To Absurdity and Beyond

Porter shakes his head in dismay.


15 responses to “To Absurdity and Beyond

  1. How easily the media knobs are fooled. Or do they think we are dupes? (answer: yes)

    White House Lays Out Evidence That Syria Was Behind Deadly Chemical Attack

    Read more:

  2. And then, there’s this…

    Chemical attack has all the hallmarks of a false flag

    Who ya gonna believe? Sheesh…

    • Well, in a contest between believing Alex Jones, or Anybody, Anybody wins that one every time.

      • In a contest between believing Alex Jones government sources, or Anybody, Anybody wins that one every time.

        USG has been consistently deceiving the US into war since at least the Mexican-American War.

        • “Remember the Maine!” (coal dust explosion, not Spaniards)

          “Remember the Lusitania!” (floating bomb with human shield, arranged by Churchill))

          “Remember Pearl Harbor!” (reaction to Churchill/FDR/DC Reds cut-off of Japan’s trade and oil supply)

          “Remember Tonkin Gulf! (brazen lie; NV navy “attack” that never happened)

          “Remember the babies tossed ouit of hospital windows!” (Kuwait, more lies)

          “Remember 9/11!” (conceptualized/ordered by Bush43 (((neo-conz))), formatted by Saudi/Israel intel, carried out(?) by Jihadi dupes)

          “remember the babies of wherever!” (the latest Zion-scam)

  3. Did I not say trump is senile? and his kids are retarded?


  4. Please!
    We all need to quiet our “hearts and minds” until the well-read, learned, wise and greatly experienced “Aesop” arrives to clarify these matters for us!
    Don’t worry. We shall be advised as to how important it is to “destroy the village in order to save it.”

    • he’s so smart- he still has to work…

      ha ha

      • Said mighty fRed o’ thaNorth, from his luxurious island hideaway.

        If you really moved and shaked, tiny man, you wouldn’t be here with all us commoners. Instead you allegedly choose to…. that math doesn’t come out correct.

        You’re broadcasting from some dumpy old rv at rural Cousinwife, Ohio. Population 26 3/4 , because of those extra few chromosomes that snuck in.

        • FAIL!

          being wrong ALL THE TIME has consequences.

          and this is why so many will slave their entire lives and never make headway…

    • Scroll up, smart guy. You were wrong four days ago.
      That sting in the back of your head is pride slapping you.
      The sting in the front is your nose on the pavement after tripping over your pants around your ankles.

      Gainsay it all you like.

  5. Eric Trump said his father was not intimidated by President Putin’s talk of war, and there would be “no-one harder” than President Trump if they “cross us”.

    Really? Because both of them are going to pick up rifles and go on patrol?

    Oh, right. For a minute there, I actually forgot that they want MY kids to die for them. How about…NO?

  6. Right “Aesop”, you fatuous loser.

    The pavements all yours. I’ve got thirty miles of Rocky Mountain rock and dirt roads between myself and the first bit of black asphalt you kiss every day. Owning a good piece of dirt with power from two Harris Hydroelectric units and a herd of livestock is my kind of living, You keep on having fun down there in mommy’s basement. And do enjoy the two minutes of yourself in front of the bathroom mirror while singing “Imaginary Lover” to an audience of one.

  7. Good to see the thundering douchebaggery hasn’t abated. Do continue “gentlemen”……