Kim Jong Un Takes Command Of Nork Navy

Earl has the details.

All rise:

10 responses to “Kim Jong Un Takes Command Of Nork Navy

  1. The Earl is a propaganda demigod.

    Ask for Kim Dum Goof:
    That’ll end well.

    “He’s so ronery…”

  2. Update: VOA says Norks say they have nuke in a tunnel, Gagnam style!

  3. “HOT HOT North Korea Orders Foreign Journalists “Be Ready to Move Out” at 6:20am Tomorrow”

  4. let’s just let the Nork & Sork dog-eaters annihilate each other. I’m losing count of how many wars that bloated ZOGster in the WH is blundering into.


      But, but, what will all the Hyundai and KIA owners do when they cannot get spare parts anymore?!

  5. They won’t win against us but the NK subs are still to be taken seriously.

  6. Diesel electric submarines are very quiet. Bet you could fit a nuke down the torpedo loading hatch real easy. A Motivated crew and a LITTLE luck and you just never know how things could turn out.

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