William Norman Grigg, RIP

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He was a good one.


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  1. Yes, this is sad news indeed.

  2. Every day is a gift. RIP.

  3. One of those who gave the lie to some of the biggest lies of all.

    OuR Honored Departed, R.I.P. with the gratiude of your grateful beneficiaries.

  4. outlawpatriot

    Wow! That’s a shame. Only 54. I’m gonna be 65 in a few days. Makes ya count blessings it does. 🙂

  5. This is a great loss to the struggle for freedom and liberty. The man was fearless.

  6. RIP, William; a genuine American patriot and fearless warrior for liberty, for many years. He was a “friend” on FB when I was still on it years ago; a great intellect and a good soul, who had several burdens to bear. Also a damn good guitarist. He checked out way too early and he’ll be sorely missed.

  7. the gubbermint killed him.

  8. Detroit III


  9. A man who had much worthwhile to say. And said it. Godspeed.

  10. He was a HUGE thorn in the side of abusive apparatchiks…Especially in his home state of Idaho.. he was a good man. Makes one wonder see if he died from natural causes or if he was who with one of those CIA ” heart attack” guns.

  11. Jesse Bogan

    Well, shit. RIP

    • Jack Crabb

      Yup. That sums it up perfectly, Jesse. Exactly my reaction. I made him a regular only a few months ago. My loss.

      RIP Mr. Grigg.

  12. Godspeed to this great spokesman for truth and freedom…

  13. NorthGunner

    This is truly sad news,
    54 is definitely too young to depart.
    I agree with others here who wonder if he
    wasn’t ‘helped along’..wouldn’t be the first time.

    RIP, you’ve earned it and more!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

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    I came to know Will Grigg through his visits to Patriot’s Lament (Saturday mornings on KFAR 660, here in Fairbanks Alaska). I enjoyed his commentary from a libertarian perspective. I’m sorry to hear he has passed and wish his family well. His website Pro-Liberate is worthy of a visit.

  15. Hardcore46

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Grigg, and introducing him as the keynote speaker at a JBS event many years ago. He was a great thinker, speaker, and author.

  16. He did good work. RIP

  17. Grigg was a stone-cold bad-ass, and an artist with words. The way he skewered cops and other government filth was legendary. He was an inspiration, and will be sorely missed.

    Rest in peace.

  18. He had’nt updated his blog in a month. I figured something was up. I imagine the Idaho criminal justice system is in full party mode without Mr. Grigg to shine a light on their activities.

  19. Damn…….He was one of a kind, and will be missed.

  20. Grenadier1

    He will be missed. I read his page every update he made.
    He shone a light on a lot of the bullshit that LEO’s were doing in Rawles land.

  21. And so we mark the loss of another guardian of liberty. Sad day.

  22. If this country gets pulled out of the toilet, history will mark Mr. Grigg as one of the real heroes and true patriots who did the heavy lifting. Even if it doesn’t – and there is no history – thanks to his efforts, some will still know the truth.

    Requiescat in pace

  23. A true champion of liberty, a courageous writer and challenger of .gov overstepping.
    R.I.P., Will.

  24. Will and I had some discussions on Facebook, even if we disagreed, he forced one to think.

    He will be missed.

    Memory eternal.

  25. There is a Go Fund Me page for his family. Reading the story there I would assume he was hospitalized for sepsis which attacked his heart causing the heart attack that killed him.

  26. “If this country gets pulled out of the toilet…”

    Tall order. Maybe something more realistic is called for, something anyone can do…like pull oneself out of the toilet. That’s not directed at you, but the principle. Striving to be the better tyrant, which like it or not is the goal of most commenters here, is a stupid goal. Thank goodness it’s unachievable.

    • Good point Jim, and I’ll add to it by suggesting to *disassociate* from the toilet in all ways.

      Most people though are connected at the umbilical and the brain stem so it’s a tall order.

      There really is no other way.

      The *system* was flawed from the beginning and destined to fail all along.

      The cycle is almost complete.

    • “something anyone can do…like pull oneself out of the toilet”

      Sorry, I left out a line. “Will Grigg did.”

    • Point taken, and I hesitated over it before making my comment. Still, I think there is a sense in which country is a valid concept. Search on “to respect their freedom and to take no part in a slave society” (with the quotes).

  27. Visited Griggs site. Lots of archived radio shows too.
    Do yourselves a service you all, and use due diligence
    on Ionic Magnesium. Cardiovascular benefits are a good
    step up.

    RIP Will Grigg, and peace to his family & friends.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  28. William Munny

    Very, very sad news. An always entertaining writer, a steadfast champion of liberty and tireless exposer of state corruption.
    We will miss him and remember him.

  29. Leviathan breathes a sigh of relief.