CMP To Receive 86,000 M1 Garands From The Philippines



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  1. Neat…
    But I don’t see the prices being less than “collector”.
    Still, somebody will enjoy, and maybe they’ll have enough ammo to let me fire off a “clip”.
    Been 10+ years since I “knew somebody” with a Garand…who actually fired it that is.

  2. If I’m reading “eligibility requirements” correctly, CMP has more hoops to jump through than the Feds. Just speaking for myself but I’m gonna pass just on that principal alone.

  3. Woo hoo.
    Do what you need to qualify for a CMP Garand now.

    There were only 6 1/4 million made, and the survivors should all be given a good home, back here in the US.
    As a bonus, they’re hell for tough, great for DRT terminal ballistics, as thousands of Zombie Good Krauts, Japs, Norks, Chicoms, and VC could attest, and they don’t look like eeeeevil Black Assault Rifles, while still providing a steady rate of semi-auto fire on anything that’s pissing you off.

    Something to consider for any future sportiness on your horizon.

  4. Just in time!

  5. HHH Old Vet.

    Yeah, been hearing /reading the rumors.

  6. Detroit III

    Pass. The S.Korean rilfes sucked.

    • As expected of rifles generally taller than the troops who toted them around for 40 years in sun and snow.
      We’ll soon see what refugee examples from the near-equatorial tropics look like.

      But there’s no shortage of new Winchester barrels, ample spare parts, and places like Fulton Armory, et al, who can turn even a dog into a solid shooter with possibilities of museum-grade not unreachable.

      And unlike the M-4geries we all adore, the M1 made the horizontal and vertical buttstrokes not just possible, but fun!

  7. Get one. Don’t worry about either bore condition or the -06 caliber. Then start fresh with a Wilson Arms 7.62 barrel, ream its gas port to .0396″ if it’s undersized. A DIY pillar bedding job will be real helpful. If internal parts are worn, search out Beretta (PB stamp) replacements, they tend to run a bit large. If a person gets the mag group timing just right via judicious parts swapping, an M1 will practically suck in an enbloc.

  8. No doubt they will be priced to reflect their appeal…

  9. +1 for the Trump regime. He’s up to “3” on a scale of 100.

  10. SemperFi, 0321

    I worked with the Filipino Marine Corps in ’73 in Subic Bay, they had just come from the jungle down south in Mindoro, fighting the Huks. No two guys had the same uniforms or weapons (looked like VN CIDG), and those M-1’s looked like they also came from the ARVN’s, beat to shit! They looked like actual WW2 battlefield pickups
    They were still using .30 Browning MG’s too. Some of our older Marines went over to reminisce over those old guns.
    We went across the bay for live fire practice and loaned them our 106mm RR sights, they were boresighting theirs and just firing them like that, no sights!

  11. robroysimmons

    Probably a decent choice in the slave states, I love mine, it’s not my go to war rifle though

  12. Truth Corps

    It’s a shame the CMP sold out of all that wonderful Armor Piercing ammo for the Garand over 5 years ago. What’s that? You missed that boat too? Damn.

    • I am sure it was all sold for collections to be framed on the wall.

      • Xavier Xelente

        Not all of it…

        My shooter is a 1955 Harrington & Richards with an LMR barrel that came from the CMP a handful of years ago. I can hit man sized targets at 300 yards with irons. I may have a few K of the black tip to go with it. It’s not the only rifle in my safe, and maybe not the first one I’d grab in many situations, but it certainly is a formidable weapon.

  13. robroysimmons


  14. Detroit III

    SKS has superior EVERYTHING about it. Ammo cheap, more firepower.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      An SKS beats the pants off an M-1 carbine, but not an M-1 rifle, not even close.
      Accuracy and energy are far superior on an M-1.

    • TheAlaskan

      Bull !

    • “SKS has superior EVERYTHING about it…” For a gun to have propped up against the wall by you in the house or in the trunk of your vehicle, yes. The SKS is a handy ten shot carbine type rifle that fires a powerful but not too powerful cartridge that would be very good for urban (or heavy brush) areas. However, the 7.62×39 is not a better round than the 30-06 / .308 for a rifleman’s battle rifle (which is what I think they are talking about here). Plus it seems they are going for around 500 these days so they are not as affordable as they once were.

    • That assertion does not measure up to facts in ballistics, effective range, field sustainability, operator maintenance and repair, speed of reloading, or anything else off the top of my head, but, you’re welcome to have all the SKS’s you’d like IMHO (formed from formal schooling in Eastern Bloc Weapons at 7th ATC, Grafenwhoehr, FRG, mid 80’s).

      I’ll stick with better choices, thanks!

    • LoL, No. Nothin funnier than a gunshow “expert” bloviating…..

  15. The Usual Suspect

    Obsolete in the worlds armories the M1 is still a fine choice for
    the stalwart rural rifleman who believes he is on his own when
    hostilities eventually begin in this country.

    When employed by trained rifleman it is a fearsome weapon that
    turns many kinds of cover into mere concealment.
    It is accurate, powerful, and reliable in the extreme.

    It is however a tool for riflemen, and while America still has many
    rifleman, many can no longer see well enough to utilize it’s simple,
    reliable sights.

    Garand’s do not lend themselves to being mounted with scopes
    for the most part, there is a provision for mounting a long eye relief
    scope in a mount that replaces the upper hand guard, but it is not
    an optimal solution.

    Trained riflemen can accurately engage man sized targets to 600
    yards with a high probability of 1st round hits on stationary targets
    from a stable low prone position.

    This also puts the rifleman beyond the probable engagement range
    of the multitudes who favor the 5.56, 5.45, 7.62×39 platforms.
    Surplus M2 ball ammunition is plentiful and still manufactured and
    imported from Serbia.

    While I prefer the original chambering many Garand’s are chambered
    in 7.62 Nato and it serves the platform very well.
    Sights must be calibrated to this essentially reduced load to preform
    at extended range.

    All in all I would not feel underarmed with this obsolete firearm at all.

  16. I have cornered the market on the Holbrook device. Soon I will be a tycoon.

  17. My Garand. I call it Elvin Bishop. It ain’t good lookin’ but it sure can sing.

  18. Get off of my lawn.

    Thanks for the commentary, CA.

  19. The Usual Suspect

    Anyone notice that the GI firing the Garand in illustration is not
    a thumb crosser ?