This Is Fine

Kremlin note on telephone conversation today re Syria between Putin and Iranian President Rouhani

UK Sun story linked by Drudge: Russia and Iran pledge to hit back against further Syria strikes as they blast US for ‘crossing red lines’

NYT: U.S. Reroutes CVN & Three Guided Missile Destroyers Toward Korean Peninsula in Show of Force

Tass: NATO ally Kiev’s ongoing shelling of Lugansk and Donetsk Republics leaves one civilian injured

UPDATE 2332EDT 9APR2017: But see Fake news story in mainstream AND alt-media slanders Russia and Iran

20 responses to “This Is Fine

  1. SemperFi, 0321

    And the last nation that got itself dragged into a 3 front war……………saw itself pounded into the stone age and raped from one border to the other. Now they’re all neutered little boys who can’t keep their women safe.

    Things are really looking up for us too.

  2. Well, tere, apparently, goes any chance of draining the swamp… mebbe, after all the intrigues and plots to defeat, remove or “etc.” him (cough cough),Trump figures it’d be just easier to get somebody to nuke the joint.
    Another master chess move!!!!

  3. Detroit III

    All theater. Smoke and mirrors. Just like the Ebola scam you’re being played and driven by fear.

    This is exactly what red team wants.

    • no, Detroit. With all due respect, this contagion is real. Tel Aviv and the DC (((Deep State))) now have the “decisive leader” they’ve been looking for. The Syrian thing will be pushed far and fast. Putin might have derailed the escalation by immediately attacking and sinking the 2 destroyers that fired the missiles and then going to DefCon One. Now it’s too late. The more he backs and fills, the more aggressive the ZOG will become. During the last 24 hours, the rhetoric from Tillerson and Trump’s Pakistani 7-11 countergirl at the UN has become extremely inflammatory: they’re now accusing Russia itself of being “responsible” for the “sarin nerve gas attack”.

      anybody got a “miss me yet?” Obama bumper-sticker?

  4. Either Russian air defence is worthless or they are dumping Assad .

    • neither/nor. Tomahawks come in low, snake around, and are difficult to hit with AA weapons of any kind; if the air defense destroyed even half of them it was a decent showing.

      And Assad is all they got.

    • From the above article. It explains why Jews hate Putin with a blind passion.

      “In support of his goals Putin has championed Russian laws that: (1) have practically outlawed abortion in Russia (no abortions after the 12th week, and before that time in limited cases, and also the end of financial support for abortions, reversing a previous Soviet policy); (2) clamp down on homosexuality and homosexual propaganda—absolutely no homosexual propaganda in Russian schools, no public displays of homosexuality, with legal penalties imposed for violating these laws; (3) strongly support traditional marriage, especially religious marriage, with financial aid to married couples having more than two children; (4) have established compulsory religious instruction in all Russian schools (including instruction in different Christian confessions, in different regions of the country); (4) implement a policy instituting chaplaincy in Russian military regiments (and religious institutions now assist in helping military families); (5) have made religious holidays now official Russian state holidays; (6) have instituted a nationwide program of rebuilding churches that were destroyed by the Communists (the most notable being the historic Church of Christ the Saviour in Moscow); and (7) officially support the Russian film industry in producing conservative religious and patriotic movies—interestingly, the most popular film in Russia in 2009 was the movie “Admiral,” a very favorable biopic of the leader of the White Russian counter-revolutionary, Admiral Aleksandr Kolchak, who was executed by the Communists in 1920. The film was supported by the Russian cultural ministry. Can we imagine the American NEH doing anything similar in the current United States? [See reports,, January 23, 2013; LifeSiteNews, October 26, 2011, August 1, 2013; Scott Rose, Bloomberg News, June 30, 2013; see also Garrard on some of these actions]”

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