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  1. It’s time for Europeans (aka “Christians”) to declare self defense on both desert races, the Jews and Arabs, who are openly at war with white babies.


    • I’m glad someone is pointing this out. I admit that I am late in coming to my own understanding about the view of world happenings,but I believe the more people who are exposed to this view the better off we will be.

  2. The hilarious thing is that 5.56 carbine (but not Glock) prices remain so ridiculously low for what you did. Sheeple will never learn.

    ((((Trump-Kushner))))) won and AR drops to $399. Lolzozozoz

    Our gain.

  3. Pathetic children are just liberal Kryptonite.

  4. Simple formula. Employ media that are non-critical thinking idiots & have a opposing political agenda instead of neutral. Always has been how the Hegelian dialectic polemic paradigm works. Create societal chasms & schisms on multiple fronts (i.e. political, religious, economic, racial, gender etc.) Pure Roman Divide & Conquer tactics using Machiavellian asymmetrical nonlinear dispersed warfare.
    As always Cui Bono vs. Cui Plagalis

    Meet the new Boss same as the old Boss…

    Clearly, Trump broke his contract w/ the American people.

    “We will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past…We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments…. Our goal is stability not chaos, because we want to rebuild our country [the United States]… We will partner with any nation that is willing to join us in the effort to defeat ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism …In our dealings with other countries, we will seek shared interests wherever possible and pursue a new era of peace, understanding, and good will.”

    Dead Girl From Syria Gas Attack Opens Her Eyes Fake Propaganda

    Syrian Sarin Gas Attack-FAKE

    FALSE FLAG: Syria Chemical War ACTORS BUSTED!!!

    Goyim it’s what’s for dinner…

  5. If you fell for this shitbirds BS, don’t waste a moment feeling sorry for yourself. Get up and get going. Do and learn now while no one is shooting at us.

    This betrayal is by design and is meant to pour gas on an already bad situation. It’s working. Back in the day the IRA came up with a BBQ concept that worked so well that they stopped using it due to the horrific results. Something to do with gas and splosives. When the crisped a bunch of folks at a pub one night the backlash was more than they wanted so they discontinued it altogether. Stop pouring gas on the globe u globalist scum.

  6. And notice how we’re never seeing pictures of the dead 11 year old girl in Stockholm? I saw the picture. I keep hoping it’s a fake, because if it’s not then this poor girl was literally just about cut in half and her guts were smeared all over the road.

    Why does the media keep showing you the fake gas attack kids in Syria (a virtual redux of the drowned toddler on the beach that led directly to the rapefugee invasion) but won’t show any of the European children victimized by the insane refugee policy?

    • 1. Judeo-globalists blow the ragheads out of sandyland.

      2. Judeo-globalists take down White nations borders.

      3. invasive ragheads (Blacks, Browns, Asiatics) exterminate Whites.

      what “insanity”? It all makes perfect Tikkun Olam sense.

  7. I voted for Trump, but I’ve tried to keep my expectations low and treat his presidency as a 4 year stay of execution for the FUSA. Using this time to stock up on ammo. That said, I have both 5.56 and .308 rifles, about 2K rounds of each. I’m wondering whether I should just concentrate on one caliber and stack that deep. I’m not sure which one though. My AO is coastal lowlands, swamps and flat terrain. Any input?

    • I second your sentiment, Trump is just one last lap around the track for the country imo before it’s really over(although early looks are Trump may be enabling it to happen on his watch).
      I question why you need rifles. imo, for rifles, you always need someone watching 360 degrees at distance, I would think you are most likely to encounter act close range.

      • Well if we’re talking SHTF territory, I think you could operate under a simple calculus: it might be too far away for a pistol or shotgun, but it’ll never be too close for a rifle.

    • Keep them both & I’m of same mindset. There should be plenty of 7.62×51 NATO on the deck if you run out for the survivors of any initial 2G/3G spark.

    • 2k more like 10k at a minimum of 5.56 5k if your .308 is a bolt gun. I’ve went through 2k in the first 3 hours of a 36hr firefight trying to gain fire superiority.

    • .308 does everything well without trick bullets.

    • CA’s top line is “You don’t have enough ammo.” Go from there. I personally would go for the round with the longer lethal reach. My days of shoot-n-scoot are waning. I want to tap them at a distance if I can.

    • Goyish Slave

      Get 5,000 more .308 and spare parts for the rifle.

    • The flat shooting 308 is great for where you are, now… practice. 556 is good for close in work, use your imagination for scenarios… the 308 will penetrate the foliage ‘they’ will use for concealment, which differs from cover. I’ve got both calibers, and a bit more variety, because I figure where I am there will be spice for the reaping.

    • Staying put or are you mobile?Have both as viable options.Movement of weighty material requires transport logistics.. Some prefer the .22 approach. Low weight,high capacity. Camouflage canoe would be a must.Train a operator in your gear and calibers.Invest in rusty barb-wire,T-posts,good grinders,caltrops,range cards,topographic maps and medical supplies.4,000 rounds.One squeeze,one round,one hit. Make them all count. If you run out of ammo,I say,”Good job.”

    • No One You Know

      Know how much ammo per gun you need in any realistic situation?


      (… same goes for magazines.)

  8. I read a piece yesterday that of the 59 cruise missiles launched only 23 reached their target. 40% hit rate.

  9. Detroit III

    He is correct; it was Kabuki theater.

  10. trumpf is leading the sheeple to the slaughter. literally.

    I hate being right all the time. 🙂

  11. No, keep both your .308 and 5.56mm – why? Unless you plan to fight all by your lonesome, you should have 3-5 Rifles. I have 2 – .308s – a Bolt Gun – Mossberg MVP Tactical and a DPMS LR308 – interchangeable mags and ammo. One for long range, one for medium/short range. Same with my two 5.56s – An AR Carbine and a Mossberg MVP bolt gun. Same sharing of mags and ammo. Along with that, I have two shotguns – 12 gauge. One, an 870 Remington (looks like normal hunting version but with extended tube mag. The other, a Mossberg Tactical – black gun. Same with my mix of Handguns – several in 9mm several in .45 acp. If you partner up with someone, you have all zones covered. If not, you have backups and can cover a wide variety of situations as well as being able to cache and have fallback and/or vehicle guns.

    • TheAlaskan

      Loose lips sink ships…

    • I have an M1A and a Colt AR. I like the M1A, but I’m not comfortable working on it. It’s not something I could put a new barrel on or even fit a new bolt to, because I’m not a machinist and don’t have the expensive equipment. But with ARs, I’m pretty comfortable, and they are much easier to work on. I’m thinking of selling it and getting a .308 AR, but I’ve always heard they aren’t reliable.

  12. Lee Enfield

    Sometimes I wonder if the purchasing of masses of ammunition is an obsessive-compulsive type reaction to anxiety inducing circumstances.