CHS: The Media And Other Observers Are Missing The Point

The “no betrayal” explanation of the Syria missile attack.

For the signalling believers, a question:

What is signaled by a failed attack?

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  1. The premise that the attack failed is nonsense.
    1) Assad’s forces were punished for the use of WMDs. He cannot afford the loss of further forces, and cannot replace those losses without serious cost and difficulty, plus time. He has none of those in abundance.
    2) His Russian ally was shown to be completely impotent to stop, deter, or mitigate the attacks.
    3) As a consequence of 1 and 2, both Assad and the Russians will eventually be gone from the region. Regardless of what follows, that is a net plus for the region.
    4) Displacing Russia to the other side of the Black Sea deconflicts the area for further unilateral US action, should we choose to take it.
    5) It will leave the area ripe for a USAF/SOF-driven solution to the ISIS problem, exactly as A-stan was originally handled in 2002, without putting 100,000 troops on the ground or trying asinine experiments in nation-building (which is about as likely as having an Arab swallow a crate of Lego blocks and expecting him to poop out a completely constructed city of skyscrapers.)
    6) This also snuggles ISIS right up to the border of Turkey, and leaves Erdogan with the choice of returning to a more secular and Western-friendly government, as they formerly did, or else joining the caliphate and rejecting NATO. The latter opens them up to Russian adventurism. It would also possibly finally wake up Eurostan to the fact that they are now back at the status quo ante Lepanto 1571, minus the will for self-preservation.
    6) As its mere existence simultaneously pisses off Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, which is a 5-star win, we should expedite full diplomatic recognition of a de facto independent Kurdish republic, weakening multiple enemies, and giving us two stable allies in the region, instead of one.

    Nota bene none of this requires landing so much as one brigade of US infantry anywhere in the region, and a Syria in chaos is hobbled, hamstrung, and pre-occupied for some number of years, which takes them off the table, gives Lebanon a fair shot at sorting themselves out internally, and pushes Putin back inside the Bosporus, probably for the rest of his lifetime.

    If you’re going to play chess at that level, that’s how it’s done.

    • Are 1 and 2 above accurate?

      I have not seen reliable info to that effect.

      Have you?

      • Yes, and the analysis follows of logical necessity.
        Assad’s position is precarious. If he could win, he would have, and without Russian “help”. He hasn’t, therefore he cannot. QED
        Russia, and their reaction to the strike, is entirely the result of how it pulled their pants down worldwide. They are a shell of their Cold War abilities (as we are as well).
        Everything that follows is gravity.
        The takeaway remains to pay attention to events, without being battered by them like shuttlecocks, in multiple faux crises ginned up by the NYT and their media minions.
        The DTG essay linked earlier is the prudent course.

        • What were the Syrian losses from the attack?

          I have not seen anything specific – just claims and adjectives.

          You may have better info than I do.

          • Multiple aircraft, along with the support facilities for same.
            As a point aside, recently a Syrian pilot ejected over Turkey, before being repatriated. The dude flying the plane was in his 50s.

            Chat among the currently serving pilots you know as for what that bespeaks of the depth of Assads’s bench: He has to hang on to guys so old they can’t physically cope with the normal G-forces of serious air combat, because he hasn’t got any younger ones in the on-deck circle. he’s in the same boat re: aircraft, technical/maintenance support, etc.

            The strike hurt Assad, and took out forces he cannot readily nor easily replace. And it weakens him in a way everyone inside and outside Syria can see. That’s kryptonite to a tinpot dictator. Ask Saddam or Muammar how that plays out in the end.

            • Grey Ghost

              I throw the BULLSHIT flag on Aesop’s analysis. NO sources cited just playing American NEOCON and ruminating on what MIGHT happen. And I will add with a severe underestimation of PUTIN and his resolve in Syria. Obviously Aesop has no historical reference regarding Russia strategic alliance with Syria and other warm water ports in the world. The attack no more hurt Assad than a fly landing on Aesop’s ass.

              Grey Ghost

          • Fewer airplanes for one.

          • No one here has sufficient evidence, forensic signatures on the “gas”, or any compelling evidence beyond circumstantial to protect their position in the Trump attack on Syria.

            What we know for a fact is that if Assad’s Shia regime falls, the vacuum will be filled by the Sunni Salfist Wahabbist jihadists sponsored by both Saudi Arabia and the West. We know the Saudis are on hegemonic quest to topple all Shia strongholds (Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen) in favor of a Wahabbi Sunni monopoly on power.

            Russia is late to the game and did not declare ISIL a terrorist org until DEC 2014. The Russian have an emerging jihad problem of their own.


            And once again Israel will look to its proxy forces in the US to reconstitute the Humpty Dumpty’s sundered parts and pieces there into yet another Wahhabi Frankenstein’s monster, not to mention a third front exposed on the embattled Kurds.

            America is a blindfolded naked man that has honeyed his loins and keeps batting at what he is told is a pinata but is actually a hornet’s nest.

            In the end it turns out that Trump is an amphibian in the fetid swamp and this is simply Bushevik’s fifth term.


            Bill Buppert

            • Grey Ghost

              Exactly right Bill. Except I think Bashir Al Assad is an Alawite.

              Grey Ghost

      • Bullshit, when you notify the threat an hour in advance, it’s called politics. Regarding Russia, we are playing with fire. Foolish to underestimate ones enemy.


        • lastmanstanding

          No shit Dirk. There are more worthless American’s doing less than fucking nothing daily for humanity and the earth than there are people in Russia.

          In a head to head contest with them, most of those in this country are fucked.

    • Matthew Wilbanks

      Talk about a load of confirmation bias…

      1) Assumption. As CA said, I haven’t seen a shred of evidence that Assad was actually responsible for the attack or that there even was an attack. On the other hand there is quite a bit of evidence it was a false flag.

      2) Not just an assumption, but completely incorrect. The Russians were warned an hour ahead of time. There is no evidence whatsoever they attempted to stop the Tomahawks or even wanted to.

