Aesop: BDA Info

Read and think.

In comments, please list links for overhead imagery sites.


UPDATE 1225EDT 12APR2017: See also topic-related material (conflicting in conclusions) from The Saker and WeaponsMan.

Read them all, and think.

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  1. Solid assessment.

    Aesop is clearly using critical thinking skills and analysis in lieu of regurgitating conspiracy theories, or basing one’s perspective upon pathological “opposite day” logic.

    • And surprising no one, WeaponsMan has an ever better update:

      Including confirmation of sarin deployment, from both American and Australian perspectives.

      • You just continue to make assumptions and call them facts.

        The PJ Media blog post that Weaponsman linked to is nothing but heresay… “National Security Council officials just held a background briefing with reporters on the declassified intel assessment of last week’s chemical attack on Khan Shaykhun, Syria”

        They say they received an intel briefing yet provide no actual evidence, just “the NSC told us so”. It’s funny how we have all become totally distrustful of our own government, yet when Trump takes office, suddenly they are trustworthy again.

        It’s also interesting to note that you used Weaponsman’s post as a sort of confirmation of your own post, yet he draws the exact opposite conclusion at the end of his… “Shorter Rod: you can’t stop another guy from beating his wife.” Without killing him I might add, but that’s apparently what Trump has planned.

        The Australian analysis also provides no facts one way or another, just trumpeting what they’ve been told by the US, but they also draw the exact opposite conclusion you do…

        “The Trump Administration has today taken its own action, launching a cruise missile strike against a Syrian airfield ‘to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons’. However, it seems unlikely that such action will have any profound or long lasting effect on the Assad regime. Indeed it is difficult to envisage what measures, political or military, the US could realistically take to bring Syria to account. In all probability, the abhorrent Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack is likely to be lost in the wider Syrian crisis, with its almost 5 million external refugees, its growing internal humanitarian needs and its political complexity.

        As depressing and alarming as it is, the world may therefore expect that Syria will continue to use its remaining chemical weapons against its populace, whenever it chooses and with relative impunity.”

        I guess my main point is, I don’t give a shit whether Syria gassed the rebels or not. From my perspective it’s unlikely, although you could be correct. We won’t know until real evidence is released, if ever.

        The real problem is our government continuing to believe they are the police of the world and sticking their noses where they don’t belong. You and your ilk can prattle on about terrorism, rogue nations, acts against humanity, or as Porter over at Kakistocracy said in his latest article (hint, it’s linked at WRSA directly below yours)…

        “Eric, please stop making that talking noise. The heartbreak and outrage of your sister are not rational premises for such decisions. It diminishes the presumption of your father’s lucidity to imply that they are. Would Ivanka be heartbroken and outraged to learn that elements in this civil war may have manipulated the American tendency to act out of heartbreak and outrage? Could she perhaps withold her demands for a non-heartbreaking missile fusillade until at least CNN can get the last lie out of its mouth? I wonder if Franz Ferdinand had a heartbroken sister?”

        • Still trying to win after the bell?

          The Australian conclusion is that you can’t stop someone from beating his own wife.
          Which is fine, but that wasn’t the point of the exercise.
          You can tell him that WMDs are not an option.
          Point made.

          Color me surprised, that one sailed completely over your head.
          What have you got left to bitch about now?

          All Kakistocracy can do is whinge about the motivation.
          Bully for them. When all you’ve got is emotion, bang your shoe on the table.
          The motivation was no part of what I’ve written, and I couldn’t care less about it; it’s been utterly overtaken by events. And assuming a priori it couldn’t have happened as laid out is counter to all previous evidence of Assad.

          But I note a lack of enthusiasm for doubling down on your earlier nonsense, since you can’t show any possible way for the strike to have enhanced Assad’s position, Putin’s position, or the alliance between the two. Bravo. Better late than never.

          If you want to bitch about us being the world’s policemen, bitch about that in toto. Don’t cherry-pick one lone incident that does little but further a tyrant’s homicidal quest to maintain power. Go after the whole hog.

          Otherwise you’re as silly looking as large “L” Libertarians who claim to oppose government, but really only attack it for infringing on their free use of weed, or BLM crybabies who really only think black criminal lives matter.

          cf: beclowned

          • you have to be a special kind of stupid to take the this latest Zionist false flag seriously. Or the next, and the next. Though glib, you’re it. Essentially, you’ve ratcheted back into Ebola-land…only this time you’re the contagion itself. You. Stinking. Warmonger.

            • I have monged no war, assclown. The missiles flew before I uttered a peep.

              I also can’t help that you see Joooooooos! everywhere including your underpants, I can only shake my head at the rampant psychosis it takes to sustain your output.

              Thanks for illustrating the point so artfully.

              • …the missiles flew, then Aesop of Ebola chipped in with the usual (((drivel))).

                1.) Israel has been running airstrikes w/in Syria, in support of ISIS and the other Sunni Jihadi’s, for years now. In order to ‘jack south Lebanon, Israel must cut off Hezbollah from Iranian weapons resupply. Putting an Israel-tolerant, Shi’a-hating Sunni regime in Damascus will do just that.

                2) Trump had his daughter convert to Judaism and marry a (((bankster))). A Standard Act of Ritual Submission. See also Hiligula’s daughter. With Jews @ 2% of the population, the odds against this being a random distribution are 2,500::1. In short, it’s a Zionist Occupation Gubmint, no matter who wins.

                3. Trump has c. $200,000,000-$400,000,000 long term debt ewarhaoused with assorted (((banks))). His cabinet is infested with Zionist banksters: Cohn, Menuchin, Kushner himself. The Jews are in his underwear, overwear, and everywhere.

