“It is time to wrestle control of the world back from white males, and the first step will be a temporary restriction of the franchise to them.”

A lovely young woman explains it all.

Please RTWT.

I appreciate candor.

Especially from the evil.

And be very clear that this bollocks is not limited to the South Africa setting of this article.

H/t Bracken

65 responses to ““It is time to wrestle control of the world back from white males, and the first step will be a temporary restriction of the franchise to them.”

  1. Stupid knt. Take white males out of the mix and what do you have. Haiti, Zimbabwe, Atlanta, St Louis, Baltimore, Memphis. Notice a pattern here?

    • Legal Alien

      Yep, and he world has been silent while 4,000 white Afrikaner farmers were being tortured, raped, slaughtered, at a rate higher than Marine casualties in Iraq.
      But as soon as a foreign visitor to the South African hell hole meets the same fate, only then does the media and pols start paying attention
      go figure


  2. Some dirty pieces of shit must be eliminated. Mugabe is at the top of that list.

  3. “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?”

    Put me down as a “NO” vote.I assume as a privilaged white male my vote will count as a multiple of other groups.Please and thank you.With Respect.

  4. Comrade Bobby, Die Slow.

  5. After nearly 60 years of not harboring any ill will towards people of any color it is becoming difficult not to do so.

    • Sir: Agree….X ten and squared…..

    • Grenadier1

      The answer is very simple. ANYONE who wishes to infringe on your basic rights as a human is someone who needs to be watched. If they escalate those efforts then they are your enemy and you treat them as if they have already acted on their desire to harm you.

      I have long spoken of the position that we cannot afford to turn away anyone who shares our beliefs and culture. I still hold that belief, however that has never blinded me the reality that in certain situations it will not matter what I believe, and I will have to act accordingly. I think I have mentioned in a couple of posts this week that reality does not care what you believe.

    • That’s pretty much exactly where I’m at. Keep telling me that I’m your enemy and sooner or later I’m actually going to become one.

  6. The Usual Suspect

    They have the talking part done !

  7. lastmanstanding

    Where does one even begin here without sounding waaaacccist in their eyes. I guess that I have been raised in the white world. Whatever the fuck I even meant by that.

    I grew up in a white community with a few blacks. We were great friends with their families. In fact, my dad (a Korean war tank commander) and his buddy (WW2 infantryman) still live in that same community and get together all the time. In college, I learned a lot more about the African-American race…some good, some bad.

    I have limited experience with other “racial diversities” other than the lazy fucking Indians here in the redoubt that are a conquered people that take advantage of all the woe is me stuff instead of a free higher education that could lift them to places that their long lost ancestors would be proud of.

    Here’s the bottom line. I dgaf what ethnicity you are. You are one of two things…your a producer, a doer or your a lazy, worthless pos.

    If you try and do good things for humanity and the earth, I bet I’ll be on your side in 99 of 100 scenarios. If you chose the other, zero shits from me…and that goes for whites as well.

    Where I live now is a primarily white community (5-7000 residents). I chose to live here because it is that way since I have seen enough elsewhere to convince me that I will survive better away from “diversity”. .gov is the biggest bearer of diversity into the com thru their various fucked up agendas. Most of these folks are highly educated, an visibly active socially in the community.

    I’m not sure where to go from here so I will end with, “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    • but (((Shelly Garland))) definitely dgaf about your ethnicity. The Tikkun Olam Jewess wants to kill you. Because your White.

      • lastmanstanding

        I know all about (((them))) brother…got’em in my com.

        At first, you wonder wtf is wrong with them as humans. Then you begin to see a pattern. Always trying to shape/micro-manage things exactly how they wanted it while thinking you weren’t wise to what (((they))) were doing. Worked for a couple and fired them. I even gave them the op to fire me so that they could tell their friend that they s-canned me. Long story short, I told them that what they wanted was a servant, not a hired human with a choice in the matter. The look was priceless!

        Thanks for your concern. I get completely where your coming from. 😉

    • “Here’s the bottom line. I dgaf what ethnicity you are”.

      Mister, you better grow up. And if you have a wife or kids, you better take the accelerated course. Maybe “ydgaf” but I doubt you’re going to find much in the way of reciprocity.

      • lastmanstanding

        This…Don’t think for a second that I have ever taken my eye off the ball.

        I can be just as miss-directed as any of our current leaders.

    • Saying “I dgaf about ethnicity” is like an NFL quarterback saying “I dgaf what uniform you wear, if you are open I’ll pass to you!”

      Teams were drawn up millennia ago, whites were made to forget that for the last few decades. With disastrous results.

  8. Steady Steve

    Proof that any form of Marxism, like Islam needs to be exterminated. We should be taking in white South Africans as refugees and exchanging them for our black ghetto population. Both groups would be happier being somewhere that they weren’t the minority.

    • Steady, I agree with you 100%. Bring in the Afrikaners to the USA. Send the dindu nuffins to South Africa.I would gladly sponsor a white family from South Africa.