      3) Ridiculous assumption. How do you claim something like this? Syria is in their backyard, you think they are going to leave because we wasted 100 million dollars of Tomahawks on a few concrete bunkers and mostly obsolete Migs that Russia can easily replace for them? Even if they did leave, ISIS fills the vacuum within a week.

      4) Another assumption, based completely on the one in #3.

      5) So we are just going to stop nation-building at the drop of a hat even though that’s exactly what we’ve tried to do in every conflict since WWII?

      I won’t bother with 6 and 7 since they are totally dependent on the long chain of assumptions above.

      • Matthew, you’re evidently not tall enough for this ride.
        1) False flag or not, the Tomahawk strikes were real enough, and they accomplished everything I described above. Get back to me after your crash course in military operations and international relations.
        2) You don’t warn peer threats. You warn subordinates.
        The evidence the Russians would have wished for us to not attack is the stridency of their rhetoric after having their pants pulled down on the world stage, and failing to do anything whatsoever, nor being able to, in the heartland of their ally. When someone kicks sand in your girlfriend’s face, and all you can do is wet yourself, you’re a paper tiger ally, hence the shrieking after the fact.
        Try, if you can, to imagine someone pulling off an airstrike on Saigon in 1967, or on Baghdad in 2004, and then telling us to suck it in response.
        I’ll wait.
        3) When Assad tumbles, the Russians are the Americans in Saigon in 1975. Whether what replaces Assad is ISIS, or the opposition rebellion, neither of them will hesitate to oust Russians, if they don’t simply shoot them on sight. Either way, Assad goes, Russia goes.
        4) “Conclusion” is the word you’re grasping for.
        If you couldn’t follow the first part, I can understand why the rest is so confusing to you.
        5) Really? We built nations…where, exactly? South Vietnam was a nation already. So was South Korea. We’ve mainly done nation defending since WWII. Maybe you were sick that day in history class. We didn’t build a nation in the Suez in 1956. Nor in Lebanon in 1958. Nor in the Dominican Republic in 1965. Nor on the island off Cambodia in 1975. Nor at Desert One in 1979. Nor in Beirut in 1982. Nor in Granada in 1983. Nor in Panama in 1989.
        I can go on for some time, but even someone as thick as pyramid bricks must’ve noticed your thesis is utter nonsense by now.
        Nation-building, as a thing, is wholly a post-modern quixotic field of endeavor, chiefly by those wholly ignorant of history before they were born. Which usually is sometime later than Madonna had a hit record, BTW.

      • POd American

        1000^ for MW. Hypothetical musings by Aesop; and his further rants and insults prove this point. I guess everyone is wrong that doesn’t agree with him.

        • Matthew Wilbanks

          Exactly, all he has done in his reply above is double-down on his previous assumptions and throw a bunch of ad-hominem attacks in the mix.

          You can see his confirmation bias all over his reply, because every point he tries to make could be easily explained in other ways. Lets try this point by point again…

          1) False flag absolutely matters. Assad has been winning the war against the rebels. Using chemical weapons only hurts his position and strengthens his enemy. Que bono? The only other explanation I’ve heard is that he is a lunatic and doesn’t care about potential US response to his use of chemical weapons. I highly doubt that. If you truly believe he cannot replace his limited resources, then using chemical weapons is about the stupidest thing he could do.

          2) You’re assuming Trump views Russia as a peer threat. He made it clear he wanted better relations with them during his campaign and other people have posited he may have had the tacit cooperation of Russia for the Tomahawk strike just to get the “Russian puppet” monkey off his back. The Democrats entire argument is based around his advisors meeting with the Russian government before he took office. The man likes to make deals, maybe he made one with them.

          3) I don’t see how Saigon is a valid comparison with Syria. Vietnam is much further separated from the US than Syria is from Russia. Russia also has had a much longer tenured relationship with the Syrians than we ever did with Vietnam. Comparing this to Saigon is like saying that if Puerto Rico had a rebellion going on and had used chemical weapons, we would leave just because the Russians made a show of force there.

          4) Ad hominem. You can’t draw a conclusion based on assumptions.

          5) I said we were involved in “nation building”, not that we had ever actually accomplished it. My specific wording was “tried”. We have continually tried to spread western democracy to nations that have cultures incompatible with it.

          On that note, I completely agree with you final paragraph. Nation-building is pure folly, just as sure as saying “she will change after we get married”. Maybe we got off on the wrong foot, I intended no insult. I’m just tired of everyone thinking they have the sure answer when there are plenty of other plausible explanations for things.

          I’m sure you will agree that true wisdom is “knowing what you don’t know”.

          • 1) False flag matters dick to Assad. I’ve addressed the point of whether this happened in previous posts, and you’re still swinging after that bell.
            It’s a total non-issue, except to writers of historical footnotes.
            Looking weak matters.
            Getting the shit bombed out of you is weakness, on live TV worldwide.
            That’s Assad, now, in 160 countries. Nearly a third of whom are majority-populated by Muslims.
            Secondly, Assad can’t replace the planes, the facilities, nor the casualties.
            And he’s only “winning” (i.e. barely staying in power) because he has Russia to thug for him.
            How long does that last when they watch as he gets slapped around like a bitch?
            How well does it work when his troops figure the Russian “allies” aren’t willing to take one for the team, or stop it from even happening, because they’re too weak? Are they willing to let Russia fight to the last Syrian? (Hint: Ask the SVN Army how this works out in practice.)
            This thing has repercussions for Assad, and Russia, for years.
            None of them to their benefit.
            2) No, I explicitly stated Trump views Russia as a subordinate threat. If they were viewed as actual peers, we wouldn’t have launched the attack to begin with.
            The only “deal” he made with them was a courtesy call, to invite them to try and stay out of the way of any exploding warheads.
            That’s why they’re livid and frothing about it.
            3) When Assad tumbles, the Russians’ old history there means dick. They’ll be out on their collective asses, and lucky if they don’t get usual Muslim courtesy of being beheaded on the way to the chopper pad.
            That’s why it’s exactly like Saigon in 1975 (with whom we’d had a former relationship for 20 years, at that point, when SVN ceased to exist.)
            Assad knows it, and the Russians know it.
            That’s what they’re livid and frothing about it.
            4) None of what I wrote is an assumption. The conclusions are based on facts on the ground, right now. Sorry if reality doesn’t comport to one’s liking, but it does what it does.
            If you have other facts to report, do, by all means.
            Gainsaying something because you disagree isn’t a fact, just a rather weak tactic.
            So, walking through this:
            Tell us all how getting an assload of Tomahawks the other day strengthened Assad’s position internally or externally,
            or his military forces,
            or his alliance with Russia.
            Repeat that for how it strengthens Russia’s hand, in light of the preceding.
            Show your work.
            5) Tried, schmied. You said we’ve been doing (or trying) nothing but nation building non-stop since the end of WWII.
            Unfortunately, the panorama of examples (laid out on on a platter, above) from history are all to the contrary, which undoes that argument before the end of the third inning of play. Running out to kick dirt on the umpire doesn’t change the call. The premise is nonsense. You are free to abandon the unsustainable argument, or double down on it. Your choice.