                4. And just for some icing on the kosher cake, Trump has been Grand Marshall of the NY and Miami Beach “I Love Israel Day” parades about 14 times. If it looks like a ZOG, acts like a ZOG, and smells like a ZOG…it’s a ZOG.

                5. The Aussie crap? Zion overthrow Abbott, an anti-globalist, in a flat-out coup d’etat awhile back. The current PM is a an alumnus of…(((Goldman-Sachs))). So the Australian “intel” is as phony as the US “intel”.

                at the tac level: you’re right about the strike. It was an effective sending of message. And I hope you’re also right about Putin backing down and abandoning Assad at some point in the escalatory spiral. But, since his own political future – not to mention Russia’s – is now at stake, I doubt that’ll happen. If it does: let me know your favorite charity…I’ll send them 100 debtbux.

                • Just…wow, dude.
                  The horror.
                  The horror.

                  At the tac level, I don’t think Putin will back down, as much as I think Assad will find himself more hamstrung, and the Russians, having been burned by this incident, will taper down their support.
                  If that’s enough to turn the tide, and Assad gets ousted, Putin and Russia are out on their asses.
                  If not, the law has been laid down on WMDs, which, beginning and end, was the main point of the entire FIREX. With Iran, the Norks, and China as secondary recipients of the message via CC.

                  Historically, it’s good when our would-be adversaries are a little hesitant and uncertain of what will happen when they test us, or how far they can push things.
                  It’s also better when they don’t think they have a pussy pushover like Obozo calling the shots any more.

                  This was a predictable move for a new president (which is why I’m frankly baffled at why everyone is losing their collective shit over it), it just happened that Assad was the first troublemaker (on our list of several prime candidates) to publicly step on his dick and give the White House someone to make an example of. Boo hoo for him.
                  It’s the same thing new COs do in a unit to let you know who’s running the place.
                  FFS, it was nothing but Professor Kingsfield shrouding a new law student, except on the world’s stage.

            • how nice would it be if a sop returned to his room in the basement?

              • What’s your stance on stop-and-frisk?

                • I firmly believe all cops should be arrested, put on trial, and then promptly imprisoned, exiled, or executed.

                  Does that answer your question?

                • They are no better than the drug cartels.

                  They are ROTTEN.
                  ROTTEN. ROTTEN. ROTTEN.
                  ROTTEN TO THE CORE.

                  They get away with MURDER. RAPE. and ROBBERY.
                  They are the worst sort of criminals on Earth.
                  and here’s the proof.

                  Here are the 21 reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, April 6, Friday, April 7, and Monday, April 10, 2017:


                  Update: Kenosha, Wisconsin (First reported 1/3/17): An officer pled guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct for punching a man for personal reasons while he was on duty. In return for the plea, the felony charges were dropped.
                  West Chester Township, Ohio: An officer pled guilty to lesser charges for his OVI arrest. At the time of his arrest, his BAC was .166, more than twice the legal limit. He was sentenced to 180 days in jail, 177 of which were suspended, as well as probation. His future job status is unclear.
                  Fremont County, Colorado: A deputy was placed on leave amid accusations he arrested people for DUI without cause or any signs of impairment.
                  Val Verde County, Texas: A deputy was fired after his arrest for DUI. He crashed his patrol vehicle while he was off duty.
                  Laredo, Texas: An officer was arrested for DWI and related charges after hitting a parked vehicle and fleeing the scene.


                  Update: U.S. Border Patrol (First reported 8/9/16): A now-former agent pled no contest to charges related to repeatedly raping a minor relative beginning when she was 15 years old. He was employed as an agent at the time of the crimes but retired before the criminal case was brought.
                  Chatham County, Georgia: A deputy was charged with sexual assault and violation of the oath of office for actions against a jail inmate.
                  Update: New York, New York (First reported 3/27/17): A detective who was recently arrested for masturbating outside of the windows of strangers while he was off duty is being sued for excessive force and false arrest for unrelated, on-duty conduct.
                  Fullerton, California: An officer was charged with filing a false report. His story was contradicted by body camera footage.
                  Update: North Attleborough, Massachusetts (First reported 2/2/17): A now-former officer was acquitted of disorderly conduct for punching a man he saw kiss his girlfriend. The man he punched was an officer in a different department and testified that he believed he “had it coming,” given the circumstances. The assaulting officer had domestic violence charges dropped because neither his girlfriend or the man he punched want to bring charges against him.
                  Update: Kearney, Nebraska (First reported 9/6/16): An officer was acquitted of criminal charges for shooting a man who was fleeing a traffic stop in his car.
                  U.S. Secret Service: An agent assigned to Vice President Pence was arrested for solicitation in a Maryland hotel.
                  Attleboro, Massachusetts: An officer was arrested on child pornography and child solicitation charges.
                  Green Bay, Wisconsin: An officer resigned amid allegations he falsified use of force reports after dashcam footage revelations.
                  Washington, D.C.: An officer was charged with robbing and assaulting 15-year-old girl after paying her for sex.


                  Update: Tampa, Florida (First reported 4/8/15): A now-former detective pled guilty to receipt of stolen property in a tax fraud scheme. Another officer previously pled guilty to similar charges for the crimes. The detective’s wife is also a former officer and she awaits trial for her alleged role in the conspiracy.
                  Los Angeles County, California: A deputy was arrested for domestic violence and is under internal investigation for unrelated misconduct while on duty.
                  Update: Austin, Texas (First reported 11/15/16): Two officers were suspended for inappropriately impeding an activist who was recording them in the performance of their duties. One officer was suspended 10 days and the other officer was suspended 20 days.
                  Centralia, Washington: An officer was suspended one day for striking a restrained man who spat on him. The chief commended the officer for taking responsibility and being forthright about his actions after it happened.
                  Detroit, Michigan: An officer was arrested for domestic violence.
                  Update: Faulkner, Arkansas (First reported 3/25/16): A now-former officer was sentenced to 90 days in jail and fined $1,090 for kicking a handcuffed arrestee.

