, got a means to replenish what you consume (such as a garden), got a tribe, got community support, got yourself in shape with plans to stay fit, got yourself and yours off the lines of drift and out of the big cities???
    Just asking, just asking is all.

  5. When its not “election” season, most of the people seem fairly coherent about the shape of the country and who the problem is – But once “Election” season starts they all seem to lose their fucking minds and hop on the Our “R” or “D” team and allow the brainwashing to sink in deep via the mass media that one side or the other is going to solve all the problems and all will be like Mayberry.

    We can not “Vote” our way out of this shit – when will the sheeple learn that?

    And if you are one of the many now waiting for the next “R” to come and save it all, you are the problem and just plain fucking stupid.

  6. Centurion_Cornelius

    $60M going to Rayethon Corp. to “replenish” yonder launched Tomahawk missiles.

    Hoo-boy! Somebody ought to check the alleged accuracy and/or the targeting of same, as The Rooskies claim that only 23 of 59 hit their targets.

    Pretty near one outta three, eh? Hell–that kinda shootin’ doesn’t even get you on paper down at the range.

    Maggies’ Drawers

    • Both ships fired 30 missiles, however one of them failed immediately and went into the drink very close to the ship that fired it. So the actual total was 60 fired, 59 appeared to be enroute to the target, 23 arrived on target. While all of them have not been located, some have.