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From a commenter:

After visiting a retired friend who is waiting to die in a nursing home, I felt compelled to compose the following. Watching a once strong Warrior lie in bed wasting to nothing and wearing a diaper loaded with own stool almost sent me over the edge. Post if you like on main page. This friend is a Marine scout sniper/Army Ranger and has more than paid his dues in Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm.

You took my youth and vigor and sent me to fight your wars in lands far away. Your wars, not mine, but I stood proud and accomplished what was asked.
Many of my brothers did not return home, some came home, but only in parts. I came home but with physical and unseen scars.
My eyes and mind have seen and recorded the brutal horrors of war and the killing fields in Korea, Vietnam, Iraqi and Afghanistan.
I am flooded with images and sounds that will never be erased.
You gave me awards and great songs of praise then threw me away.
The only comfort that remains is the understanding of brothers and sisters who have likewise dedicated their lives and well beings in the name of the cause, right or wrong we stood together.
I am still a WARRIOR; it is a will of spirit and mind that does not end.
Today I am broken physically but my mind, the mind of a warrior, is still intact.
I remain proud but unable to stand on my own.
Today you look at me as an expendable item of no use to your world, a world that would not be if I and my brothers had turned our backs on you.
I am today a throw away left and ignored by you, left to die without honor or respect.
Those who surround me and ironically are to care for me, have not the slightest concept of who I am, nor do they give a damn. To them I am just a hunk of disabled rotting flesh that needs to die, the sooner the better.
Why is there no respect, no honor, no true caring???
One wonders if this is the end, then the better part of valor and honor would have been to die on the fields of combat with so many of our true brothers.
Why did we cling to life so hard to come to this degrading and distasteful last run?
I am a WARRIOR let me die as a WARRIOR and honor me as a WARRIOR, grant me an honorable death

April 2017

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  1. kay_de_leon

    fuck. brutal. heartbreaking.

  2. A very thought provoking piece that speaks volumes of truth. Why in this country, have we allowed the self important, self righteous, self promoting, and well protected to remain unscathed for all of the chaos, pain, and destruction that they cause? I am so sick of it. I am finished with our warriors being sacrificed on the altar of blasphemy. We don’t owe illegal squatters any thing. We owe our warriors EVERYTHING.
    If we are going to wage war on a country, then destroy the God Damned place and be done with it!! It is war, and wars are bloody, cruel, and destructive by their nature. Otherwise we need to let other countries alone.

  3. Detroit III

    I am a WARRIOR let me die as a WARRIOR and honor me as a WARRIOR, grant me an honorable death


    So.his buddy’s idea of an honorable death is to die in a nursing home?


  4. Thomas J Crowley

    All things must come to an end. So the warrior must also. If you want to be cared for in a nursing home or VA hospital please treat your wife well enough so she’ll want to care for you. Not a task for many but hopefully you will make the grade. I have and wouldn’t change my life or wife for any other.

  5. seems like a war monger to me..Not like they forced him into re upping for all those wars.
    No sympathy here. I see people like this as the problem as much as the puppet masters..

    • Blazing Apostle

      You. Don’t. Get. It.

    • My father was a lifer. The US military needs
      No telling how many sons, brothers fathers and husbands came home because of the knowledge & experience of these professional soldiers.
      These men were and are the best of the best.
      Glad I am not near for you would have no taste or teeth left in your mouth.

    • You are an ignorant piece of trash.

  6. Sad thing is this same scenario is repeated daily in nursing homes across the country.
    There were quite a few old Marines, ans Army and Navy guys who fought in multiple wars in the same nursing home my mom was in as she was dying back in 2014.
    They all wanted the same thing as my mom- to be left alone to go home and die in peace.
    They sure as hell didn’t want to die in some nursing home surrounded by strangers who had no idea who they were, what they had accomplished in their lives, and the shit they had been through in wars the nurses and aides taking care of them knew little or nothing about because most hadn’t even been born yet.

  7. maybe if we quit glorifying war we might dodge the nuclear exchange on the near horizon? But imho I think this rah rah rah USA USA USA shit has sealed our fate.

    • Dude: a friend is dying, and he writes a tribute to him.

      Have you no decency?

    • That’s not even what this was about. Do you deny that at the very least, our world has a need for warriors? The point you’re making doesn’t make any sense in this subject.

      • joe tentpeg

        Useless to apply reason or logic with this type of critter.

        As a former KGB spook said in the ’80s, ‘…these ‘liberals’ won’t respond to logic…until they get a boot in the ass from a concentration camp guard.’

  8. I thank God for Warriors who allowed me to have a great life in the best country on Earth. I also pray for these (Last Days) WARRIORS to consider Jesus Christ that they will allow themselves to be accepted and comforted by the ONE and only, as they transition to their new home where there is only Comfort, Joy, Peace, and LOVE.

    True > Please treat your wife well enough so she’ll want to care for you.