      • Roger. Thanks for the heads up on the WM writeup.

    • I saw a lot of ‘rah rah look how badass we are message received by Vlad and the IRAN-ians’ rhetoric. I did not see it match the fact that that base was operational within 48 hours, or that the Russian S300/400s that are supposedly useless likely stood down under orders not to attempt engagement given the ‘courtesy’ of less than 2 hours notice the Russians received. If the Russian Navy starts fishing multiple Tomahawks out of the Med near Tartus however, I would kindly suggest to Aesop that the Russian electronic warfare ‘off switch’ rumored since the April 2014 USS Donald Cook incident is real, and it goes beyond simply jamming a GPS signal to screwing with the actual electronics in vaunted U.S. systems like the Tomahawk, which if you have enough Krasukha jammers parked around strategic targets, does ultimately mean more Russian Kalibr missiles are getting through than Tomahawks, should things get to that point.

      As for sending messages to the Iranians, it’s funny how Aesop forgets there are other ways to send messages to U.S. allies, too. In case he hasn’t noticed, our Saudi friends have their butts in a real pickle down Yemen way, with payback coming as a bitch one Russian Konkurs or Iranian Toophan ATGM at a time for all those TOWs KSA and Ibn Saud Brennan so generously provided to Al-Qaeda allied ‘moderate’ AlCIAeda to use against the Syrian Arab Army. When the Saudi refinery at Jizan goes kaboom with a Red Adair sized fire and the Houthis are back besieging Najran again or kiling Sauds with fresh batches of Kornets delivered via Omani cigarette boat, then we can talk Aesop about whether Uncle Sam can protect his Sunni allies backing muh moderate rebels in Syria from having to bleed and die in their own turn.

      As for the Turks, if they decide they’d like to stick around and occupy northern Syria together with their ‘Syrian’ proxies who are barely half Syrian but include a hell of a lotta Uighirs, Chechens, North Africans etc. then the PKK get more MANPADS to blow Turkish Blackhawks and Cobra down courtesy of Uncle Bashir. Oh and last but not least, yes the Russians aren’t going to start WW3 to stop the U.S. from firing Tomahawks at Assad army targets so long as their own troops aren’t present, But the flip side is Uncle Sam can’t stop Russian bombers from bombing the crap out of team AlCIAeda moderate jihad either, Aesop. Who in case you hadn’t noticed, prior to this latest chemical false flag had been LOSING ground and losing badly since Aleppo.

      • 1) There is manifestly only one Tomahawk to fish out of the Med.
        The other 58 hit paydirt.
        As a result, the base was “operational” only in the sense that planes from other places could land on it or take off again.
        Unfortunately, it’s short of any ordnance, any repair parts, and damned little fuel or lubricants, and seems to be missing the entire SA-6 battery formerly protecting it. There also seems to be a lot of damage to the HAS parking spots, and quite a bit of FOD scattered around in semicircles around each of those shelters that looks suspiciously like all that remains of 22 Syrian jets, now rendered into kit form.
        So, other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

        2) The strike was not to protect any “moderate” allies. It was to drive the point home that any use of WMDs is out of bounds, and so, for that matter, are blatantly civilian targets. A distant but notable tertiary message was to put Iran and the Norks on notice re: their nuclear efforts, and the Chinese moving into disputed atolls.

        3) As I’ve already said, the fate of the opposition is another matter, and no notable part of the whys and wherefors of the strike.

        So thanks, James, but all that was either factually errant, or essentially a wasted diatribe to points not germane.

        • “Unfortunately, it’s short of any ordnance, any repair parts, and damned little fuel or lubricants” which al-CIA-moderate-aedas will be after the next Backfire raid sets them back before the Tiger forces and perhaps several thousand IRGC start moving toward Idlib. And while some gloated that the Russians didn’t retaliate militarily against the Turks when their jet got shot down, they forgot the Turks didn’t do anything when the Syrian Air Force — not even the Russians — bombed their troops illegally occupying northern Syria.

          “or essentially a wasted diatribe to points not germane.” I’d say the Russians pointing out our hypocrisy about dead beautiful Yemeni babies Saudis killing kids with double tap strikes made possible by HMG providing the bombs and Uncle Sam the tanker support is gonna be pretty damn germane now that some generals want Trump to get more deeply involved due the Kingdom’s troops and border guards tendency to run away the first Houthi mortar or ATGM strike.

          Oh yeah, and then there’s this:

          If the Syrians and Russians say the chems released at Deir Ez Zor came from Saudi and Turkey, do they get to put Kalibrs on the chemical plant citing the precedent we’ve set? Me thinks message sending and making proxies pay a price goes both ways. I for one wouldn’t want to be a NATO merc instructor in Mariupol, just to name one spot, hanging out with the Nazi LARPER SS rune flag wavers of the Azov Battalion and imagining that there aren’t plenty of locals reporting to the GRU where I eat, sleep, crap, drink and whore-fornicate. One SBU commander known for his enthusiasm at torturing ‘separatists’ got waxed with a car bomb the other day in Mariupol.

          But I will say, that the Russian and Chinese style is more subtle when they decide the time and place to retaliate. There’s a Chinese base at Djbouti across the Bab al Mandeb from Yemen in case you were wondering where those Nork/Iranian missile components the Houthis are using are coming from or how they manage to time the strikes to hit Saudi tarmac while they’re refueling or loading bombs or have a lot of troops gathered at particular bases (hello joint PLAN/GRU ELINT helping Yemenis kill more Saudis and blow more U.S/UK supplied shit up).

