Derp Double-Down In Yemen; US/Saudi Alliance Doorway To Madness

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  1. GOP drops funding for the wall:

    Absolutely nothing that bastard campaigned on will see the light of day.

    • Well that just absolutely fantastic news !

      Looks to me like the establishment is about to hang Trump out to dry and back to business as usual of lording over the people they take oaths to represent.

  2. the old orange fat guy and his loser family is are P’sOS.
    yet there are those who still stand behind him.

    ha ha ha


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  4. Thomas J Crowley

    It looks like in order “make America great again” we have to go to war. I voted for Trump and I am beginning to wonder why, even if his first 100 days are not even up yet.

    • Keeping the Supreme Court from being packed with leftist marxist interpreters of our Constitution was reason enough for millions. Hillary’s court picks would’ve gone after the second amendment and with it gone all the others would’ve been easy pickin’s. Keeping the Court from going full marxist motivated my vote for Trump.

      • POd American

        That chapter has already been written…need I remind you of that POS John Roberts and his flip vote for ObammiCare? Do not believe anything this government says, for if you do, you will be just another disappointed casualty in coming conflict.

      • LMAO. And you just watch! The full intent of the 2nd will be restored to you! Any day now.

      • Detroit III


      • Well I don’t really give a shit anymore what the SCOTUS or anyone else says about the 2A. It would be great if the SCOTUS was good on the 2A, but if they’re not, I’m ignoring them anyway.

      • he did nothing of the kind. Gorsuch is the next John Paul Stevens. On the IInd, Gorsuch has said: “it should not be infringed lightly”. That’s because he and his lawyer-kind intend…to infringe it heavily. And, BTW, Gorsuch is a refgular attendee at local meetings of an open-borders religious cult: the Episcopalian Church.

        • I never liked that gorsuck clod. they are all rotten. Just like trump, he will stick the knife into the backs of the americans. It doesn’t matter anymore, if you haven’t figured it out yet. It was all for nothing.

  5. Allowing ourselves to be dragged into the Sunni-Shi’ite civil war now raging across the Middle East has to be one of the biggest mistakes in U.S. foreign policy history – and that’s saying something!

    • If you’d only stop using oil, we’d have no national interests in the area.

      So, what’s your plan to make the US an oil-free nation…?
      Beuller? Beuller…?

      Okay, so getting involved in the ME is a given, unless you want to descend to Venezuela’s current level overnight.

      So the question is where, and how much. We’ve already established the yes or no question in the affirmative.

    • at least re the ME, there is no “U.S.” foreign policy. There is only a Zionist foreign policy: if the Sunnis win in Syria, Israel will be nestled comfortably in a protective cordon of Zion-tolerant, Pentagon-stooge Sunni regimes: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria. Which also frees up Israel to annex south Lebanon by directly attacking the Shi’a militia – Hezbollah – now cut off from easy weapons resupply by Iran; Shi’ite Iran, meanwhile will be directly attacked by ‘Murka.. Understood in these terms, “U.S.” policy in the middle makes perfect sense. And, if Aesop is right, they may get away with it.

  6. drivel. The Iran-allied Shi’a militia in Yemen – Houthis – currently control about 1/3 of the country and are now raiding across the border into SA itself. The Saudi military is a demoralized, incompetent joke, everything given to them is money and weapons poured down a rathole. In Yemen as in Syria, ‘Murka is both supporting Sunni terrorism…and fighting Sunni terrorism. This circle cannot be squared.


  7. Centurion_Cornelius

    why in the name of Heaven are we further involving America in yet another massive clusterfook, with just one consequence being an incubator to hatch more Jihadists to hate us? this is right out of Madison Avenue’s playbook scripted by the Deep State, MIC, and (ahem) “our ME allies” to insure future job security—defined as pillaging our blood and treasury and erasing what little freedoms we still have hanging by a thread.

    in Italy they have a phrase: “Stir the manure pile up–make it stink better.”

    we’ll get more than stench from the blow-back on this.

    • Oh what a simple notion that I had more than 15 years ago that I would be a modern crusader against jihadis. Lo and behold many western civilian leaders (and who knows how many military ones) have sold out to do business with the enemy.

      Case in point is this guy who keeps popping up in the news:

      He’s a little fish in the contracting world, but I would say we’re well past the mythology that Muslims won’t kill Muslims when it comes to growing the caliphate as envisioned by wahhabi sunni islam.

      Do nominal Christian westerners really believe they’ll be able to contain global jihad in the future? In the meantime they betray their fellow Christians stuck in that part of the world.

    • Moose limbs do not need a reason to hate us. They hate everyone. Those despised the most are their fellow moose limbs who are sunni or shite. The entire debacle is based on mutual hatred/fear of fellow moose limb shitbags. To get their attention the moose limb must hate us more than themselves.This sets a high standard of dicking with the moose limb to get their attention.I trust that people will give this endeavor some serious thought and put some effort into the task at hand. Become a gay Jew for Jesus pig farmer whose beautiful wife is always nude.These cretins are begging to be fucked with. Don’t disappoint them.