            I don’t have all the answers, and I’m only speaking about what I know, and what is obvious.
            It doesn’t require anything magical to posit that reality will continue to work in world affairs with the predictability of gravity.

            I don’t give a damn about use (or not) of chemical weapons
            It isn’t like this has never happened in that region, from exactly that sort of regime. So it’s certainly plausible.
            But whether it did or didn’t has been overtaken by subsequent events, to a certainty.
            The unassailable fact is that a Syrian government airbase getting shelled with a volley of missiles makes both Assad and the Russians much weaker, militarily and existentially, both within Syria and worldwide, which probably hastens the departure of both entities from the country, sooner or later.
            Probably in a heads-on-sticks way.
            CNN and Al- Jazeera, plus satellites, makes this information available worldwide down to even mud hut goatf**kers in BFTrashcanistan, in minutes to hours.

            As a bonus, it scares the living shit out of the Iranians and Norks, and puts China on notice that building corral islands in the South China Sea, and living on them in perpetuity, are two entirely different things.

            Given the absolute weakening of our actual defense establishment for the last 8+ years, these are not bad things, in any measurable way.

            All we’re out is more liberal tears, and the expense of a missile FIREX, including the price of several dozen Tomahawks.

            Such a deal.
            I’ll take as many of those as we can get.

          • As far as #2 goes…if you and I are in the same watering hole and I walk up to you and calmly explain that I intend to plant your front teeth in the back of your throat, then wait a second and proceed to follow through with my stated objective, who does that speak more about?

        • Way to gainsay, while providing nothing substantive in reply.

          • Matthew Wilbanks

            No need to gainsay something you have absolutely no evidence of. You just refuse to contemplate any possibilities that don’t fit your bias.

            • I have no bias to confirm.
              Assad just took an assload of missiles.
              The Russians stood back and watched it happen.
              The Usual Leftist Suspects are weeping, wailing, and gnashing their teeth.
              The Next Likely Targets of a similar tantrum are wiping their shorts out.
              Trump is out nothing but the cost of the missiles expended, and a couple of DDGs got some good surface action training.

              You can say “Is not!” to those realities all you like, but no chips are flying, and the effort isn’t dazzling anyone with its brilliance.

              So please, do go on about other possibilities that fit the actual facts on the ground, rather than pure gainsaying, which is all you’ve done to now.
              Show your work.

          • your track record is appallingly dismal.

            stick to band-aids and bed pans and let the men think here.

          • POd American

            While you had nothing but speculation and BS to begin with….QED dude.

          • Aesop’s latest too-clever Fable founders on one large reef: if Assad falls and a Sunni regime takes over Syria, shortly thereafter Putin himself will fall. Either the Kremlin globalists, aka “Atlanticists”, or the Kremlin Nationalists will remove him. So, at some point in the escalatory spiral, Putin will dig in his heels and strike back. I agree with Aesop, though, in this: by failing to react with counter-violence to the missile attack, the Zio-globalists now have Putin well behind the 8-ball. And will shortly escalate further.

            • Putin’s future undoes nothing I laid out.
              And if he tries to back his play for selfish self-preservation alone by igniting, or even seriously risking, global thermonuclear war, he’s going to get a sudden case of Makarov tonsillectomy, something that has a long and glorious history in the Kremlin.

        • his name says it all…

          Aesop’s Fables or the Aesopica is a collection of fables credited to Aesop, a slave and storyteller believed to have lived in ancient Greece between 620 and 564 BCE. Of diverse origins, the stories associated with his name have descended to modern times through a number of sources and continue to be reinterpreted in different verbal registers and in popular as well as artistic media.

          he’s the kings fool. although his tales have grown stale.

          a true believer in the murkin way. he is cannon fodder or just a greasy spot on the road when the coin hits the ground. he likes to think himself a buddy to the die-hard flag wavers across the web of washed brains.

          • Well done, tfA-thead:
            when you have nothing substantive to add to a discussion (which would be, lemme see…oh, right, EVER on this blog, to date), skip counter-analysis, and skip straight to shabby pseudo-clever ad hominem, because the hard thing would be actually coming up with something beyond playground attempts at name-calling.
            Your mother never loved you, and let daddy beat you up when he was drinking, right?

            Seriously, get a schtick that isn’t so 60 years ago.
            I promise you, just because Rickles died, you still aren’t moving up a notch on the list. Stick to your usual thumb-sucking and chest beating, and don’t quit your day job: being a legend in your own mind.

    • There are times when allies can be more a hindrance than a help. Lets take the Kurds for example. If Assad is gone the Kurds will be hemmed in on three sides — Iran, Turkey, Syria. All three would be against a Kurdish free state. Kurds are tough fighters but pretty much thru the entire conflict they have only been engaged along their Southern border. How would they fare if they had to defend all three sectors?