  2. So easy to be led down the pike of attempting to follow the real news. This is the one and only Alt Right reporting that stands against the other (all) opinion and news pieces I’ve been reading the past week. The one difference is, this one has teeth. It does get a little difficult sorting through the pics of emergency workers helping the wounded Sarin gas victims without protection; unless the workers were posting the pics to support the conspiracy theory, but I still do not see the benefit Assad received of using Sarin Gas when he appeared to be winning the fight up to that point. I will leave this for greater minds than mine to figure out.

  3. go over The Saker of the Vineyard to get a real BDA, and info on just how many TLAMS launched ACTUALLY reached the airfield.

    BTW, that photo posted shows pristine runways

    and if anyone thinks Vlad is leaving a strategic position about 500 miles away from Russia, they’re delusional at best, or just another mouthpiece for the Deep State. The Tartus base is going nowhere. ‘Solving” ISIS is easy … just hang the (((PNAC fuckers))) who’ve created the MENA shitstorm

    • BTW, that photo posted shows pristine runways

      Yes, OhioGuy, it shows pristine runways.
      Because it’s a pristine pre-strike photo, laying out the targets on the airfield.
      If you’d bothered to go to the linked site, you’d have seen the enhanced blow-ups of before and after, in detail.
      Linked one more time, for the really clever:

      You also would have noted that, not being idiots, we didn’t attack the gorram runways, like idiots think we do, because that tactic is asinine, and is fixed in about an hour’s sloppy work with a bulldozer, as anyone working at an airbase since 1915 could tell you. (The British, with Vulcan bombers, achieved four actual runway hits during the entire Falklands War.

      After tanking multiple Vulcan bombers 22 times to get one there, twice.
      You could look it up. “The raids did minimal damage to the runway…
      And that was 35 effing years ago, in 1982, the first time Brits had flown off to bomb airfields since 1945. Hence, they were a little rusty. And stupid.

      This is why you might have noticed during GWI, and OIF, we cleverly bombed the shit out of, not runways, but HAS (hardened aircraft shelters), fuel and oil storage points, maintenance/repair buildings, bomb dumps, AA sites etc., and totally avoided wasting trips to punch holes in sand and blacktop that take but a short time to repair. Exactly as happened in this strike. Hmm, almost like there’s a pre-planned targeting set for this sort of op. Who knew?

      Because when you ain’t got planes, avgas, bombs, spare parts, or any way to stop follow-up strikes, you ain’t got a squadron or an airbase anymore. You just have a short road to nowhere.

      The only thing better than that is lining the pilots up and shooting them, but we don’t have a cruise missile app for that, yet, and we were trying to minimize collateral damage this trip, clearly.

      Vlad will be leaving, if it comes to that, about five minutes after Assad’s carcass is cooling on the steps of his palace, or whenever his jet goes wheels up bound for the UAE, one step ahead of the howling mob.

      The Russians will not, by contrast, be hanging around to greet the folks their bossom buddy has been gleefully bombing, strafing, and gassing these past several years.

      We have some experience with this phenomenon.

      In any event, the point of this wasn’t to start a war with Russia, it was to emphasize that chem and bio weapons are just as verbotten as nukes are, even inside your own borders. Assad, less one squadron, has received that message. So has Putin. Iran and the Norks will take that lesson to heart too, or suffer for their lack of perspicacity, because wishy-washy HopeyDopey is no longer running our show.

      So for future reference, let’s assume that rather than have every screeching monkey in the jungle try to hand me my ass because that’s where I pull stuff from, that I’ve actually done my homework first before I drop something on the internet. Just for the helluvit, and based on, I dunno, a few solid years’ experience with the clueless poo flingers in their natural habitat.
      Folks who try using the ‘net as a resource, and not a shithill, will have a much more harmonious outcome. I posted the info because it’s info, which is something we can all use more of. When you analyze based on that, it’s a lot harder to f**k it up by the numbers, except for the ones everywhere who never met a clue they could assimilate.

      Here’s their sign:

      Don’t be That Guy.

      • God-I love your sarcasm, first thing in the afternoon! You sir are a commander, first class, with wit and facts. I would salute you, but I am just a respectful pain in the ass civilian. I do understand stuff a lot better when you explain it up close and personal. Thanks! 😉

        • maybe you weren’t here when Aesop wowed most of us with his erudition re the impending global Ebola epidemic. I and 2 or 3 others called BS. We were right. Aesop was wrong. He hid out for a few months, long enough for the egg to run off his face, then crawled back. This time, I think he’s wrong…but hope he’s right about a Russian backdown in Syria. Because if he’s wrong (again) most of the White population of the northern hemisphere is going to be killed in a nuclear war in the not-to-distant future. Essentially, Aesop assumes ultimate rationality on all sides. But all of human history suggests otherwise.

          • What are your thoughts on the nation of Israel?

            • if all, or mostly all Jews lived there…that would solve the JP – as the Zionists intended – and be a good thing. As presently constituted, only c. 1/3 of the Jews live there, while the rest are elsewhere…mostly in North America. Where they are playing a double-game: using America to keep Israel on the map (in case local politics ever turns against them) while, via the Universalist open borders Tikkun Olam + kosher Culture of death (abortion, porn, faggotry, feminism) they are killing the White birthrate and drowning the Whites in a rising tide of hostile, invasive color: Muslims, Mestizos, Blacks, etc. This is an impossible situation. Either the Tikkun Olam will fail and the Jews will be destroyed, or it will succeed and the Whites and their civilization will die. For the time being, thanks to the (((Central Bank)))-administered debtbuck purchase of sufficient consent, the Jews are winning…and never more so than now, with shabbatz goyTrump having taken off the mask. In this context, Israel’s real purpose may be to catalyze a nuclear war that will devastate all the remaining northern hemisphere White nations in one bright flash.

