New Woodpile’s Here!


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  1. His best line I’ve read to date
    “They won’t be fooled by the moon landing hoax again”. Funny. True. Makes it even funnier.

    So what time do these Nork satellites (made from surplus Atari 2600 consoles) blow?

    Got a real opportunity here folks.
    Either we get to test out all those kick ass preps or we fragment up and start the Kek’s Witnesses and 8th Day Adventists. Just like those Millerites, history really does rhyme.

  2. “Anyone paying attention to the orbits of those two Nork sats?”

    What if the Norks already tried and they did not go off?

  3. Woodpile was fantastic as always.

    OT but prob important:

  4. Porretto- “Yet they ask nothing but to be left alone.”

  5. An especially bountiful issue. Favorite:

    “The airlines have been a quasi-government outfit for a long time. They manage to combine the worst aspects of business with the worst aspects of government, which is why passengers are treated like self-loading cargo and airports are run like prisoner induction centers.”

  6. I’m done reading ol Remus. All he does is re post days or weeks old material found elsewhere and adds his baby boomer spin on stuff. Just tired of that viewpoint. All this happened on the Boomers watch anyhow. Why should we listen to them now? His worship at the altar of the Jew turns me off and he refuses to name the enemy. Only good thing I see anymore about his blog is the cool old pictures of the good old days. But I can see those anywhere.

    • joelfradbink

      I’m with ya — that ole ‘folksy’ shit has done come and gone, we are way the hell outa kansas, Dorothy — and if I here another “the poor jews …” I’m gonna crap my drawers

    • disagree. Yes, he’s a shabbatz goy…but has insights on related topics, e.g., Black-White “race relations”. Remus is a strong advocate for White Western Civilization, even if he doesn’t (yet) understand the destructive nature of the Tikkun Olam. And I find a lot of stuff linked to there that I’d never find on my own. Same as,WRS and other aggregation sites..

  7. aleksandr baranov

    its time to stop put mascara on demons,we are last bracket of time that can stop this crap!

  8. Trump: ‘We’re not going into Syria’<—11 April 2017

    Marines have arrived in Syria to fire artillery in the fight for Raqqa<-8 Mar 2017

    The media in this country is fully complicit in a campaign of disninformation on the American public. Sorry but that includes the Red & Blue team sites. Free speech is a dying thing and that is ever so dangerous. Thank God for CA and this site and a few others that are willing to sail the seas of freedom.

  9. I enjoy Remus,he has a keen wit and a wry sense of humor and has some good links to useful info.I appreciate his take on events regardless if I agree wholly or not.As for being dated he only publishes once a week.I suppose for the ADD/ADHD crowd its not quick enough.Remember,its his house….

  10. “I care about America and western civilization, all else is either under suspicion or entertainment.” <— My summary of the entire article. The woods walk bit was nice.