      Is the US willing to commit to a ‘South Korea’ presence for the Kurds? If they did how does the balance of Iraq go? To the Iranians? With Assad gone do the Sauds fill the vacuum attempting to destroy ISIS like they are in Yemen? Or do the Russians implement a puppet govt to further their pipeline aims in the region? If ISIS becomes dominant what of the Christians in the region?

      The ME is not one chessboard but at least a dozen. Each have their own strategy and end game and all the parts move simultaneously.

    • Let’s see.

      One Tomahawk missile fails upon launch and hits the drink near the launching destroyer, that’s failure one.

      59 missiles appear to track towards their intended target, a Syrian Air Force base, however 36 of them. either run out of fuel, are intercepted by anti-aircraft fire, or simply have guidance failure. The 36 are failure number two.

      Of the 23 that fell on the target, it’s not clear how many actually detonated as intended. However, few persons were killed or injured, a few aircraft were destroyed, and a few munitions and their associated equipment were destroyed or rendered inoperative. That’s merely a partial success. The main runway at this air base was partially broken up, however that was repaired within 24 hours. That means the runway targeting was a failure.

      The only way this attack by the US military can be viewed as a success is that it was intended to fail.

      More importantly, it’s my opinion that there will be no successful attacks via cruise missiles in the future and that any attempts at such launches will result in the destruction of the launching vessel by anti-ship missiles. Unlike Tomahawk missiles, which fly at about 550 mph, anti-ship missiles fly at Mach 2.5 or faster.

      It’s all evidence of the fact that US government global hegemony is nearing an end.

      • Only amateurs target runways.
        Armchair generals talking about it are showing their ignorance.
        Please Pat, bone up on that sub-topic before addressing it again, and don’t get your cues from the talking heads at CNN.

        Missiles intercepted or shot down aren’t “failures”.
        They’re battlefield losses. That’s why we launched as many as we did.

        Shooting back at a US warship, let alone hitting it, would simply be an unequivocal green light to take out Assad’s entire air force, in about a day. Failure to do so would see Trump impeached by about the next afternoon, just ahead of the mob with torches, pitchforks, and a tumbrel cart.
        He would call in an alpha strike long before that happened, and probably cheerfully nuke Assad’s bedroom, because we can.

        NATO, including the French, would probably help out if a US warship was attacked by Assad’s forces. Some of them would have to be restrained from getting in on the deal with too much enthusiasm.

        The Russians will have to decide at that point whether to go home, or escalate a regional war into the Missiles Of October, over their Syrian buddies, by chaining themselves to the Hindenburg, gloriously aflame.

        If they lift a hand, it’s on like Donkey Kong, and even failing everything else, we still have a fleet of SLBMs that will fly on command as sure as God made little green apples, and Putin knows that.

        He would sooner lose or recall the forces in theatre than gamble everything on the reaction of Trump, at this point in time.

        In any event, this is kicking the shit out of the whole “the Russians did it” liberal election narrative, which is 4GW for Trump et al.

        Putin splutters, Assad weakened, Democrats reeling, and CNN Fake News loses another round in the real world. While Gorsuch joins SCOTUS.
        He’s not my guy, and I still think that’s pretty effing awesome for one week.

        • well said. This was indeed a large initial victory for the Zio-globalists and their latest pawn, Trump. But you are vastly underestimating the extant to which Putin has chained his own political future to events in Syria. I expect Putin also understands that if Syria is taken over by an Israel-tolerant, Pentagon-stooge Sunni regime (see also: Cairo, Riyadh, Amman), south Lebanon will be immediately attacked/annexed by Israel, Syria will absorb what’s left of Lebanon, and Iran will massively attacked and destroyed by ‘Murka. And then: Russia itself.

          • If Putin has tied his political future to the tarbaby that is the vagaries of ME political winds and fortunes, he should cut to the chase, and eat his own gun now. It would be quicker, and less painful.
            Israel wants nothing to do with Lebanon but not to be troubled by it.
            Any invasion/annexation would topple Netanyahu’s government by noon the day it was attempted.
            They would likelier just build a wall across that border too.
            Even money they’d sooner scoop up the Jordanian Arabs from the West Bank, and the Egyptian Arabs from Gaza, and deport them all to Lebanon in perpetuity, which solves three problems for one low price.
            And Syria can’t even maintain itself in Syria, let alone glom onto half of Lebanon in its own death throes after Assad departs (either by jet, or hearse).
            So no sale.
            As for Iran, the inside odds are that Israel takes them out, with under-the-table support from the Saudis and Jordanians, and with us pretend-covering our eyes with our hands.
            And there isn’t an Arab nation extant that’s going to go to bat for the Persians, even against Israel, no matter how many kabuki tears or harangues they unleash afterwards (and with their fingers conspicuously crossed behind their backs).

        • So much wrong, but never in doubt. As for amateurs, well, I’ll put my 30 years military service including intelligence analyst training and experience up against most out here.

          The US military is an expensive paper tiger. A huge portion of the US military is in a state of disrepair and not available for service. The only governments it engages are those who have no effective ability to resist.

          Russia isn’t one of those governments. China is their friend, as is Iran. A US navy ship sinking will not cause the US military to do anything except reveal how weak and ineffective it is. I don’t think Russia will sink a US navy ship itself, I think it will be done in a way that no one will be able to tell who did it. Image how ugly the sinking of an aircraft carrier will be, one that’s not even in the area, maybe in port.

      • lastmanstanding

        Only real winner of the whole 59 and a dud was Raytheon.

  2. Matthew Wilbanks

    Yet another pundit trying to guess what Trump’s motivations were, but ignoring the plain truth that his actions were both immoral and illegal.

    Even if the author is right, all that proves is that Trump is incredibly intelligent and fancies himself a modern Machiavelli. Intelligence and manipulative ability have absolutely nothing to do with morality and Rule of Law.

    I knew he was an immoral man from the very beginning, which is why I refused to vote for him and was called a traitor by “friends” for my trouble.

    • You’re looking for morality from nation-states?
      Stop, my sides are splitting.

