Cernovich: Petraeus Protégé And Current Presidential NatSec Adviser H. R. McMaster Manipulating Intelligence Reports To Trump, Wants 150,000 Ground Soldiers In Syria

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And keep an eye on Ukraine/Novorussia as well:

US Army Operation Atlantic Resolve site

18 responses to “Cernovich: Petraeus Protégé And Current Presidential NatSec Adviser H. R. McMaster Manipulating Intelligence Reports To Trump, Wants 150,000 Ground Soldiers In Syria

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  3. Cernovich an alt-Right unrepentent Trumpaholic, still belching nonsense. Nobody is manipulating the Donald. He has been thick as thieves with the Wall St./Las Vegas Zionist warmongers his entire adult life. The mask has dropped: what we are getting now is the actual, for-real Trump. And – thanks to Putin’s dropping the ball in failing to respond violently to this first airstrike – much, much worse is to come.

    • European American

      You are wrong. Trump is simply too gullible. He’s a business man, not a politician. He has a misguided heart, unlike most politicians who have no heart. He gives those on his staff the benefit of the doubt, and therein lies the problem. He’s over his head as those around him run the show behind his back. He also has an EGO that alienates him from reality.

      If Trump and Assad and Putin were to meet, face to face, this whole clusterfuck would come to an immediate end. As long as his handlers keep him isolated from the truth, he will continue to fuck things up for all of us.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Good points, BUT…….Trump has spent his entire life in big business. He’s not naive to this, if that were the case how would a street idiot like Obama have navigated these same waters? Obama had absolutely 0% experience in the political/business world, he came from being a pampered street druggie to instant politician, whereas Trump was raised in the business world.
        I’m not defending Trump, never did trust him, but when making these comparisons, Trump is heads above any of his predecessors in experience.
        Being an egotist is definitely true, but then again, almost all of them fit that same description too. And Obama was one of the worst narcissists we’ve ever seen.

  4. MIPA!

    Make Ivanka proud again!

  5. “Sources also suggest that McMaster is sharing classified information with Petraeus, whose security clearance was revoked.”

    I seriously doubt McMaster would have to do this.

    A few more minutes of research and someone would find:

    So two years ago he is laying out the global military strategy you see today.
    A video well worth your time yet it has less than 800 views.

    RUSI is where Petraeus is not just a member but senior VP just under a former UK secretary of Defence and the Queen of England (listed as Patron of the org). Individual membership at RUSI (which only gets you very limited access to a couple useless events per year) starts at £5,000 + VAT. Assuming your application is even approved.

    Let’s follow the rabbit hole from RUSI members a little farther to:

    “Pakistani takes reins of ‘Muslim Nato’

    Saudi Arabia’s ambitious young defence minister has scored a coup by recruiting the former head of Pakistan’s army to run a new military alliance set up to counter Iran’s growing influence in the Middle East.

    The appointment of General Raheel Sharif to run the “Muslim Nato” gives life to efforts by the Saudi deputy crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, to attract support from dozens of Islamic countries.

    Prince Mohammed, 31 and second in line to his father, King Salman, has put himself at the forefront of the younger generation of Saudis determined to stand up to Iran as well as to insulate the kingdom from the threat of Isis. Donald Trump backed the plans at a White House meeting last month.

    “The Saudis have set aside the money for this alliance. Now they need the expertise to make it work,” said Kamal Alam of the Royal United Services Institute think tank. “Sharif is a very popular general who has respect for running the biggest non-Nato westernised army.””

    That article was just one week ago before the missiles flew. BTW, the “Muslim Nato” is already a fact with joint operations.

    Despite the efforts of North American technocrats it’s doubtful US NATO and Muslim Nato will coexist as a friendly partnership into the future.

  6. Trump has crossed the Rubicon & we are seeing the ‘Tribe’ set it’s claws into what Trump campaigned he wouldn’t do. The MIBC Zionist – Likud Party ZioCons are back in the saddle & using the US Military machine as they have been for years. ‘America First’ & MAGA are a catchy marketing opportunity but not going to be a reality. Since we all can see things are going to get ratcheted up w/ Russia & China it sure looks like Brzezinski’s plan to defauklt into a NWO after a War of attrition is being played out. Not there yet but we can see the it emerging & it’s birthing pangs effacing clearly.