    • Righhhhttt– let’s bring in the Mandellas and their ilk ‘cuz they jjust so love them a white man wearing a necklace.

  9. This premise has been pervasive in the U.S.A. far too long. How many slaves do I own? Whom did I own? Name them, accusers. Nor did any of my forebarers, who helped found this country.

    Anybody here own Goldman Sachs, Chase Morgan? As for temporary forfeiture, bullocks indeed. More NWO directives toward their street shit agitators. Whitey beware, it is coming and if her (their) battle plan doesn’t awaken and motivate the rest of the white betas/gammas…I will be no ones’ hero.

    • I have an account at JPM. There’s $19 in it.

    • I spent 42 years working in a 95% black workforce.
      I retired 5 years ago and still can not stand to hear or see a black person..
      All races can be rotten, few are both rotten and worthless, I have experienced blacks to be both.
      If blacks are around, I’m going elsewhere.
      That is a long way from a 60’s lovechild that believed we are all the same.
      We are not.

  10. It would certainly end the illusion that our votes mean a damn thing

  11. themagicbusguy

    The Bro-schevik Revolution

  12. all cops are criminals.

  13. Notably, the twat who penned that screed isn’t writing it from Johannesburg, but from the safety of her lily-white university privilege.

    She should be necklaced for being white, after a good gang-raping from the local Diversity. Then her education would be complete.

    Meanwhile, even without her futile urging, the varsity version of Rourke’s Drift is about to be played, and Team Zulu doesn’t look to fare any better in 2017 than they did in 1879. Just angling for a taller pile of bodies on their way to Greater Zimbabwe extending from the Sahara to the Cape.

    Kim DuToit called it a decade hence:
    Let Africa Sink.

  14. It’s a good thing I am transracial.

  15. And then you have this kind of ignorant crap from a so-called “a scholar at Harvard University”. Agenda much?

    It’ d be hilarious satire if it wasn’t for the fact that some people might actually believe the rubbish this person writes.


    • She’s not a scholar at Harvard University. She’s an entitled white female twit working on a master’s degree in Philosophy who is “an activist and a feminist”, “working on ways to smash the patriarchy” (“when she’s not gagging at South Africa’s unique brand of rainbow politics”, that is).
      Her words, not mine.

      In other words, she thinks she’s smarter than she’ll ever actually be and this essay is a complete waste of cyberspace.

  16. I would pose a question to the rainbow rider in SA. Lets say that whites lost the franchise for 50yrs and most of their assets. Year 51 rolls around and 30 years later what is the outcome? I would suggest to you that asset distribution would be right back where it was 81 years previous. Then what does this fairy princess suggest??

    You can’t fake persistence, grit and entrepreneurship. No amount of redistribution ‘cures’ sloth, training and effort. The US has had a first choice affirmative action for minorities since the 60’s. Yet more blacks are on govt support than before all the programs began.

    • Exactly. You get more of what you pay for.

      The pickle is how to wean them off it?

      • The best way is cold turkey.

      • Napalm. Then, bounce the rubble. I’d apologize, but this has gone on for far too long. Why we seem to be beholden to approximately 13% of the population, as if we somehow “owed them”, is ridiculous from the get go.
        I’ve never owned slaves, they’ve never picked cotton. They need to get over it and get to work. Or starve to death in the dark and cold.
        Wean them like that, LF. The world is a harsh, dirty, and demanding place

  17. The writer is a master’s philosophy student. Why am I not surprised?

  18. The stupid bitch’s bio says this:
    Shelley Garland is an activist and a feminist and is currently completing an MA degree in philosophy. When she’s not gagging at South Africa’s unique brand of rainbow politics, she’s working on ways to smash the patriarchy.
    Notice any connecting of the dots? Yep-Activist, feminist, and “currently completing” another useless fXXXXXg degree. I can bet that in addition to her all white skin neighbors, she is collecting welfare, school loans, and volunteering at a non profit. The woman is probably 30+ and has never held a job at Mickey D’s. I am all for shutting down every college for 50 years. (Believe, I have a degree: and there isn’t much to learn there. And I had a major that actually used math and chemistry!)
    Here is some news for Ms. Garland: you cannot fix stupid, lazy, or 3rd world crazy.

    • You’re assuming she’s even qualified or capable of holding down a job at Mickey D’s.

      Facts not in evidence.

      But I’d love to see her sorting rags or sweeping rubbish.
      After her obligatory rape and necklacing, as described above.
      No sense making her forego a classical education just to earn a living, right?

  19. Stupid, but dead serious.

  20. Offend need not

    Let people rage. Just anticipate it. The problems of today are beyond race. Society just clings to it like religion. Plus people are emotional beings.

    A gift that keeps on giving, some perspective …


  21. Offend need not

    That article is funny. People who dwell on history, and even present for this matter, have no place in the future.

  22. Just another variant of Communism.

    But, these guys are beginning to discover the power of the Promise … which is something that “we white guys” used to harness to our own ends.