      Perchance, Baby Duck, go back and acquaint yourself with the writings of Machiavelli.
      Nations don’t have friends, and they don’t have morals. They have interests, and the chief ones are self-preservation and self-actualization.

      None of this requires Trump to be a super-genius, just exactly what 7 decades have shown: a man able to listen to wiser advisers whom he trusts.

      The only people yakking about the morality of this strike are those directly harmed by it, and those under threat of getting the next one; plus the Usual Leftist Suspects, whose aim has ever been the death of this nation.

      Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

      • Matthew Wilbanks

        I have absolutely no illusions about how evil or self-interested nation states are. You’re the one using that evil as an excuse not to fight it.

        There was this kid down the street from us that trashed my sisters bike. When my mom questioned his mom about it, her response was “kids will be kids”. That’s exactly what you are doing here.

        There is a huge difference between understanding the reality of evil in the world, and doing nothing about it or even endorsing it.

        You say the only people “yakking” about the strike were the ones harmed by it. Yah, that’s usually how it works. The bully at school doesn’t care about your yakking when he beats you up for no reason either.

        This is the kind of nonsense you get when you buy into the notion of the USA as the police of the world.

        • Sorry the 4D chess is played out, in addition I agree with MW that the actions are illegal .

          Agree that DTG offers good advice in that post.

        • You’re flailing.
          For no discernible reason, and assuming facts not in evidence.

          Let me know how that works out for you.

          But you have absolutely nothing that’s not delusional about what’s happened, or why.

          And if some kid down the street had trashed my sister’s bike, I’d have kicked his ass myself. Not run to tell momma.

          I think that’s why these events confuse the hell out of you.

          • Matthew Wilbanks

            Oh boy, big man on campus! It’s amazing, the Democrat solution is to never use violence at all while Neocons like you use it as the answer to everything. You were in the Marines though right? Every problem tends to look like a nail…

            You also like putting words in people’s mouths, as I never said a damn thing about running to tell momma. She’s a strong woman and already had it well in hand before I even heard it happened. But you’re right, I should have gone and kicked his ass anyway. Are you able to shift into any gear but sixth?

            All you’ve done is confirm my suspicion from reading your blog that you’re nothing but another Trump drone. Pity since some of your others posts were worth a read.

            • Yeah, I’m totally another Neocon Trump drone:

              “Trump being a douche of epic proportions, I expect should he lose the nomination that he’ll either sabotage the GOP with a scorched-earth third-party run, or return to his former preoccupation before his candidacy, and start palling around with the Democrats, exactly as he’s done for forty years.
              (Remember, he’s a Republican to the exact extent Bloomberg is – utility and expediency, not anything like any bare conviction).

              If he prevails instead, the GOP will have the mirror image of HopeyDopey teed up: a deranged assclown of monumental incompetence, blessed with pathological narcissism, a mediocre intellect, and absent any accountability whatsoever to anyone for his actions, both those legal and those flagrantly unconstitutional. Which the army of morons supporting him cheer on with glee, and total uncomprehension of the rocks beneath the cliff from which they’re jumping.

              How’d that work out for us since 2008?

              And Trump’s forte? Capitalism and business acumen.
              On the cusp of the most monumentally devastating worldwide recession/depression imaginable, with a national debt in the tens of TRILLIONS.
              So if he won, he’d be handed the world’s biggest grenade, with the world’s shortest fuse already lit and smoking.

              THAT will work out well.”

              So your analysis, once again, comports exactly 0% with reality.
              Geez, man, quit while you’re 0-ever.
              Even monkeys throwing darts at the answers would get better results from naked probability.

              I stand by my assessment of Trump from over a year ago; he was never my guy, but he’s certainly not Shrillary, and he’s still the president we’ve got.
              I fully expected him to fail gloriously – and still do – and cheer every time he manages not to, because it means the Left is failing gloriously instead.
              Anything we get, at this point, is better than where we’d have been now on Day 91 of Shrillary’s regime.

              You want a lower gear?
              Try walking in and not flinging shit at the first thing you see, without reading it, let alone comprehending it.
              When you get your cleats out of your dick, we can probably have a much friendlier discussion.

              I’m still waiting for your genius exposition on how Assad getting an assload of missiles for breakfast didn’t weaken him, and Russia, at near-zero cost to America, while simultaneously giving the Iranians, the Norks, and China a serious case of the shits. Fer cripes sake, even the French supported us on this one. That’s like getting Dick Cheney to laugh, or getting Bill Clinton to tell the truth; it ordinarily just doesn’t happen.

              Your ball.

  3. If your aim was not to destroy, and you didn’t. Is that not success?

    Trump has played the head fake all his life. Why not now? Smith is also onto something that whole Syrian escapade might have been for Xi benefit not Syria.

  4. Doesn’t smell like ‘power,’ however “forceful” launching cruise missiles might be. It smacks of puffery. Russia will make sure that Assad stays

    (((Progs))) think that they can salvage the House of Goatherds petrodollar. Money and influence and real power are moving East young man. We launch TLAMs, Pislam shoots up office parties, discos, and college campuses. As goes Eurabia, soon goes al-Amerikwa. So far the Tangerine Tornado has done squat about the Muzz. Squat. Expect more squat

    Syrias’ fate makes a national security threat for Vladville … check a map .. it’s about the Cleveland – Chicongo distance.

    • last sentence…you nailed it. Either the Zionists are underestimating Russia…or they actually want a nuclear war. Hitler, incidentally, thought he could deter the Brit Zionists from escalating the 1939-40 conflict into an all-out World War by making exterminative threats against continental Jewry. More fool he: it was music to Zionist ears. So: I’m hoping for #1…but it could be #2. Putin too is a fool if he thinks he can peaceably negotiate survival terms with the Tikkun Olas.

