WeaponsMan: The False Lure Of Symmetry

Thinking past preconceptions.

A useful skill in many endeavors.

9 responses to “WeaponsMan: The False Lure Of Symmetry

  1. Excellent essay, important point. It’s actionable too, with a simple basic goal—“Be flexible.” In all respects, except cornerstone principles. It’s why getting the cornerstone principles right is so important.

  2. Good read & true. Nobody said or thought life was fair other than a Liberal Barking Moonbat. Red Queen hypothesis of evolutionary dynamics & survival of species that’s best able to adapt to the conditions or circumstances generally wins the day. It always depends on the quarry / tango’s ability to counter, ambush, setup, anticipate, adapt, innovate, overcome, counter Intel as well. Unpredictability, randomness, stealth, speed, shock, surprise & Violence of Action can be an asset or detriment. EEI Intel, Carver’s Matrix, 7 P’s, OP/LP’s, scouts, time – distance are your friends generally, Lite is fast & speed is survival up close.

  3. The Syrian General Staff said that the US-led coalition struck a Daesh depot storing chemical weapons in Deir ez-Zor on Wednesday.


    sad that Sputnik News is more trusted and credible than murkan MSM…

    • at this point, it’s false flags flying in from all directions. I’m waiting in trepidation for Trump’s Aesopian strike on the Norks’ nukes. His Imperial Stormtroops just dropped a 10-ton blockbuster on Afghanistan, so I suppose anything is possible at this point.

      • That bomb is the size of my Motorhome.

        22.000 lbs 35.6 ft long.

      • TheAlaskan

        He’s a player….player’s beware. Don’t fuck with Trump.

        BTW, our two “blockbuster” plays in Japan in ’45, instantly changed minds.

      • “at this point, it’s false flags flying in from all directions”

        Curious…how do you tell when it isn’t?

    • Grey Ghost

      Agreed probably a false flag. Sputnik news is the propaganda arm of the USSR sorta like ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and FOX. I view this report as Putin letting the Russian people and other countries know that the US has now gassed Syrians. This “report” only lends more public credence to his retaliation/response on the west when he has to do so.


      This troop issue is shaping up to be a battle between Mattis and McMaster. I think McMaster will win the day and we’ll send more troops into Syria, probably without Congressional approval. The only question after that is will Trump really go after ISIS or will he turn those troops at Assad/Russia? Time will tell.

      Grey Ghost

  4. Sabotage and assassination. Timeless strategies for resistance. Low tech, usually.