Fred: Getting What We Really Don’t Want

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  1. I honestly could not finish reading the entire article. Did he ever get around to noting that the left (methinks his side of the isle) is ALREADY deeply and violently authoritarian?

    • The point was not about who is in favor of authoritarianism, it’s about who-all will soon be in favor because, chaos, fear, repressed anger, ‘diversity’ overload, outrages of all kinds, breakdown of civility, etc.

      Might want to read a whole post before commenting…..?

      • Yes, well, not quite…
        “government prevents both discussion and remedy”

        No sane person, in an era where government is the problem, wants “authoritarianism”, as that is giving government MORE power, not less. Fred makes the point (that government IS the problem) but then fails to diagnose it. Curious.

        Of course the left is rabidly authoritarian; the left are communists, and that is what they do. The right wants to be authoritarian (more than they already are). Most of the evils are leftist excesses (PC, SJW’s, BLM, anti free speech, antifa, etc) but not all of them; until recently, the realm of empire and militarism was almost exclusively the domain of the right. It is all openly merging into corporatism, neo-feudalism, call it what you will.

        Remember who the enemy is. The purpose of government is looting.

  2. Finally, the real Fred Reed is back. That’s a lot more like it.

    Key phrase: cerebrocolonic congruence. Describes more than just the journojizzyalists he was referring to.

    Across the board-rooms of power, everywhere.

  3. “cerebrocolonic congruence.” made the whole article worth the read.

  4. “Authoritarian solutions are ugly, but appeal when there are no others, when governments allow no others”.

    The blame for murkas troubles lays squarely on the depravity of murkan politicians, courts, and the poLICE.


    To believe otherwise demonstrates the depth of stupidity of the population. The only way forward is to throw off the yoke of this corrupt gubbermint and re-establish a system of fair and just treatment for all.

    • Sir, I disagree. The blame for the ‘murkas troubles’ does not lay squarely on who you say but rather the complete apathy of the citizens and their willingness to be ‘lead’ by those placed (by again the citizens) in power. Those in power (of whatever nature) are only a reflection of the lack of involvement of the great mass’ ‘out there’. All this was preventable …..

      • bah.

        TPTB would have usurped the levers of power by hook or by crook. turns out, they employed both hook AND crook.

  5. Not a question of ‘if’ but just a question of ‘when’. Although it appears there has been a long run up, seems to me the bus went over the edge in 2008 when everything became glaring apparent (for all to see) with the ‘financial crises’: the free fall has only picked up speed since then. While some hope for the great die off (which one way or another will probably happen), it will be interesting in a morbid way to seen how the world as a whole crumbles – a spectacular show in a perverse kind of way for sure ………..

  6. Not a bad read & pragmatic. It’s beyond obvious.

    Ya think ?

    The Kalergi Plan: The real reason that the European Union is so hostile to Donald Trump

    The Kalergi Plan

    One of the intellectual founding fathers of the European Union, the Austrian diplomat and Freemason Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi outlined his plans for the overall future implications of the EU in his book ‘Practical Idealism’. Looking back at this text many years after it was initially penned by Kalergi it is interesting to note how many of his peculiar and often disturbing plans might be coming to fruition in contemporary Europe.

    Kalergi described his dreams for a One World Government with its foundations in the European Union. He hoped that the European project would go on to become the blueprint for a society run entirely by the global elite over a completely powerless population. He wrote that he wished to see the end of national sovereignty and self-determination and he believed that nationalism, and indeed the very concept of nations, could be demolished through multi-culturalism. He wrote that a society that was racially and ethnically diverse was one which was easily controllable by the political elite.

    According to Kalegri, a diverse and multi-cultural people were easy to control as they had no common identity to rally behind in the event of a political crisis. In addition to that, a diverse population would be easy to conquer by the means of divide and rule. The newly arrived immigrants would be pitted against the native people with both sides believing that they were a persecuted minority languishing under a system of law that was rigged against their favour.

    Over the years, the European Union has gradually eroded aspects of national sovereignty for nation states, often making national law subordinate to that decided by unelected figures at the head of the international organisation. There has also been a concerted attempt to chip away at nationalist sentiments and nation-orientated social projects by such policy decisions as freedom of movement and Angela Merkel’s open door policy towards Syrian refugees.

    While Kalergi’s text might seem to be a relic of a more authoritarian and intellectually warped era, it is notable that he is still celebrated and honoured among key members of the European Union today. The Kalergi prize, otherwise known as the Charlemagne Prize, was created in his honour to be awarded to European figures who have helped to promote his plan. Among those awarded this prize in recent years are Angela Merkel, Herman Van Rompuy (the former Prime Minister of Belgium and first President of the European Council) and Pope Francis.

    The fact that Kalergi is still apparently alive in the minds of many prominent Europeans has led to the suggestion that this is what lies at the obvious antipathy towards the president-elect Donald Trump by European leaders. Kalergi hoped that the United States would be the next region to fall under the One World Government he envisaged and perhaps many people still nourished that dream until his shock election last year. Trump has proven himself to be openly hostile to the idea of multiculturalism and further immigration to the United States, in stark contrast to any of his recent predecessors. He has also preached an isolationist foreign policy and appears to be drawing the lines of the classic nation state in much darker shades than previous presidents. Perhaps it is the case that he is seen as a potential fly in the ointment when it comes to pursuing Kalergi’s bizarre plan for world domination.

    Things are not what they seem & could get more interesting as the Political Landscape & Terra Firma is fluid dynamic & evolving no doubt..

    Former president Ahmadinejad registers for presidential election

    Former vice president registers for presidential election

    Syncretism (aka multi-culturalism) used by the Roman Catholic Church & it’s numerous prior attempts in history to rule the planet via various methods – campaigns – edict’s – cohorts – governments (aka Spain – UK – Monroe Doctrine – Manifest Destiny – Great Game in Asia) – Sir Halford Mackinder’s Geographical Pivot of History – PNAC – Oded Yinon Plan, Report From Iron Mountian – The Learned Elders of Zion et al etc.) or whatever the PTB can get from any of those is at stake in this end game frenzy we are seeing manifest. Hitler tried the same crap as well & got double crossed several ways.

    Bonus material:

    The Kalergi Plan

    Coudenhove Kalergi Plan For White Genocide


  7. Interesting article. Is authoritative rule the endgame of the left’s agenda? Will angry people everywhere seek to elevate the authoritative ruler as the solution to society’s problems?

  8. The schwacking & fun continues
    Terrorists assassinate IRGC commander southeast Iran

  9. “Much as Yugoslavia needed a Tito to keep the peace by force, so may the US.”

    That solution won’t last long.

    In the meantime the US populace is only concerned that the Internet keep running.


      GS: True. They are not only concerned that the internet keeps running but that the debtbuck freebies keep flowing and their iPhones and Smartphones keep working. They must be kept occupied with games and other mindless trivial pursuits. Keep prepping. They eye of the storm has reached landfall. There is not much time left to get all in order before our descent into the Maelstrom. Bleib ubrig.