    For example. William the Bastard.

    1066, or thereabouts, he decides that he wants the real-estate known as Angleterre. But, how to raise an army? Simple. Promise those who fight that they will receive a goodly portion of the spoils … a nice parcel of land and some serfs to work it. All they gotta do is come fight, and survive the battles.

    The Scottish Nationalists touched upon these ideas a couple of years’ back, during the Scottish Independence Referendum. There was talk of the Monarch’s estates being reclaimed … but only into “public hands”. Lightweights. Promise wealth to the individual, and you win his every fibre.

    The South Africans are toying with the same essential premise, except that the spoils go to the privileged few. Their greed undermines the potential of the strategy. I mean, no-one much cares to fight for the benefit of someone else.

    Arguably, the Muslims are using this strategy in Europe. It’s largely unspoken, but a lot of those guys expect to become the “new owners”. And, they very well might do so. All they gotta do is be rid of the present “owners”.

    I’ve sometimes wondered whether an insurgency could arise in the US, based upon the premise that the participants would win for themselves great parcels of land. All those National Parks, for instance … emblematic of the Communist’ mentality.

    Men need a Cause. And, there’s no finer Cause than personal enrichment.

  23. I’m still trying to figure out WHY this article is even in WRS to begin with. I imagine one could go all around the “blog-i-sphere” and find dozens of goofy write-ups like this. I only read about a third of it and well, I was better served going to take care of a hemorrhoid flare up. Too bad we can’t just rub some ointment on wacked out communist black women and watch them shrink and disappear for lengthy periods of time.

  24. GA Patriot

    And who exactly, pray tell, is going to deny me the franchise? How many divisions do the little snowflake SJWs have? Do they really think we are just going to say “Aw shucks, you’re right. We’ll just be quiet and let the enlightened have their way with us.” NOT…GONNA…HAPPEN.

  25. kay_de_leon

    More from another sheep that thinks ‘voting’ is what makes the world go around.

  26. If whites are not going to be allowed to vote, does it mean that this guy is screwed?

    Black Man Poses as White Racist, Blaming Trump on Hateful Letters in High Profile Fake “Hate Crime” in Knoxville, TN

  27. They’d be (further) enslaved by the Muslims in no time flat. Which is actually what they’d deserve if they got their way I suppose, in a karmic sort of fashion. That and starvation. Then there’s the infighting, whoever loses in the tribal battles gets sold and shipped off on the slave routes. And history repeats. The dumbasses. But they seem to be ok with that as long as they can satiate their hate for whites, Christians, and western civilization. I sure haven’t seen much in the way of complaints or outrage at black chattel slavery of today in places in Africa, or the reinstalled Libyan slave markets, or the hunting down of blacks during the Arab spring.

  28. Randolph Scott

    The bitch Shelly Garland likes to put identity labels on people. I’ll let her know that my identity is a ‘gun carrying white male’ and that attempting to take control of the world will cost many of them their lives.

  29. college is where you go to be dumb’d down -even more…

  30. I’ve worked with a number of people from the Philippines, the Middle East, Mexico, Pakistan and China. Not one of them liked black people. Not one.

  31. keith park

    Deny white men the right to vote? Insane fantasy!

  32. 1) This kind of tripe is why we have RKBA. I don’t see White America rolling over and giving up their vote.
    2) “Year 51 rolls around and 30 years later what is the outcome?” (above) From what has happened in Africa the savages will have killed the Whites and there won’t be anybody left who knows how to run a civilization/economy/society. The remnants can revel in their “victory” while wallowing in the sty that will inevitably result.
    3) My vote on this will be placed at about 3K fps.

    • They would never return the franchise. b/c you haven’t paid enough, still have too much stuff, you aren’t humble enough before your betters, you are still alive, etc. It doesn’t have to make sense, they want it and will use force to get it.

      Philosophy students like this one don’t realize they will be among the first to be eliminated, by their own side.

      And they will be happy to be executed. Really.

  33. TL;DR “I haven’t gotten what I want, so only people that think like me should vote on stuff.”

    I encourage everyone to read Days of Rage. Good history on The Movement (which continues to this day). Plus a grounding on what/how radicals think & act. I was pretty aware back then, but this was a whole new revelation.

  34. SemperFi,0321

    “Ready on the right. Ready on the left. All ready on the firing line. Shooters, you may commence firing when your target appears.”

  35. Who bitch be dis?

  36. Lee Enfield

    Why not go ahead with this idea, but only on the condition that non white males stop appropriating white male culture – for an idea of WM culture see previous article by Fred. And then add a few examples of your own.

    But one question. Would the the time tnefore everything went to hell be measured in days or hours?

    And then after that Max Velocity”s code will be needed.

  37. Jack Crabb

    Yeah, that stupid cunt needs the ol’ rusty chainsaw treatment.

    With tripe like that being taken seriously by anyone, it’s really coming up on time.