          • You were right about nothing regarding Ebola.
            Which, BTW, is now (still) endemic to West Africa, and all the so-called “survivors” the near-indisputable reservoir for further outbreaks.
            Because they’re evidently infectious indefinitely. Whoops. So much for lifetime immunity. Another expert guess goes up in flames.

            And in 2014, you were exactly two EV patients away from disaster (there was one open BL IV bed open), which was why HopeyDopey issued a news gag order when he did: don’t want to scare the shit out of people when the .gov has its pants around its ankles, do we?

            What you know about Ebola could be written inside a thimble, which is just slightly less than what the so-called “experts” know about it.
            Including, just for openers, where it came from, how it spreads, how widespread the last outbreak was, or why it petered out, since exactly 0% of the stated “necessary goals for containment” was ever reached, in any of the three affected countries.

            Which is exactly what they didn’t know before the last outbreak.
            They know jack and shit, IOW, which, is probably your forte as well.
            Best stay in your lane there, slick. You have nothing to cock-a-doodle-do about, and neither do your self-presumed betters at WHO or CDC.

            Except that you’re now perpetually where the virus was in early 2014 when it started to get out of hand, at about step 4 or 5 on the 31-doublings-to-adios stairway to oblivion. And if there’d been two Duncans instead of just one who could afford the air fare out, likely neither of us would be writing back and forth now.
            Because a beneficent creator, or the random hiccup of an uncaring universe, somehow lost interest in the game. That time.
            Sleep tight, cupcake.

            I also don’t assume rationality on all sides in this latest incident.
            I do assume Putin isn’t batshit crazy enough to stake Moscow as collateral for Damascus, if it comes to that, and faced with that, I suspect he would probably shoot Assad, or try him for crimes against humanity themselves for the brownie points, and then put another, less unstable puppet in his place, and try to calm things down afterwards.
            Time will tell whether that’s an option.

    • The Saker is simply FOS, and three days behind the curve as well, given BDA photos linked already, from Saturday last, that show multiple targets hit, far beyond the 23 the Soviets claimed. We got 23 hits on HASs; we got 35 more hits on everything else on the base.

      And he delves into the realm of the terminally stupid, by taking the CNN tack, and pointing out that runways which are never targeted by people who do this for a living, weren’t hit.

      Well, duh!
      He’s proven that Navy strike planners aren’t ignorant jackasses.
      Well played.

      And FFS people, stop getting your military knowledge from CNN.

  4. Fables
    Wishful thinking emoting.
    “Very high resolution imagery”? I think not.
    Even Gargle Airth is so much more detailed – to the point that a 4″ toilet vent stack is visible in image.

    Let’s recount FACTS, shall we?
    1) An allegation is made of a gas attack – yet no evidence of same.
    2) An allegation is made that Assad was instrumental in #1 – evidence?
    3) An allegation is made that Putin was complicit in #1 – evidence?
    4) An allegation is made that Assad & Putin were impotent in resisting the claimed airbase bombing – evidence?
    5) Airbase is in use, runways intact – here we’ll defer to the “high resolution imagery”
    6) Attacking A-stan worked out SO WELL that it will be done again, and again.

    WTF is wrong with these tards that only endless war based on lies will satisfy?

    There is NO CONCEIVABLE REASON for Assad to use WMDs – yet EVERY REASON for ISIS & other US/Saudi proxies to use same.


    D’you not recognize this is the same MO as when obozo was in? As with Bush, Clinton, Bush?

    Is there no memory, no ability to recognize repeating, unchanging patterns?

    • Google Earth has last year’s pics, genius, it’s not a live shot.
      And they buy them from people with actual satellites in orbit.
      You knew all that, right…?

      There is every reason for Assad to use WMDs, including the multiple prior documented uses of same.
      The only reason to assume he didn’t is your own bias.
      The evidence from multiple sources is all over the net; all you’ve got is the black helicopter tinfoil hatters in response.
      And for, oh, the tenth time or so, whether he did or didn’t doesn’t matter; the Tomahawk strike was real, and has real effects on Assad’s power, and the strength of the Syria-Russia alliance, thus it has effects on Putin’s power as well.
      They all lose.

      In case you missed it, we’ve had troops there for a year: HopeyDopey put them there already. And doubled down on them.

      This stuff moves fast.
      Try and keep up.

      • “Google Earth has last year’s pics, genius, it’s not a live shot.”
        Reading comprehension not your strong point?
        Your claim of high resolution image – it simply isn’t up to the standard of gargle airth – get it?


        Quoting the Neiu Yawk Times does not add to your credibility, nor do claims that there is “evidence from multiple sources is all over the net”.

        “Documented” simply means written about – it is not evidence of anything.

        I got it that you’re jes’ itchin’ tuh git yer shootin’ arns a’goin – I pray that cooler, reasoned minds prevail.

        Didya learn nothing from the past debacles?

        • Reading comprehension is fine.
          Just because you can find a higher resolution pic somewhere, doesn’t make the ones linked low resolution, now does it, bright light?
          Google gets to cherry-pick from a year’s worth, from multiple sources.
          Current BDA photos have to deal with a host of things, including military classification, and the current weather over the target.
          (Subtle Hint: Haze from burning buildings, aircraft, and POL sites, like right after a raid does tend top muck that up a bit. Of course, in your prior career as Chief BDA Analyst for the entire Air Force, you knew all that, right?)

          The reason someone doesn’t want a higher resolution shown is simply that there isn’t one readily available. (Cue Spooky Music and Sudden Brass Crescendo.) Because the intelligence shops have to deal with classification issues, and clearance, and not revealing sources and methods – which you knew all about from your time as SIGINT Chief at CIA, right?

          That’s why you get what you get. So deal with it.
          Don’t like it? Call Virgin, and launch your own satellite.
          Get back to us on that, sport.