  9. Bibleater Bibleater

    I’m the guy who wipes their asses. I care, I listen. I can’t make their death other than it will be. I ignore the pit in my stomach from their frustrations with life present and past, instead I honor their sacrifice. I can make their life comfortable now. I do my best. I am proud to have been a friend and a buddy to at least a dozen WW11 guys and half that of Korean war in their final battle. I will remember these men. They have taught me much.
    And so, I am obliged to give more than I get, as they mostly did, in whatever battle looms, on whatever field it occurs.
    Guilt is a bitch. “Am I my brothers keeper?” Real men know the correct answer.
    Mike VanDerbo (sp?) said ” sometimes you just get the duty”.
    The Book says there is an end and it will come and when it does we will all do what we have to do. Possibly, will do for those who can’t. And so it is,
    Is it fair that we may not get to choose between the bedpan or bullets?
    Take it up with The Boss.

  10. Survival of the fittest.The fittest among our slovenly,hedonistic population does the dirty grunt work and serves as cannon fodder.The civilian population of the USA,at one time,respected and honored the battered and broken men who returned,either dead or alive.We have lost our way.Preoccupied with self-indulgence and the glorification of diversity and political correctness.There is no connection between the warrior and the civilian.The DC establishment promotes a narrative that has no basis in fact or logical progression of thought. Nothing has changed in the life of the warrior. You fight and die for the man standing next to you. As a warrior you expect no recognition of the sacrifice.The reward is true brotherhood.

  11. Sorry for your loss.

  12. war is a racket…

    • It is indeed a racket, tfat. Those who send the warriors have no honor. But – you served – as did I and others, and we learned what we learned of ‘them’ in the bitterest of ways.
      That does not diminish us as warriors, it diminishes ‘them’ as inhuman trash. The fate they get, they deserve. Warriors hold honor, integrity, and truth. TPTB know nothing of these things.

  13. Centurion_Cornelius

    …he will never be forgotten…

  14. Seems to me that: everyone wants to eat the food but no one wants to grow it (too much work), everyone wants to shoot but no one wants to either reload or purchase the ammo, everyone wants …(filling the blank) but no one wants to …(buy, take the time, work for it or otherwise expend the time/energy to make the ‘thing’ happen). It’s the American way after all. Goes for the life we live. Everyone wants the goodies but are more than willing to pay someone else to provide those goodies (think our way of life and the promise that our country offers): someone needs to do the dirty work and as long as the ‘citizens’ do not know what they do or how they do it, no problem – it’s the American way it seems. Generations of good, strong folks put their collective ass’ on the line to help secure and pay for the ‘goodies’ that we enjoy (regardless of the on-going controversy about the validity of the conflicts) – when the general population becomes disconnected from the source of their lifestyle a country (such as ours) is doomed.

  15. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

  16. jeffronimo

    I would do what I could to befriend, or at least be kind to, the old warriors. I wish they could all come refugee themselves into my neighborhood. We’d then by God have a community.

    I’ve shot, and I’ve killed, and I’ve bloodied others in battle, and been bloodied myself, though I’ve never worn the uniform. As a warrior, I applaud the honorable warrior. The author of this tribute shouldn’t feel so alone.

    The cowards and pussies reveal themselves for what they are.

  17. Leviathan has betrayed the honorable warriors who have sacrificed so much at its order, and continues to do so.

  18. May god bless these warriors, and grant them an honorable ending.


  19. I’m hoping to just keel over some day out in the sagebrush out shooting. To that end I try to “keep my bags packed”.

    Please God, NO NURSING HOME!

  20. lastmanstanding

    Well done brother…Peace and prayers to both of you.

  21. To those who have it coming & Valhalla awaits Warrior.

    Mothers will breed & cheerfully give up their progeny of procreation for the Nation State’s Wars of aggression for the Bankers greed & profits.

    The Story of Your Enslavement

    • 10,000+!

      I agree completely.

      As Paul Warburg told Congress back in the 1930’s “every war is economic”..truer words were never spoken from one of the bankster elite.

      I do feel for your friend and his suffering. I also understand that he and everyone else that served in WWI, WWII, Korea, ‘Nam and all the rest were just the errand boys/muscle for the parasitic ruling class that’s been defacto running this country since that tyrant Lincoln became America’s first dictator. Bill Buppert was completely right when he said that our military hasn’t protected America since 1898 (I’d say since it became a the tool of tyranny via the War of Northern Aggression)!

      The parasite class wants a war…fine let trumpy, his feckless bankster son in law Jared and the rest of that class pick up weapons and go fight it themselves…may they get gutshot to hell and back in the process! Not one of us dirt people owe them ANY service, no matter how many pieces of bad music they play while they attempt to seduce us to die for the betterment of their portfolios and bottom line!

      Not a second of ‘service’ to the parasite class! If war be necessary go to war against them here and now!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

      • Grey Ghost

        Agree 100%.

        Next. As to the idea of ending up in a Nursing Home… it’s pretty damn simple… I will NOT end up there and NOONE can force me to go there, not the govt, not my kids, not even my wife. I will not die in one and will do whatever it takes to not die in one. My death is one of the few things I have control of and it’s not happening in a Nursing Home. To those who find themselves there… have fun and good luck.

        We all have one thing in common… we ALL are going to die, it’s just a matter of when, where and how.

        Grey Ghost

  22. Alfred E. Neuman

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  23. Prayers. Hits close to home.

  24. …to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears…

    Mother Mary comfort him.