Weaponry & Willpower

On the decisive – and human – element.

Combined, one prays, with wisdom.

19 responses to “Weaponry & Willpower

  1. Those “warriors” never missed a class in LGBTQ, feminism, white privilege, or some such horseshit. Their “superiors” forgot to send them to war classes. Because that is not the objective anymore.

    • I certainly hope so. Because if the Empire doesn’t keel over soon, it’s going to blunder(?) into a nuclear war with Russia and fry half the planet.

      • Which could work out for those not in the blast zone;) And I thought that’s what you wanted anyway…

  2. Hopefully they will teach our warriors what a set of nuts are for from here on out like they used to before Obama turned the dykes loose.

  3. I agree completely. Before one kills people, though, I think one should ensure they deserve it. Both times the Iranians deserved it. Not so sure about the most recent missile attack. Time will tell….

  4. murkin men have no balls.

    what the fuck happened?

    a set of cammies and a rifle does not a fighting man make…

    those gavy turds should have fought and destroyed the enemy or died trying.


    • Ahhh but T they weren’t ordered too and good soldiers always follows orders…

  5. So if a bad guy breaks into your house, you surrender your wife because you don’t want any loss of life, right? #$@😈, what the hells goin on Martha!!,

    • The last moke that broke into where I lived received a slug of .357 point blank in the chest courtesy of me and a Dan Wesson revolver! He didn’t have the chance to do anything further in regards to causing violence..nor was ANYTHING ‘surrendered’ to him.

      Same thing just happened in Broken Arrow, OK. A 21 year old Latina dropped her three teen male friends (two were armed) off at a residence in broad daylight to commit a home invasion. It didn’t go as planned for them; the homeowners son make quick work of them with a AR15 carbine..two died inside and the third made it as far as the driveway before taking his deserved ‘dirt nap’. The Latina driver was arrested and charged for murder..the homeowners son will not be charged (ruled justifiable self-defense just like my situation).

      Men who are strong enough to be men will act bravely and heroically..those that have been emasculated by pc mommies will always be pussified manginas…women with erroneous plumbing!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

  6. I sincerely hope you (make that we) are able to transition out of this typing your emotions for Awareness when it finally breaks. The Girondists talked and wrote just a little too long, for example.

    It’s hard to wean yourself. The nine to five is part of the conditioning you know, we are creatures of pattern and what better way to get you to piss your two “free” days away than by enjoying some rest that you have earned.

    What can you do today that betters you and yours? Coffees gone, got shit to do outside, catch you boys on The Mans time tomorrow unless something real catches fire.


    This is the end result of years of offers of monetary inducements to join the military. The current crop of shambling, texting, earbud-wearing, mouth-breathing, brain-dead Mall Zombies have absolutely no incentive to do anything except live for the moment. Those smart enough to even qualify for our LGBT military are there, for the most part, to: “…get money for college.” There were no mass sign-ups after 9/11/2001.
    Now, in defense of the few smarter ones, some individuals have been aware enough to listen to us boomers who were forced through the involuntary servitude of “Conscription” to voyage and die for the realm in the 60’s. They have read Smedley Butler and others. They will not drink the kool-aid.
    It has been repeated by people on this site for some time: “…to each man his family and belongings.” Those who do not believe in that will have the same surrender mindset displayed in the above photograph of the US sailors and the Iranians. I cannot but wonder if these members of our military would act the same if they were ordered to target their own countrymen. Time will tell.

    • You forgot to mention the manginas sporting the obscene ‘ear labia’ orifices and ‘man buns’…wonder if they think they’ll get better wifi reception with either putrid affectation?

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      NorthGunner III


        NG: They are also part of the brain-dead group I have described above. The bile rises in my throat when I think that a parent would allow such warped thinking that prompts these mutants to mutilate and degrade their physiology to such a degree. The culling will be horrific.

  8. SemperFi, 0321

    But remember, it’s all theater. Put on by the politicians to keep the banksters and military industrial complex running at full speed.
    And if it escalates to full blown war, the elites win again, their euthanasia of the masses leaves none of them with dirty hands. Just another side effect of war, forgotten by the survivors in a generation or so.

    • Remember, the elites and their praetorian guard AREN’T bulletproof.
      They are mortal..they can be killed.
      The trick is either working around their protective phalanx and engaging them directly as opportunity presents or winnowing the praetorians down to the point that the remainder don’t think it’s worth their time to ‘die for der leader’.

      Other option is to be away from them and live beyond their grasp..and then eliminate their enforcers when they make the mistake of trying to show up in your AO (read ‘Neither Predator Nor Prey’ for more on that).

      Wyoming is looking better all the time!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      North Gunner III

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Good book.
        I know Mark S., used to shoot NRA Highpower with him and his wife over a decade ago.

        • Glad that you know Mark and his wife.

          I re-read his book often and am looking forward to meeting him and you when I make the change to Wyoming as well as other quality people there.

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
          NorthGunner III

  9. It’s difficult to look at those Men with their hands on their heads…. makes my blood boil.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      “makes my blood boil.”
      Because they didn’t open fire, or because they got caught?

      What would you do if the Cubans had gunboats cruising off the Keys every day, constantly pushing the legal limit? The Mexicans do it every day, and we do nothing, but we can go half way around the world and provoke other people. Makes sense to me.