Repost: MDT And Things Nuclear

Nuke SPOT Report

Personal Protective Gear

Radiation Effects And Mitigation

20 responses to “Repost: MDT And Things Nuclear

  1. Detroit III

    Ugh, no, nuclear war isnt upon us.

    • Of course not. No one would ever think about using nukes, right? Thank God those that have their fingers on the nuclear trigger are all completely sane and would never think of using something so heinous to cover up anything to get their desired ends, right? Uncommon clarity of thinking, I appreciate your input….

      • Detroit III

        Care to put your money where your mouth is? Tell you what, if any of the top five major powers detonate an above ground nuke on foreign soil by Dec. 31st, 2017 I’ll leave this group never to come back.

        No nuke detonated by then means you leave.


  2. I love the Fallout series!

  3. Vandenberg AFB c. 40 miles north, Pt. Mugu NAS c. 50 miles south. I don’t think I’ll bother about this stuff. Besides, Detroit has assured us that Putin/Russians will back down.

  4. Nothing like a little “Fallout 4” theme music to make us all feel better.

  5. just plain todd

    nice area up there. stayed at the old Union Hotel in los alamos for part of our honeymoon back in the day. stopped at some of the wineries as well. i think they were around Los Gatos?
    i agree, the messicans are gonna be the bigger problem. blacks are too lazy to travel that far without govt help. what can ya do?

  6. Cresson Kearney did an outstanding job writing Nuclear War Survival Skills.
    It is cram packed with practical information.
    Nuclear War is survivable. “But who would want to survive it?” The folks who weren’t at ground zero, that’s who. And that will be most of the population. If you get a nuke on top of the head, that’s like your chances of winning the lottery….but in reverse.
    My Dad was totally powdered downwind at Trinity….as a guinea pig for the Army. He lived until age 36 when a drunk ran over him with a 1957 Chevy. Certainly not service related was it? When the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred, he didn’t bat an eye. He knew what to do if the SHTF.
    I grew up with the duck and cover drills. It made me study this stuff. If you get inside NWSS beforehand, keep a cool head, dodge the fallout or get shielded from it, and use a little common sense, you could live and help others through it. That’s when your prepping, or lack thereof, will come into play bigtime.

  7. Grey Ghost

    Recently picked up some Potassium Iodide (KI) tablets… just in case this current crop of “leaders” decide to “get some” with the nukes.

    Grey Ghost