DTG: Advice On Staying Cool

Read and do.

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  1. Randall Flagg

    Captain Speirs was my favorite character in that series.

    Good advice column.

    Beats Ann Landers any day.

  2. Vice Admiral John “Foul-weather Jack” Byron, grandfather of the poet, said that you never knew a man until you saw him in a shipwreck….He successfully sailed a fleet through one of the worst Atlantic gales on record.

  3. Guy is spot on.

    You cheered Kek, asked him to come? Chaos is here now and you’re bitchin like a bunch of old women.
    Did you think you would steer Chaos? Revisit that idea here, at the top of the roller coaster.
    Your safety bar is down and locked, right?

  4. Grenadier1

    This past week I read a book I picked up at the used book store.
    It is an account of the Ruby Ridge confrontation published in 1995.

    (if you are interested: https://www.amazon.com/Every-Knee-Shall-Bow-Tragedy/dp/006039174X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1491844395&sr=8-1&keywords=every+knee+shall+bow)

    When reading the accounts one of the things that leaps off the pages is the decision making process and how both sides of the “stand off” were acting with very incomplete information. Both the Weavers and the US Marshals service / ATF / FBI acted very much out of emotional irrationality.
    The US Marshals were at first calm and patient, they let Randy Weaver sit on the ridge for months without trying to arrest him, but then they lost those attributes, reacted to negative publicity and provoked the first shootout.

    The ATF ….well they were the ATF so you know they are retarded.

    The FBI was arrogant, territorial, petty, bureaucratic, and heavy handed.

    The Weavers were stubborn, paranoid and consumed by conspiracy theory.
    Now dont take my assessment of the Weavers as being indicative of anything. I dont agree with what they were but they should have been left alone on their mountain to be what they wanted to be.
    The Weavers allowed their emotional lizard brain to dictate their every action. It was their emotional attachment to the very same conspiracy theories that we still see posted on this page today that drove Randy Weaver to refuse to comedown off the mountain.
    The government agents, knowing how the Weavers believed and thought, made every decision airing on the side of increasing that paranoia and fueling those conspiracy ideas. They misjudged the Weavers and the depth of their commitment, their mental state and their resolve.
    The confrontation was inevitable because no one took a step back and tried to asses the situation from a logical standpoint.

    The lesson here is that we cant make good decisions with bad information. Our beliefs do not constitute good information. Perception is everything. It is built on observation and comparison with our internal database of memory and knowledge. That internal data however is often times wrong, incomplete or tainted by preconceived notions that color our response.
    You have to learn to collect information and analyze it. You also have to learn that there is a condition that fighter pilots call target fixation. You become so focused on a single situation that you completely ignore information that contradicts that set preconceived outcome. Thats a condition very much driven by that lizard brain emotional trigger.
    Condition yourself to do what I call “jiggle the cord”. In troubleshooting we often see the same target fixation, you follow an idea of what you think the problem is for so long that you discount all other possibilities. Its best to do one of two things, bring in a new set of eyes to look at the problem and asses it, or start over from the beginning and do the most basic thing like jiggle the cords to make sure all the connections are correct.

    • >>> I dont agree with what they were…

      What does this mean? What were they and why would you care anyway? Are you implying he had an obligation to do the infiltration the feds wished? A duty to snitch maybe? The rest is detail IMO, how that one played out. How’s Lon doin’…he come out okay?

    • Interesting perspective. One that makes me glad CA turned the comments back on here at his BBQ.

  5. Fuck! Live like your already dead. I don’t think so PussyCat!. While I’m as guilty as the next guy of using movie quotes, their fun. Their not real!

    What’s real is what’s going on around you. Right here, right now.

    What was the other one, o yea don’t panic buy. What’s it take to become switched on. When WE have the tv telling us what to wear, what to drive, where to live, who’s cool, who’s not.

    The US consumer is a flock of sheep. Man buns, and greasy hair make my point. OYea, and the lumber jack,clown outfit and the tacticool pogs milling about with M&P m4s, and rushing to purchase the latest greatest caliber, fuck!

    So JD, what does the switched on operator listen to, how do they make common sense choices. What I call clues, you call panic. Fair enough, you get to make your own choices.

    I’m not busting your chops, you do good work, you put out some good shit. But not always.

    I’ll use Aesop here. Love the guy, at some point even he started to belive the horse shit he’s shoveling. ” like you, he’s often spot on”

    In general the pursuit to be a ” personality” pushs the bullshit meter.

    Sometimes we take ourselves to serious, in an attempt to be heard.

    As one of our old friends here recently said somewhere, ” slow the roll, hero” . Amused the shit out of me.

    But then I’m easily amused these days.

    JD God bless you, I appriciate you efforts, along with all the other bloggers who share here.


  6. I remember how Admiral Stockdale was unmercifully ridiculed and mocked by the MSM after the Vice Presidential debate in 1992. I thought at the time and still do after the passage of 25 years, that a nation that would belittle its most honorable citizens is fated to eventual destruction.



    • Stockdale’s military service was above reproach. But he was a loon in that debate, and vastly out of his depth.

      Some people don’t translate well to TV.
      Ask Zombie Richard Nixon about that, and what it does for your political fortunes.

    • Note that even the live audience was laughing at him, not with him.

      This is used in classes on How Not To Introduce Yourself At A Debate, even 25 years later.

  7. Virgil Caine

    Wise words. We live in a wlderness of mirrors. Nothing is as cut and dry as you think. I’m just now returning from the region. I’ve been in the place in question and its a cesspit and should be of no conern to us. I don’t buy the “narrative” makes no sense for the ruling regime to have done anything that foolhardy. Signaling who? Ridiculous assertion and certainly not applicable to anyone in there on any side. We gave Iraq to the Persians and Syria will remain squarely in that camp. We lost this region long ago and now its on Europe to hold the line. Which isn’t looking so good in most quarters. If you think anyone in the WH possess competence in the realm of international affairs well…I dont know what to tell you…DT didnt drain any swamp he reinforced it. You’re on your own as you have been from the beginning. Act accordingly.

  8. Thanks for this one, ca.

  9. Just plugging along with the same old self preservation program, as it all goes to shit around us. When particularly smelly shit happens out there in fuckedupistan, and kim world, it validates the program me and my tribe have going, and now Russia is flexing?? this could get reeel interesting….. My daughter thinks she is in love, so now theres that. We talked about inclusion of people outside the immediate family way back in the beginning, I said i didnt like the idea…… but she is now telling me he is talking about it.. I may just act stupid to the whole topic just to avoid it…he has his own family,,, fuck!. and then theres THAT….

  10. Admiral James Stockdale, the man John Sidney McCain, III wishes he was, but will never be.

  11. Every day is a gift.