“The Crescent Must Always Be Over The Cross”

Team Mo is serious and has a desired end state.

Outside of the Visograd alliance, does anybody in the West bring the same level of play?

10 responses to ““The Crescent Must Always Be Over The Cross”

  1. They’ve always been serious.
    Deranged and homicidal, but serious.

    But Facebook Fatima there has probably already skated over the line regarding advocating violence and terrorism, and should probably be posting her next video upside down in a tank of water, either from Gitmo, or some out-of-country enhanced interrogation site.

    Pour encourager les autres.

  2. Here’s something to ponder – Why does “our” government not give Jihadi compounds in America, the same consideration it gave the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX?

    • Randolph Scott

      because our government has its collective head up their asses and the ass has diarrhea.

      And the fucking crescent should always be tossed into the pig pen so that pigs can shit on it.

  3. POd American

    I have an honest question after looking at the flag: Was the entire Arabic script based on snakes and phallic symbols???

  4. They can go and EFD – Eat a Flag of Dicks.

  5. Excellent point about Branch Davidians. So much for equality…