  5. @ Concerned American

    No he hasn’t. He is someone that blindly believes what the MSM tells him. Typical Boomer I’m sure. Clinging to the idea that America is always right because well; we are America darn it! He and the author of that crap “signaling” article think they have it all figured out because they have put great thought into it. Read day and night about it and now have an opinion on it. Not everything is 4 d chess folks.
    The way I see it; Trump went back on what he ran on. He didn’t get Congressional approval for a strike, and he doesn’t have the support of the people. This was Kushner in his ear and he caved to the neocons. He lied to the American people and is putting Israel’s interests above our own. The only thought that should be considered is whether or not he recently cucked or has been lying to us this whole time knowing what he would eventually do when in office.

    No way in hell Assad gassed those people with everything to lose and nothing to gain. The neocons/zionists want control of those pipelines! They need to destroy Syria like Iraq and Afghanistan to achieve that. Simple really. Certainly not 4 d chess. More like 1 d pong.

    • I find it hard to believe sopboy is a boomer. he’s pretty dumb, i put his age around 7-35 years old…

      • You and your acolytes not only have the same analytical skills, you also share the same career batting average: .000.
        Walk proud.

        And maybe, stop projecting so much, Otto.

  6. The war and killing in Syria began when the US State Department began financing a coup against Assad. About 7 years ago. All the blood, since then, is on the hands of the Globalists. ISIS is the creation of the US and Saudi Arabia. All for a pipeline. How in the hell is getting rid of the strongmen in north Africa and the Levant a good idea? Hundreds of thousands dead. Million of refugees heading for the West. Countries destroyed. Some countries just aren’t ready for representative government. I don’t even think this country was ready for it. In retrospect.

  7. Some guy suggesting to read Luttwak as a military analyst always makes me laugh. Luttwak predicted massive US losses during Gulf War I on trying to invade Kuwait. Just because one has no military experience and was way off when making a key assessment, and can still be considered an expert ….

    • IN fact when one has the freedom to NOT follow the military way, and objectively review available data, knowing that data will be slow to be shared is a clue.

      The fact that we were feed missle launch, and not missle splash, speaks volumes to the intent of this admin. Had this been legit, it would have been beneficial to show missle splash, from satellite Intel. Do you believe for one second, this event wasn’t recorded, and reviewed by those in the five s’s.

      We were force feed, not informed.

      a military mind, is a limited mind, plain and simple. When you remove the natural curiosity of a man, you creat a machine in capable of cognitive thought and objective dialog. ” don’t go off message”.

      Dirk Williams

  8. What it signals to me is reckless brinksmanship. It also signals, if they were not best friends before, that China and Russia are now, and likely planning “stuff” if this madness continues.

  9. There is no deep data regarding Syrian losses from the strike outside of a few newspaper reports (LA Times) that 15 were killed and that it caused “significant material damage”. That is from official Syrian sources to the newspaper (SANA sources say 6 on the base dead, 9 in the nearby village).

    Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Ignorances Konashenkov states that only 23 of 59 Tomahawks hit the target. No idea how many failed to complete the mission.

    You do not see such saturation of the news at with news of the strike. The usual condemnations, the Russians, etc. etc.

    The destroyed infrastructure is not described in depth, anywhere that I can find. What looks like it has been destroyed in terms of equipment can easily be made up for in a few cargo plane sorties from Russia.

    What it all means… is that I hope that President Trump received good value for the effort, certainly more than Clinton did when he used Tomahawks to destroy a Sudanese “baby milk” plant, and others had when they hit Afghani abandoned camps.

    Been down this road too many times in America to be more than guardedly optimistic at best.

    • Because when I want accurate intel on the performance of US missiles, I default to Russian news sources.
      Wait, what…?
      Oh right, because this guy is no longer available.

      You can best judge the strike by the stridency of Russian rhetoric in response.

      There are plenty of sources for photo intel and damage estimates, none particularly difficult to find, and generally more accurate than the Usual Suspects at ABCNNBCBS. This is not 1940.

      • Aesop… everything has a dud rate. Patterns of American “news” support the outsourcing to non-Anglo, non-NATO sources to get an idea of what the range of the possible is. If all you do is drink the flavor aide, you will not have a broader sense of what is claimed. By claimed, I mean claimed by anyone.

        If all went as planned, great. However, it seldom does. We lie to ourselves to make ourselves feel good when we uncritically soak up “news”. The truth must get cycled back into the next iteration, otherwise plans rapidly become pure fantasy, like Hitler moving nonexistent divisions on a map. Do I need to know exactitudes? No. I’ll settle for the range of outcomes to get a better sense of things.

        Analysis is difficult, and I am not just talking BDA. BDA was hugely distracting in Kosovo due to an active maskirovka program. Do the Russians want to scream loudly over de minimis losses? or, are they whispering when it was much worse? Again, jingoism and fantasy have no useful place in analysis.

        Do we have time here to talk measures of effectiveness, measures of performance? No, because I have actual meatspace stuff to do. In the mean time, here is some old school stuff from “Public Enemy” with a relevant hook:

        p.s.- The Russian propaganda machine is a finely tuned weapon of the state. I would consider the overt message to rarely be the real message from the Kremlin… until it is.

        • I get dud rates, P.

          If you’re saying you’d only use the Russian estimates as a bracket at the lowest end of reality, and split the difference with our claims being the upper end, while I’d disagree, I can understand that rationale.

      • Watching Aesop bitch slap these dudes has been entertaining as hell.

        There’s an adults’ table, and apparently from the widespread case of infectious Derpes, Aesop is the only one sitting there.

      • in any case, it was – as Aesop/Smith have indicated – mostly about strategic signaling, not tactical damage. The Chinese appear too have gotten the message – now backing down on trade terms – and the Syrian Sunni Jihadis now know they have an air force and will act accordingly. Putin and Russia are being cornered. Maybe Tel Aviv/DC will get away with it…maybe not.

        • Exactly.

          Strategic vs tactical:
          In war, the moral is to the physical as three to one.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

      • Grey Ghost

        Still no citations… just rhetoric that it’s easy to find, what in the American Pressitute Media… more BULLSHIT from Aesop.

  10. The US “spends” $700 Billion on “defense”, $1,000 Billion of which it prints / “borrows” into existence each year so MIC and IC insiders can have their dachas. The most (only?) impressive thing about this is the hubris.