          I quoted the NYSlimes because they were the first hits I got on months-old news (to you, evidently) that we’ve had troops – including a casualty – in Syria, going back oh, nine months.

          Nice of you to get up to speed only now.
          So…where was your bitching about this before the Tomahawk strike?

          So now, your pants are down, and clearly your whole gripe isn’t with the US mil in Syria, which you had 270 days to whine about; it’s with Trump winning at geopolitics, unlike his predecessor.

          Well played, sir. Fuck us for winning.

          And contrary to “itchin’ to git mah shootin’ arns a’goin”(sic), I’m glad he did it all without risking anything but the reliability of Raytheon’s parts assemblies and US Navy crew maintenance, while only expending some 34-year old missiles.

          Whether any further lessons are required remains to be seen, but the needle is probably loaded far more to the “Not” side of the dial, at the moment, mainly because we have a president who doesn’t think like you do.

          I’ma score that as a net plus for civilization.

          You do what you want.

          • “So…where was your bitching about this before the Tomahawk strike?”

            Translated :
            Ya didna complain about this afore it happened, why youse complainin now?

            I’m afraid your mental acuity, wit & surgical analysis is simply no match for me, Professore.


            You simply have not been paying attention, not surprising given the inordinate (singular, really) focus on your preposterous emissions. Really, you might consider getting out a bit more – turn off Faux Schnews, CNN, MSNBC & other sources of disinformation. That includes your beloved NYT by the way.

            Clearly you are receiving nothing of value there.

            • Your assumptions, like your conclusions, are 100% wrong.
              Blind chance via monkeys throwing darts would get you a better result on pure guessing.

          • Ha, you on winning. If you understood winning, you’d have stuck with your formidable knowledge and champion-level style. But no…you had to go with speculations and fantasized conclusions, thus snatching defeat from victory. Oh well, at least you proved that knowledge and style don’t require logic.

            • Right, Jim.
              Because you say so.
              Thanks for all the supporting facts that back up your…oh, wait, nevermind, you haven’t bothered with any of that, because you haven’t got it, apparently.

              But, you can still be the first on this block:
              Tell us all how this strike strengthened Assad, Putin, or the alliance between the two.
              Take all the time you need, and please, show your work.

    • FFS Aesop, stop drinking the koolaid and wake up and smell the dead Saudis and soon dead Turks. Russia doesn’t want a quagmire but neither is it going anywhere even assuming your fantasy of a Mossad’ing of the Assad. The reason is the Allawites and Syrian Christians now fighting the AlCIAeda you’re so proud of us protecting realize their only options are to run like hell to Europe (where they will not be accepted unlike muh Sunnis) or stand and fight lest they be mercilessly slaughtered by ‘our’ moderates.

      Closing the Bosporus is an act of war except for short stretches, but that won’t stop voentorg from around Gibraltar by way of the Baltic and Arctic fleets continuing. Recall that the US and British shipped quite a lot of Lend Lease aid to the USSR during WWII by way of Iran and the Caspian Sea, and since Shi’a dominated Iraq isn’t closing the overland route from Iran.

      The Saudis are good at sending their bravest young men and ‘ex’ special forces who grew beards to fight alongside Al Nusra and ISIS, not so great at preventing their own border from being crossed freely by qat chewing Zaidi Shia Houthis who are kicking the shit out of their pathetic KSA National Guard and mercs on the ground. Eventually, I rather suspect some of that desert camo armor and soldiery steaming to Aqaba gets diverted to trying to bail the fat lazy ass cowardly Sauds out in Houthi-stan.

      Iran has lousy infantry in Syria I’ll give you that, but quantity has a quality of its own if they decide to attack Idlib in force and make the Sultan decide if he wants Turkish infantry and tanks getting exposed (they were crap against the Daeshbags at Al Bab, but Aesop seldom pays attention to the military failures of ‘muh NATO’ allies) they can finally bring in their own S300 crews and together with the fresh Pantsirs…and make life a tad more interesting for the ‘invincible’ IAF, who couldn’t prevent the mighty IDF from leaving south Lebanon with their tails between their legs back in 2006. Oh and guess what Aesop, for the next round, the Hezzies will not only have Kornets but have learned some tricks or two about drone directed arty/Smerch cluster MLRS fire from their Polite People comrades?

      It’s precisely this sorta rah rah we’re invincible bullshit that’s going to get US-GCC into a sling in Syria.

      • 1) Moving the goalposts won’t help you. Nice try.
        2) If Assad goes because he’s ousted, or flees, Russia is out as well.
        They might shoot him and try another puppet, but I suspect they’d just be postponing the inevitable at that point.
        But do go on and tell us how their puppet support strategy worked out so well the last time they tried it – in Afghanistan in the 1980s.
        3) The rest of your rant has fuck-all to do with anything I wrote, even spotting you points for clairvoyance and imagination. I suspect the dog whistles you’re responding to would merit a good hearing check.
        4) Same offer I made the other Jimmie:
        Be the first on this block in the three days of dead silence on the question:
        Tell us all how this strike strengthened Assad, Putin, or the alliance between the two.
        Take all the time you need, and please, show your work.
        So far, you’re the likeliest candidate, and it’s a pretty simple and straightforward topic, as long as you stick to facts in evidence.

  5. All you need to know about Syria #1

    All you need to know about Syria #2

    All you need to know about Syria #3

    All you need to know about Syria #4

    All you need to know about Syria #5

    All you need to know about Syria #6

    All you need to know about Syria #7

    Never mind. This administration said this and that. And the administrations before this administration says this and that. So, we’ll just go with what this and that administration says… and all is good. Because really, they are not globalists and have no globalist aspirations. And Assad is Hitler. And gasses innocents… because it gets his rocks off.