  8. The Walkin' Dude

    Remember the Lake County Sheriff’s Department?
    Killed innocent man in his home and get away with it…
    Now they’ve gone the extra derp,
    Release ISIS style video on Facebook page…

    • Eerily reminiscent of a cartel hit squad picture….

      • Something about results based?

      • Grenadier1

        I thought of Los Zetas when I saw them. Have to wonder how much those masks really conceal when they are from a small county Sheriff’s office.

    • Holy…
      What was Jeff Cooper’s take on masked folk again?

      The War On (Some) Drugs sure is going well.

    • “And to the innocent neighbors nearby, if we happen to have the wrong address, blow your door down and shoot you, that’s just too bad.”

    • Bpfreebuckeye

      That video is disgusting…
      Thanks for sharing

    • Nice intimidation video-does appear they took a page from the ISIS playbook.
      Maybe the sheriff should talk to the CIA if he really wants to do something about the availability of heroin in “his” county.
      Funny how the availability of heroin spiked beginning with the start of the invasion of Afghanistan and operation enduring clusterfuck,and the media is blaming the “opioid epidemic” on prescription pain meds.

    • “We are coming for you, but if we make a mistake, we’ll probably kill an innocent person.”

      Fuck them.

  9. and the people are supposed to admire and support these masked lumps of shit?

    the cops are the enemy of all freedom loving people.
    they are corrupt beyond the pale.
    they live above the law- for now.
    and the taxpayer is forced to pay for them.

    Author Jonathan Blanks

    Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, April 5, 2017:

    LaFollette, Tennessee: An officer was arrested for DUI after an off-duty crash last weekend.
    Glassboro, New Jersey: The police department is being sued by a man who claims he was falsely arrested, assaulted by an officer and repeatedly bitten by a K-9 while riding his bike through a park. The man was a college athlete and judo instructor—the police say it was a mistaken identification. They were looking for a black 13-year-old boy suspected of drug crimes.
    Gainesville, Florida: officer suspended while under investigation for aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and stalking.
    Marion County, Florida: A deputy resigned in lieu of termination after the prosecutor designated him as unreliable for testimony.
    Rochester, New York: An officer has been deemed liable by a judge for falsely arresting a woman who called police. Civil damages will be determined later.
    Update: Kosciusko County, Indiana (First reported 03-02-16): The now-former sheriff pled to intimidation just before his trial was set to begin. In exchange for the plea, bribery and official misconduct charges were dropped. Sentencing has been scheduled for May 23.
    Update: Woodstock, Illinois (First reported 2/24/17): The officer who was arrested after a recent DUI crash has resigned.
    Update: St. Paul, Minnesota (First reported 11/8/16): An officer who was fired for his use of excessive force that led to a $2,000,000civil settlement was reinstated by a labor arbitrator.

  10. wealthy farmer

    Just show middle class americans a picture of a dead kid, lie about who did it, and soft blubbering very comfortable fools will support whatever evil agenda. Global war that KILLS MILLIONS. Mass migration. Human life is in surplus right now, and that overshoot is about to be corrected.

  11. A commenter above says………”Keeping the Supreme Court from being packed with leftist marxist interpreters of our Constitution was reason enough for millions. Hillary’s court picks would’ve gone after the second amendment and with it gone all the others would’ve been easy pickin’s. Keeping the Court from going full marxist motivated my vote for Trump.”

    Umm..yeah… All the glazed-eyed ‘conservatives’ keep squawking about Gorsuch following the text of the Constitution and lionizing him as the perfect replacement for the deified constitutional demi-god, Scalia.

    Umm, yeah…sure he does/will.

    Amendment II: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Newly ensconced SC’R’OTUS Justice Gorsuch, the staunch textual constitutionalist says…….

    “….Judge Gorsuch noted that the “Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to own firearms and may not be infringed lightly…….”

    He no more supports the Constitution as written than did dead SC’R’OTUS Justice, Scalia who dissected Amendment II at length, except for that pesky ‘Shall Not Be Infringed’ thingy, where he showed who and what he was also…disregarding the text and maintaining that what ‘shall not be infringed’ was actually perfectly constitutional to infringe upon.


  12. Roscoe Barnes

    MAGA – Maintaining Americas Gaping Ass

  13. My word, did they get Maria Careys choreographer? The derps took that right turn with style… I wonder if they do that when the come to blow the doors off of our homes. I know now where all the money goes.

  14. Bolsheviks = Marxists = Jews.
    “Just more damning proof . . .
    “The partners of the New York international lending house of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., despite vigorous denials for many years afterwards, were the instigators and financiers of the Bolshevik regime.”–A. K. Chesterton, “The New Unhappy Lords,” p. 13″

  15. All this and everything else leaves us We the People, the decision of Our fate!