Troll Level Expert

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9 responses to “Troll Level Expert

  1. Need to update the pic. Pull Slim Pickins and photoshop McCain on the nuke.

    • POd American

      If we need to add “McShitstain” to the picture, let’s make it a photoshop pic of his head on a turd being flushed down a toilet.

  2. “Wahoo…!”
    Tops! (Is that enough? 10-20 million?)

    Also one of my all time favorite USAF and Cold War movies. Dichatimic in its nature and parodic as well.

  3. Walter Sobchak

    One of my favorite movies. Funny how history repeats itself.

  4. Seeing it the theater, 1st run, in the sixties, was extremely close to the bone.

    Yes, it was humorous, Sellers and the rest of the cast were tremendous, the caricatures hilarious… but the belly laughs weren’t apparent the night I went.

    It was all too real and everyone recognized the potential for something similar to occur and the horrific effects of same. The audience that night left sobered and somber, talking quietly among themselves.

  5. ” … Depending on the breaks … ”
    That was 55 years ago. Wonder how those “breaks” will go today …

  6. Thomas J Crowley

    We can’t right in there it’s a war ruumb .

  7. When something scares the shit out of you…laugh. Nukes fit the bill.