    Or, you can always keep doing this:

  6. Right.
    Because Syria triumphant is so much better in the Mideast.
    And Putin, after multiple land grabs on former Soviet satellites, now with Mediterranean ports, is even more so.

    Why would we ever want to do anything to upset those applecarts so cheaply, when we could re-try the failed 1930s policy of utter isolationism.
    So that the world will just leave us alone. Like they do.

    With all that blood rushing to your head in that posture, one would be forgiven for assuming some thinking might occur.

    If Trump sends the 1st Armored Division into Syria to build a better nation, give a holler. I’ll join your march and subscribe to your newsletter.

    In the meantime, he’s punished a tyrant, given his regime a nudge towards the abyss, made Putin look like a pussy, and put three other threat nations on notice, for the cost of no American lives at risk, and less than 5 dozen aging cruise missiles, for some good Navy surface action live-fire training.

    Deal. Game. Set. Match.
    FFS, Reagan had to wait two years for the Libyans to bomb a disco to get this opportunity.

    • Evidence?

      We don’ need no steenkin’ evidence Why, it’s ALL OVER the ‘net!

      Assad & Putin? Why it’s a conspiracy I tells ya! They’s innit tuhgether!
      They’s gwynne takeover thuh whirled iff’n we let’s ’em!

      I see a bright, nuclear future for the fableMeister; perhaps a movie – the deep state as Accuser/Judge/Jury/Executioner, with fableMeister as the stalwart, unreachable unplacable prosecutor. Kinda like Les Miserables inspector meets the 3 Stooges in Neverworld.

      Really now – were you taken in by the Kuwaiti Nurse”testimony”? For reference: “Nayirah al-Ṣabaḥ during her testimony. It was later revealed that she was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States and that her testimony could not be verified”

      Were you on the attack Iraq (because 9/11!) war wagon?

      Did you breathlessly follow & applaud the daring-do of the Us stormtroopers after bad Noriega?

      Have you learned nothing in the past 30 years to demonstrate beyond question that your government will use every opportunity to promote invasion; and when opportunity does not exist it WILL be created.

      • I repeat: call me when Trump lands the 1st Armored Division to try and build a nation, and I’ll join your march and subscribe to your newsletter.
        Meantime, all you’ve written is a dog running around his yard, barking at jetliners in the landing pattern, and almost as coherent.
        Your assumptions have the same .000 batting average as your competitors, and zero relevance to the topic at issue. You aren’t even clever with ad hominem, but it’s all you bring to the table (besides tinfoil millinery).
        Your turn:
        Show the class how this strike strengthened Assad, Putin, and the alliance between the two.
        Take all the time you need, and please, show your work.

        Barking at rocks, and trying to eat them, and calling it “evidence” doesn’t count for this exercise. Neither does claiming that nothing is evidence, because space aliens stole Elvis to eat your brain and nuke the gay whales for Jesus.
        I realize that hamstrings your entire argument thus far, but the rules of logic are what they are.

    • LMFAO! Because Syria triumphant is so much better in the Mideast.
      And Putin, after multiple land grabs on former Soviet satellites, now with Mediterranean ports, is even more so.

      Anyhow, as the links provided above for those who wish to educate themselves on the matter. And, most people have got you figured out already Sop.

      And seriously? Putin a pussy because he let the other missiles hit its target, did minimal damage, aircraft were flying the next day, and Putin didn’t go all WWIII? You are brain-damaged dude.

      Seriously, you are still under your school desk hearing the “freedom bells” ringing… in your ears.

      • The links provided, as one might expect, have fuck-all to do with the issue under discussion. Not that it would slow you down or anything.
        Same point:
        Show the class how this strike strengthened Assad, Putin, and the alliance between the two.
        Take all the time you need, and please, show your work.

        Sorry to be so repetitive, but all you supergeniuses apparently have to be hand-held right to the schoolroom, handed the book, and have the lesson right under your nose before you can find it.

        Now prove to us you don’t know what the windows on the bus taste like:
        take a whack at the actual argument.
        I know it’s thinking and shit, but who knows, you might have an aptitude for it or something like.

    • #Winning by becoming Al-Qaeda’s air force. Right. And none of those TOWs the neocons have such a fetish for will end up getting fired at U.S. troops by the AlCIAeda who didn’t get the memo. And all the secular Sunnis, Allawites and Christians (you omitted them) fighting alongside the SAA and the Hezbollah who kicked the Israelis out of south Lebanon with their tails between their legs and got pretty damn good at killing Merkava drivers with Russian Kornets back in 2006 are just all gonna go home, because we fired a few dozen Tomahawks.

      Trump made Putin look like such a p—y because we’re gonna stop the next dozen Backfire raid that drops thermite bombs on muh moderate Sunnistan-aedas or two dozen Kalibrs that incinerate a buncha alCIAeda ammo dumps and hopefully, a few Saudi/Qatari special forces who ‘weren’t’ there? Nope. We won’t, for the same reason Putin won’t stop us from launching Tomahawks. And we can’t save muh Saudis from having to pull out of Yemen in humiliating defeat either, though whether Trump will be pressured into trying remains to be seen.

  7. “it felt weird” – yeap…

    Syria – False Flag or Not, War Is On The Table | McAlvany Commentary 2017

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  8. Samuel Culper

    Bravo to Aesop. Agree 100%. Russian counterclaims don’t add up. The truth is that the Russians were afraid to turn on their radar because the US would pick up ELINT/SIGINT targeting indicators for the next time. The Russians did NOTHING to prevent the attack because they likely couldn’t.

    Aesop and I don’t always eye to eye, but he pegs this one.

    • Thank you, Sam.

      We may reach different conclusions sometimes, but we don’t disagree about the process to reach them.
      Nor about the utility of emotion or rampant bias in the process.