    Trump could easily change the Fake News – Agitprop w/ weekly fireside chats w/ the American people but he chooses not to. That told me all I need to know after his first few weeks in office. To continue to allow the ZioCon – Kharzarian Media Mafia to metastasize & destroy America from within says it all. We will see how Russia & China react to the clearly orchestrated World Kabuki Goyim Theatre. I suspect Brzezinski’s plan to end economic attrition & the Faustian bargain w/ Mephistopheles becomes a non-fictional reality as the Long War draws closer.

    Still think we aren’t being lied to & duped ?

    TARFU & FUBAR below

    BTW anybody else wonder WTF about China putting in a Drone manufacturing base in Saudi Arabia ?

    Riyadh Looks East: China to Build First Drone Plant in Region

    China to build drone plant in Saudi Arabia

    A Chinese company will make killer drones for the Middle East at a factory in Saudi Arabia

  7. We have 4 airbases inside Syria right now. We’re building a large base north of Aleppo. Supposedly, we’re moving all of our aircraft out of Turkey.

  8. It is not the Russians who are killing and raping 10’s of thousands of people in western Europe. The deep state has spread itself to thin. They can’t go after Syria and Novorussia at the same time. Putin will not go to war over Syria. Donetsk is a very different thing. Yes there are Russians in the Ukraine. They’ve been there for a thousand years. Kiev, the capitol of the Ukraine, was the capitol of Russia for hundreds of years.
    The EU is blocking thousands of white Ukrainians who are refugees from the civil war there, from immigrating to Europe. At the same time the EU seems to be trying to transfer the entire population of African and the mideast into their Europe. Turn your head away, turn your head away from the pictures 11year old girl that was cut in two by the truck attack in Stockholm. Tommy Robinson has published those photos. The Main stream media won’t. And it doesn’t matter. We can’t stop it. I thought Trump was going to do well, but the deep state stopped him in his tracks. He caved. The violence in Europe will explode as Le Pen’s victory seems certain. Then comes ramadan. Remember last year?
    I pray for things to work out, but now realize all is lost.
    Deus Vult.

    • this crap about Trump “caving” is how Trumpaholics rationalize their being con’d by his 16-month long fake-populist act of electoral Performance Art. Trump did not cave: he has been a Zionist stooge, a shabbatz goy, his entire adult life.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Yeah, the Trump apologists are having a heyday on the internet today, can’t and won’t admit they were duped…..again. The level of stupid is too deep to comprehend.
        Instead the poor dear was ‘fooled’ into making bad decisions by the bad guys.

  9. SemperFi, 0321

    OK, so we get EMP’d tomorrow night and all goes dead.
    Who supplies our troops overseas; Israel, NATO, UN?

    This is starting to remind me of being a Wehrmacht soldier in Soviet captivity, while your family/home in Dresden is being bombed into oblivion, and you’re not separated by a giant pond.

  10. Scott Thorsen

    Interesting. Written by the “King of Fake News”. Oh wait. Wasn’t this the guy who reported Susan Rice did the unmasking when the mainstream media ignored that story.

    So now HR McMaster (CFR man) is sharing top secret Intel with Petraeus? But that’s OK because McMaster is CFR and Flynn was not a CFR insider anymore.

    I hope Trump ain’t stupid. I hope Trump sees this as a limited engagement, and move some ships off the coast of Korea and get in the little man’s head.

    Trump held a lot of contempt for the CFR. He’s not beyond playing them and letting them think they are playing him. If Bannon walks to the Ted Cruz or Rand Paul Camp, I’ll know the Trump Train is off the tracks.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I thought so too on the CFR, he came across as wanting to clean up the entire elitist cliques ruling DC, and now it seems he’s one of them. His cabinet picks do not show any wise choices from one who wants to clean up DC.
      I was hoping to see the FedResBank go down in flames, along with it’s IRS, but he’s playing right along with their house rules so far.

  11. International, even National Politics is decided by the Elites. We decide at most a mile around our location. So the Macro will proceed as it will proceed without our input. The Micro is our domain IF we can keep it, and I have no idea how that will turn out either.
    Personally, I would like to see the Elites in the streets with out their armies, guards, and hubris ……. in other words, peasants like the rest of us. At least for awhile.