  11. In general terms, this is all you need to know:

    READ IT!

    Fact. We’re “The Evil Empire” and Bashar al-Assad did not “gas” anybody.

    Look for who would benefit from such an act (Cui bono?) and it sure isn’t Assad and he damn well knows it. It’s the money-grubbers, the “Usual Suspects.” Assad is extremely well-educated (with a beautiful wife and three children) and was a practicing opthamologist in London before his brother, hand-picked to succeed his father, Hafez al-Assad, was killed in a car wreck and then dad called the eye doctor home. If you want to know how he was/is viewed as Syria’s president, research the views of the various Christian groups there such as the Orthodox, Catholics and Coptics, sects one would normally think would normally be persecuted. “We” paint this guy as the next incantation of a resurrected Hitler (again) and these folks view him as a protector and at times, quite rightly so, a savior.

    To the contrary, Syria’s ISIS enemies behead people. To the contrary, “we’re” Post-Christian hedonists who prosecute Christians for practicing their beliefs.

    As for that “Aesop” idiot, ignore the clown. He’s obviously an ignorant, Fox News addicted crackhead spinning fables as usual, perpetually drunk on gubbermint-issue “Kool-Aid” and tripping-out on electronic propaganda. I doubt that self-proclaimed “expert” ever even made it to non-com status if he was ever even enlisted. Only a complete and total moron, completely ignorant of Syrian history, let alone what has been going on in Syria since the onset of the U.S. backed “Regime Change” in 2011, with it’s “rat line” of weapons transfers from Benghazi to Turkey on then south to the so-called rebels, with funding and training coming from the U.S. as well as the Gulf Monarchies, Israel, Jordan and Turkey, would make such a facetious argument. Fact, fact, fact and fact. What a pathetic dolt. Pathetic.

    And by the way, Goggle up “Competing natural gas pipelines through Syria” and see what you come up with. May I then suggest that you “Follow the money?” to find at least the most current the motives and therefore the perpetrators? Again, “Cui bono.”

    By the ways, gentlemen, I happen to be a “very experienced” Boomer – a “Greybeard.” Carry on.

    • POd American

      Boomer as in AR or as a sub-bubbler?

    • As for that “Aesop” idiot, ignore the clown.
      As for that “Aesop” idiot, ignore the clown.
      As for that “Aesop” idiot, ignore the clown.
      As for that “Aesop” idiot, ignore the clown.
      As for that “Aesop” idiot, ignore the clown.
      As for that “Aesop” idiot, ignore the clown.
      As for that “Aesop” idiot, ignore the clown.
      As for that “Aesop” idiot, ignore the clown.
      As for that “Aesop” idiot, ignore the clown.
      As for that “Aesop” idiot, ignore the clown.


    • John,
      You’re new around here, aren’t you?
      Thanks for the laughs.

      Check back in when you can do more than attempt to rant your way to the top. Dennis Miller’s job is secure.

      But hey, kudos, you read something on the internet.

      So, what happens when you read two things? Do you toss a coin, or what?
      But at least, thanks for not making yourself a Navy Seal.

      That shit pisses them off.

      • go back to the brainwashed and kool-aid drunk sites… mebbe WM or TAH?

      • Ad hominem = e-penis, Aesop.

        I usually appreciate and agree with your efforts and your scathing satire, nut that kind of reply, of which about half of yours in this thread are, are devoid of logic, fact and rational discussion.

        You’re the one here stepping on your E-Dick because you can’t tolerate disagreement with your Olympian edicts.

        The authority of repetition, absent facts certain.

        • I fight fire with fire, -06.
          But feel free to point out the exemplars where I am “devoid of logic, fact, and rational discussion” in this particular one.
          I’ll tolerate any disagreement you can back up with actual facts.

          Be the first on the block:
          Show me how the strike doesn’t weaken Assad.
          Inside Syria, and worldwide.
          Or his military.
          Or his ability to project power, enforce his will, or crush rebellion.
          What’s his comeback to this?
          And show how the strike enhanced Russia’s standing in Syria.
          Or in the world.
          I’ll wait.

          So far, all I’ve gotten is gas, because it evidently upsets people to be disputed, and have nothing to come back with but invective and bile.
          Don’t start nothin’, there won’t be nothin’.

          I laid out my case based on public knowledge and readily confirmable facts, and all I’ve gotten back to demonstrate the imaginary errata thereof is best described as the fart preceding a really good turd, after a hefty helping of broccoli.

          Yet another example of people who’d rather curse their own darkness when they should be lighting a candle. In the bathroom.

          • give me a break. you’re just not that smart..

            retire at 40 as a millionaire, then come back and talk to me. other than that,

            YOU. ARE. NOT. IN. MY. LEAGUE.

      • VooDoo6Actual

        ‘But at least, thanks for not making yourself a Navy Seal.’
        ‘SEAL’ is capitalized BTW.
        Carry on.

        • Actually, it’s not, except according to the AP’s 2006 and later Style Books. The unit predates AP’s recent dictates by some 50 years.
          If one is fastidious, it’s a bastardized acronym, SeAL, but that version makes copy editors wince.

  12. Grenadier1

    Statement on the strike.

    20 aircraft destroyed.

    US says all missiles hit targets, Russians say only 23. Reality probably in the middle of that number.

    Pictures of the strike.
    Lamestream media so take them for what they are worth.

  13. If my mantra is ‘follow the money’, no on seems to be talking about that aspect which (IMO) is the very root of how this shit begins. Why remove Assad? Why topple his government? What the fuck happened in Libya? Seems to me that all this is interconnected and no one is talking about it and to that end each and everything that happens now is an after effect of the primary motivation for starting (that would be the US of A) the huge regional conflict with the death and destruction. Oil maybe? Pipelines maybe? Vast sums of money at stake maybe? The usual (but un-named) players pulling strings behind the scenes? Without transparency (or for those with the balls to research/print) we are screwed (in more ways than one): but then if anyone did disclose the truth, history (at least recent history) would print them as a traitor or worse ………. as someone else here commented, better start planting – tough times are coming and fast ……….