      If somebody has more or better information on this, bring it out.
      But it has to be germane to this, not their pet cause, or some other wild nonsense.
      My prognosis is based on what I’ve seen; no more, no less.

      So far, the bulk of the comments wouldn’t have made the cut in 2nd grade playground disputes, and I haven’t seen a relevant fact from anyone at all.
      I give the Saker link half-credit, because at least he was talking about the strike in question, even though he missed it by a mile and 180 degrees out, based on available facts from days prior of which he was clearly wholly ignorant.

      That’s how it works, gang: bring the knowledge, change the product.
      Including mine. I’m easy that way.
      So far, no one even wants to step up to the plate, because they’re too busy straining so hard for the next homerun, that they forget to watch the ball.

      Assad is out 20 planes, 10 ammo bunkers, 7 fuel sites, 5 maintenance/repair shops, an entire SA-6 battery, and a partridge in a pear tree. Oh, and his whole tough-guy persona.
      That strengthens him…how?
      Tough guy Putin ran and hid, and watched Assad’s forces take it in the pants.
      That strengthens him…how?
      The two are nominal allies. This incident strengthens that alliance…how?
      Trump did all this, and told most of you, the MSM, Assad, and Putin, to get stuffed.
      This weakens him…how?
      {Bear in mind he has already received the full support of the Anglosphere, plus Germany, France (France, FFS! Who used to run Syria, and pisses on the US by reflex 8 days out of 7 since the 1950s!!), and multiple other countries.}
      So either make the case for your contrary position, sportsfans, staying inside the lines, and bring the reasoning; or, stay on the porch.

  9. Samuel Culper

    Oh, also — Saker usually puts out good stuff. He’s way off base on this one. If the Russians’ EW defeated the cruise missiles, we’d still be hearing about it.

    • “Oh, also — Saker usually puts out good stuff. He’s way off base on this one. If the Russians’ EW defeated the cruise missiles, we’d still be hearing about it.”

      Or the Russians haven’t had time to fish a dozen plus Tomahawks out of the Med near Tartus after their Krasukha jammers took them down.

      Yes the A2D2 for the Russian base at Kheimmim can be overwhelmed. So what? You know as August 2014 demonstrated that NATO can’t stop the Russians from firing for effect and incinerating a whole shitload of Ukies or say anything when Poles, Canucks and even U.S. observers bodies get pulled from the Mariupol CP, since NATO isn’t officially there right?

      Yes the U.S. has escalation dominance in Syria. It doesn’t have it in Bandera-Ukiestan. Me thinks Aesop’s fantasy of Trump being able to achieve what ‘team Wahhabi-Ziocon’ as Michael Daeshbag rooting Weiss and others want on the cheap with zero U.S. casualties is about to run into the reality that many of the AlCIAeda groups we’ve been arming can’t wait to kill American troops, if they weren’t fighting Assad. Including with some of those TOW missiles the GCC-bought and paid for traitorous scumbag Brennan sent them…

      • James, you’re making a counter-factual argument, for whatever point you think it makes.

        But let’s grant your premise: Russia jammed a shitload of Tomahawks, and only 23 got through, like they claimed.

        So now, please show the class, using open sources you can link to, how we destroyed 20 planes, and hit 58 widely separated targets, as the photos showed, with only those 23 Tomahawks.

        Do we now have a MIRV’ed Tomahawk?
        Has the Navy figured out how to pick up 23 7-10 spares?
        Was it the Great Pumpkin?
        Was it Iron Man and Captain America, or did we need the entire Marvel-verse?

        Your ball. Go for it.

  10. Grey Ghost

    Aesop didn’t believe much of what the Bamster .gov had to say and with good reason. Who did? Not many of us here. BUT now that the Trumpster is in charge and TLAM’s have flown we can believe the “new” McMaster/Petreus NSC and the pentagon. Hell, we all know the pentagon/CIA never lie as they are the paragon of truth and the American way especially when it comes to killing millions, spending trillions and yet never winning. Trump won’t win at killing either he doesn’t have the guts and I don’t GARA what his son Eric or his daughter Ivanka say.

    AND NOW, the coordination/deconfliction “phone line” between the U.S. and Russia in Syria has been “cut” by Putin. Some advice to the NY orange orangutan now inhabiting the Offal office and his neocon bootlicker Aesop… tread lightly because if you accidentally hit some Russian personnel or hardware in the future, then Gen Mattis recent bullshit claim that all is under control in Syria… just might not be so.

    Aesop’s yarn is just another neocon masturbatory fantasy… that Trump has Assad and Putin on the run with one TLAM attack and not enough boots on the ground to hold much of any ground. All the U.S. has succeeded in doing is poking the bear in the eye at point blank range with a dull stick. Trump is likely to get his ass flayed by a bear claw at that range.

    Good luck with all your sarcastic bluster as that really is the best way to convince and move people to your position in a debate or argument.

    • Assumes facts not in evidence, GG.
      1) My analysis is based on independent,, third party verification.
      Which shoots your “swallowing Team trump’s story” line of BS right in the ass.
      2) Not a neocon. (Sorry for your masturbatory fantasies. Try porn.)
      Shoots that “neocon bootlicker” line of BS right in the ass.
      (Dude, you’re running out of ass. Just saying.)
      3) Didn’t say Assad and Putin are “on the run.” I said they came out weak, and weakened, which doesn’t play well worldwide, or in the region in question. Perception is reality.
      Shoots that whole “neocon yarn” BS right in the ass.
      So it isn’t Trump’s ass you should be worried about.

      Good luck with that dearth of facts/endless ad hominems/total cluelessness about the argument, the situation, or reality as the best way to convince and move anything but your spleen.

      Same problem.
      Your turn:
      Explain how the strike strengthened Assad, Putin, and the alliance between the two.
      Take all the time you need, and please, show your work.