Herschel: Problems And Solutions In Rifle Caliber & Training

Worth the time.

Learning how to shoot your rifle at rifle distances is also a good use of your time.

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  1. SemperFi, 0321

    I’m still a big believer in the 200, 300, and 500 yd KD (known distance) course, or NRA Highpower shooting with open iron sights (out to 600 yds).
    Until you can consistently score long range hits and accurately call your shots, you really don’t know how to shoot. Anything else is just plinking.
    Learning the basics of long range shooting is necessary for good marksmanship skills, then move on to the short range combat courses and carbine use.

    I started out just like that picture, a 15 yr old kid on a USMC range in 1969 with an M-1 rifle (US Naval Sea Cadet), spent some time on a USN range with the 7.62 M-1 and then moved on to the M-14 in USMC boot camp. I was still shooting the M-14 a decade ago in NRA Highpower and am grateful for all those yrs of shooting full power military rifles.

    • Gospel.

    • Word.

      Learn to shoot your rifle.
      Learn to shoot your rifle accurately.
      Learn to shoot your rifle accurately at range.

      If you’re guessing at 200-300 yards, because all you learned was you BZO, you’re not a rifleman, you’re a musketeer, which is only two letters away from being a mouseketeer.

      Stop Mickey Mousing it, and learn to make your weapon perform to its capabilities. Enforcing your will on someone at 500y minimum isn’t just fun, it’s self-preservation.

  2. I would very much like to know what’s in those 5.56 rounds the mystery write referenced that get issued to spec ops guys. Bullet weight and details, velocity, etc.
    Excellent article!

  3. The smudge pot in top pic (if memory of the name is correct) brings
    back memories. The ones in the rifle range in 77′ where different though.

    • POd American

      It’s really a carbide miners lamp, if the flame is improperly adjusted they put out a very nasty, orfice clogging, black soot.

      • Thank you POdAmerican, that black soot sure helped
        keep the front sight post clear and sharp!
        Hee… also helped keep shooting hand & finger warm in winter 🙂

        • SemperFi, 0321

          I seem to remember at Edson Range in ’72 we had those big bowling ball smudge pots like the old highway crews used.
          Later on I went to the small cans of spray-on Birchwood Casey sight black they sold at the PX.

          • SF,0321, your right, I think they where round in shape.
            Have a scope mounted “reefle” that has clearance space underneath
            to use the steel sights. Good idea.

            Hope all is building up & mending SF-0321

            Legs out….

            • SemperFi, 0321

              Thanks, all is well.
              Have done several 6-7 mile hikes with 20-30 lb pack recently, all in very steep terrain. Knees are mending fine.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Roger, Paulo! That smudge pot looks to be an old-time coal miner’s carbide lamp that they wore on their helmets in the mines. BTW, notice the great shape that shooter’s gas cylinder is in as well as the telltale signs of bedding the receiver, with those little light “squiggles” showing ‘tween the receiver and the stock.

      In my youth, I was fortunate to be a member of the Alliance, OH Rifle Club, one of the very few 300-600-1,000 yards rifle ranges around where I earned my CMP Garand, and as stated below, humility and eater of crow pie.

      Quick story–one early Saturday morning during our competitive Ohio-Penn Challenge Meet, a few beat up old pickup trucks from WV pulled up with a bunch of friendly guys with M1 Garands who asked: “Any room on the line for some Mountaineer shooters?” Hell yes, we said. (Heh-heh! we Ohio and Pennsylvania boys were sure going to show these WV guys how to shoot.)

      And without so much as spotters for our newcomers, the match started. BOTTOM LINE: Those WV marksmen SHOT THE PANTS OFF US ALL! They happily took their verified scorecards, thanked us profusely, and jumped back into their rigs for the 3-4 hour ride back home–smiling all the way!

      Moral: Beware the man with one rifle–he sure as hell knows how to use it.

      • C_C, Used to camp on a Forest Service campground on
        Bartow WV. At times would take off and ride around off
        into the roads and admire the scenery and mingle with
        the locals. Would not like to piss anyone off though.
        One night during a fierce thunder storm, got into the custom
        van and slept in, and during the night, my young son and I
        heard some rattling inside which happened to be a small bat!
        My son had his Springfield .22 bolt rifle, which I passed on to
        him, and I had my HK-45 (sold it during hard times) in case
        any bears would come around (never saw one though). We
        let the little bat go when the sun came up (fugly little greasy slimy
        thing too).
        As far as deers, counted about 160 while traveling from
        White Sulfur Springs to Bartow!
        Point observed – Tough people in them back mountains!

        C_C… you are a lucky man. Count your blessings!!
        Beautiful land!

  4. WORD.
    Plan on winning by surviving.
    “Die politische Macht wächst aus dem Fass einer Pistole.”

  5. The Usual Suspect

    I believe he is referencing the 77gr. Sierra Match Kings w/polymer
    tip that are considered voodoo death makers.

  6. What’s the second pic for? Plan of action?

  7. SemperFido

    The gear they are wearing in the drawing is from right after my time frame. Lebanon perhaps?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      When did they start issuing the M9 Beretta? That’s the newest piece of gear visible.
      And it’s only a drawing, figment of someone’s imagination.

      • Foam filled pillows absolutely suck as a rest.
        Too much bounce that will amplify breathing movements.

        You want something that will compress and not bounce back to its original shape.
        Back off a bit and close the damn curtains.
        Good chance the muzzle blast will shatter the rest of the plate glass.

    • Grenadier1

      I was thinking Panama.

  8. robroysimmons

    For shits and giggles and in case I come across a 249 laying around what are the standards for a bad ass SAW gunner?

    • Plenty of guts, cool under fire and able to lay down lead suppression a plenty, while actually hitting the ‘targets.’ Oh and, hump the load….

      • Yeah, hump the load. I was an 11B machine gunner, M60 and M240. Humping the pig is all hoo’ah hoo’ah. The piglet is for point targets out to 600+ metres.

    • I am a BAR aficionado.M1918. I shot a Colt Monitor and got the bug.Heavy and lethal.The SAW replaced the BAR.A Saw operator is usually a large strong guy who can carry the load. Kirby(Jack Hogan) was the BAR operator on Combat.I blame it all on him.