  14. Assad has got to go…

    By the way, if you are unaware, the latest is that Assad is White Phosphorous’ing the citizens of Syria. Courtesy of:


    Both one and the same.

    The banner boys from Kafranbel are another western funded operation

    Kafranbel Media Center: A Propaganda Banner Assembly Line That Targets The Naive

  15. Aesop is a pretty smart guy, who always backs up what he says, so I’m giving him bonus points in the comments. Mr. M Wilbanks whines and spills forth leftist talking points-and I know what they are, living in California. HIs (Trump’s) actions were both illegal and immoral? Oh puh-lease! Our GD state governor can’t tell the truth, and the state senate and “representatives” are neither moral nor legal beings. Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon (D-Los Angeles) anyone?
    I, personally, don’t give a royal FxxX what Assad does to the Syrians. They are not of interest to me. That Pres. Trump blew the Russian, Iranian, and some Chinese interests off the map-so be it. Still of no interest. I think what has happened to ALL Middle Eastern Christians is horrible. However, that being said: WHY haven’t any of them stood up, coalesced into one body, and started running guns and defending themselves? Despite what pablum the majority of Christian Churches put forth-Jesus Christ was NOT a pascifist! (I often think that throwing the money changers out of the Temple wasn’t a hissy fit by a toddler.) I just don’t want anymore begging, pleading, or paying of every filthy dictator more of my tax dollars to “PUH LEASE BEHAVE!”. I don’t want anymore military caskets coming home because American Elected Pissants want to play nice in a war zone. If we are going to war-then fucking mean it!
    We are not here in a morality play. Does anybody have the will to survive-inside? I wonder. I am so sick of the pious, the holier than thou, the high road lunatics: either we want our way of life to survive, and we praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. OR-we go the way of Sweden. And nobody is putting a burka or a hijab on me!

    • Lol, leftist talking points. I’m about as far from a leftist as you will find in this world. I do everything possible to avoid your dumpster fire of a state, especially since those Antifa protestors in Berkeley would probably want to kill me.

      I’ve just started reading Clarence Darrow’s “Resist Not Evil”, and while he draws an illogical conclusion that it’s never ok to use violence, he is completely correct on how we have been inculcated to believe in never-ending war. Smedley Butler sure as hell figured it out after his experiences as well.

      Hating war does not necessarily make one a pacifist. Any soldier who has seen combat hates war, unless he is a psychopath. Aesop and a few others here seem to relish it.

  16. @Aesop –

    Yeah, punk.

    I’m so new I’m from way back in the old format days when you were still in high school playing with yourself. Mainly I bother to comment when some video-game poseur like you can’t help but try to pass himself off as some sort of expert when his combat experience is summed up by getting his ass whipped regularly at recess and understanding of geopolitics and military strategy come from an internet connection to other “gamers” of the same ilk.

    Is that your mommy in the dress uniform, punk? Mine’s still got Gook blood on it.

    • My apologies for clearly understating the size of your e-penis.
      Yours is a superior intellect.

      And hey, thanks for being the tenth or fifteenth fail at laying out your own case. I’m shocked, shocked I say, that all you can come up with is scraping your diaper and flinging the contents in response. We already have That Guy here, and understand me when I note that his only accomplishment thus far, besides universal disapproval, was pissing off the bloghost with the situation all around to the point of closing down all comments for a week or so. Please believe me when I tell you it’s probably not a good first choice to emulate. But I understand if some people have to grab the hot stove with both hands, and learn things for themselves.
      A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.” – Mark Twain

      But do tell about how you got “gook blood” on your dress uniform.
      I’m betting the shoving in the cosplay line at the Tokyo Comicon got a little rough for you, but I’m sure your actual sea story will be even more fascinating.

      I’ll start it off for you:
      “This is no shit…”

  17. silly little kids.

    this whole shit show is about the collapse of the petro dollar.

    see, Russia, China, loddy, doddy, and every fucking body is tired of murkas counterfeit money. of course, der trumpf is gonna get on board with the zio ponzi scam as his wealth is valued in fed res $ debt bux. he has no other choice… it’s all or nothing for the trumpf bozo and his masters. WWIII it’s whats for dinner.

    • Un-possible.
      Everyone here seems to magically know there were no chemical weapons, and no chemical attack.

      But I’m the unreasonable one, for suggesting that publicly handing Assad his own ass on a platter, with a side order of Putin getting a shitburger, furthered American interests at a bargain cost.
      Because “Waaaaaaaah! I don’t like veggies, mommy, and my diaper’s soggy!

  18. To the article itself, it’s just more wild speculation. I wrote recently that CHS must be living in a Hobart mixer…never saw a guy more right and more wrong simultaneously. He doesn’t seem too informed about this—“force is a mechanical input (expense) that doesn’t scale.” I’m sure that’ll be news to the kids playing video games, but with real drones.

  19. VooDoo6Actual

    Whoa, lots of interesting comments in that one for sure.
    Here’s an interesting perspective & listen to what he says about IsRaHell.

    Wilkerson: Trump Attack on Syria Driven by Domestic Politics

    Bonus material for the inclined & compelled :

    Blackwater founder Erik Prince admits ‘incidental’ Seychelles meeting with Russian during Trump transition

  20. Off topic, and over my head, this may be of interest to some.

  21. “America is a weakened country both militarily and financially, and is certainly not at the height of her power by any stretch of the imagination.

    In a Syrian conflict with boots on the ground en masse, I could maybe see our troops hold some sort of Iraq-style stalemate if things were simple and straightforward, although with Hezbollah, Iran, Assad’s full army, and a Russian expeditionary force in the area, defeat would be almost certain.”

    Let me reiterate, “…DEFEAT (of the US forces) WOULD BE ALMOST CERTAIN.”

    • (((Cohencidence)))

      This country has a cosmic ass whooping coming its way some day, and it’s going to deserve every bit of it.

  22. Much learned from comments here, not so much from The Fat Ass-tony