Hillary, Sarin, And Syria

Perfect together, in an article by longtime muckraker Seymour Hersh.

Any bets that any of this backstory makes the current narrative?

Me neither.

15 responses to “Hillary, Sarin, And Syria

  1. “Any bets that any of this backstory makes the current narrative?”

    Given recent history of those things which hiligula has been accused but not investigated it seems likely that this would “prove” to useful idiots that Syria did have gas. And of course the ensuing illogical leap that Assad used same.

    A little too tidy, the above story, a purposeful “leak” perhaps?

    Benghazi didn’t stick, emails either.

  2. Hash: 1% signal, 99% noise.

    Not that there’s anything too low to lay at Shrillary’s feet, nor anything pro-jihadi that Obozo wasn’t/isn’t in favor of, especially if it harms US long-term interests. One need look no farther afield than A-stan, Iraq, Egypt, or Libya to see what eight years of shit-show defense and foreign policy (and I use the term loosely) have wrought. Dubbya had his moments,pro and con, but Obozo, Shrills, and Lurch set us back decades, everywhere from Morocco to Pakistan. By design.

    The camel dung doesn’t land far from the hitching rail of the madrassa.

    • looks like the Nork half of Aesop’s theory might get a hard test this weekend. My own prediction: IF Trump hits NK, NK will hit the Sorks with everything its got. And McMaster is pushing for 50,000 US troops in eastern Syria…to herd ISIS westward toward Damascus. If Aesop is wrong about Putin’s reaction…that means proximate war with Russia too.

      we’d have been better off with Aesop’s fabled Ebola pandemic. Maybe it would killed (((Kushner))), Trump, and the rest of the (((warmongers))).

      • If McMaster is indeed pushing for that, he’s a jackass of monumental proportion. And if he acquiesces to that folly, Trump will fulfill all the worst prophecies about him. Including mine.

        Neither of which undoes anything I’ve said to date.

        Give a holler, when it happens.
        Your respite for preps could be over sooner than 2024, or 2020.

        Re: Ebola, cock-a-doodle dooing because the epidemic missed you by a whisker is fool’s bravado, in a sticking your face in front of the onrushing train way.
        Funny when you win, even funnier when you fail, and it’s on YouTube.
        Carry on, supergenius.

  3. …just read Ann Elizabeth’s latest. Bullseye.

  4. The globalist NWO marches on, and it won’t stop. The whole ME/Persia must become one religious/cultural/economic unit among the units. Sunni/Wahhabism will keep that one unit in line.

    Watch Damascus. Watch the Sunni Arab Coalition. Watch Turkey.

  5. Phlogiston

    “The Strategic Culture Foundation is a Moscow-based…”

    Your slip is showing.

  6. God damn us all

  7. The guts of this story are the two links to the original stories by Seymour Hersh that were published in late 2013 and early 2014. What they show was that the USA was working at provisioning Sarin gas to “the rebels” in Syria. Hersch published these because he thought the Obama narrative and plan for war was based on a lie.

    Did the Deep State just re-run the Obama-era gas attack play, and get the outcome that they wanted (but Obama caved on giving them?). That seems to be the implication of Hersch’s story – although he hasn’t made it explicit.

    He did recently write another article castigating the press for going on in on the Russia story given the very thin evidence. (The Intercept is the new paper that Glenn Greenwald started post-Snowden, I believe.)


    Whatever you think, simple answers are probably wrong.

  8. #1. Trumps cabinet and advisors are more Kosher than a Brooklyn Delicatessen.
    2. Read and then understand the content of Hersh’s piece as clearly as you possibly can. Let the contents sink in deeply and understand how psychologically depraved those are who act in your name. On the international level nothing of substance changed on November 8th and if anything, became far worse. You will find yourself disappointed as to what happens on the domestic front as well, though you will be tossed a bone to chew on here and again to keep your hopes up. You will be pet now and again, get your ears scratched and told that you are a “good dog” just to keep you “loyal.” That’s all. Understand that right now we’re just on the flip-side of the same album that we’ve been listening to for decades. In spite of what you think, “The Song Remains the Same.”

    Anyone on television and/or the press however delivered who states that the Assad Government “gassed their own citizens” is a damn liar.


    I don’t care if it’s someone you worship. I do not care if it’s your favorite(s) Fox News host who you blindly trust so much you would leave your children with him even if he was a known pedophile or your wife with him if even if he was a known adulterous lecher. I do not care if you love and trust the androgynous hosts on P.B.S. or N.P.R. or enjoy being titillated by the reviled if conservative but now considered credible neo-“Conspiracy Theory” dolts on MSNBC, CNN or any of the major networks. Anyone from the U.S. Government who makes the claim is a damn liar.


    Now, where does that leave you? On a quest for the truth and how you progress on that journey is up to you.

    • SemperFi,0321


    • Anyone on television and/or the press however delivered who states that the Assad Government “gassed their own citizens” is a damn liar.
      Right. Because you say so. Noted.

      Kindly show your work, or blend into the same background noise Hersh is part of.

  9. Aesop –

    You’re an infantile moron. Your inane mutterings are all the evidence needed to “show my work.”

    Grow up, unplug your little gaming machine, get out of mommy’s basement, lose the sixty pounds of disgusting, unsightly flab wiggling and jiggling from your ears down. Go outside into the sunshine and get a real job out in “Meatspace.” Hopefully it is one where daily you will have the sweat pouring off your mis-shapen brow stinging your eyes and your hands will finally get their first blister, and then, if you don’t quit because work is “sooo hard”, grow calluses and in that process might just develop a tiny shred of discipline and responsibility. Perhaps then, with any sort of luck, you can finally begin to learn what it takes to be an actual man. Maybe that first ever job out there in the “real economy” will even be with a “Value-Added” business so you can learn what it takes to produce a saleable product and in the process begin repay society for your decades of leeching off both the taxpayer and your parent (or parents), most likely and quite evidently, just your mommy.

    By the way, Seymour Hersh has forgotten more than you are ever going to know.

  10. https://www.theburningplatform.com/2017/04/14/is-that-armageddon-over-the-horizon/

    The esteemed and quite experienced Dr. Paul Craig Roberts weighs in as well. I suppose some self-evident fool will posit that Dr. Roberts is nothing other than “background noise” as Hersh was wrongly accused. Another “old school” observer of some note, Patrick J. Buchanan, certainly agrees with the contentions of both Hersh and Dr. Roberts.

    Just because “You can’t handle the truth” does not make it less so. There are damn good a reasons for the F.N.G. to be stuck on point.