Fred: Notes for a White Kid in University – An Introduction to the Blindingly Obvious


With examples.

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  1. josey wales

    And Fred drops his own MOAB

  2. colddeadhandsdays


  3. Yeah, but the playing field is SO SLANTED you see.

    There’s MATH involved with buildings like that, so…RACIST!!!

  4. I’ve watched this war on whites develop over a span of 50 years. We’re now in the end game where violence and mayhem towards my people is tacitly sanctioned by government. Too bad if you don’t care about race; because race cares about you. Like it or not, going forward your race is your uniform.

    • kay_de_leon

      Funny, the other side says that exact same thing, and both would have a pretty hard time showing anything in the way of proof.

      How about we not be THAT easily manipulated?

      • What is your standard of proof? Stats good enough?

        • kay_de_leon

          If you can show me some stats that support the idea that our government is supporting white genocide, then yes. Please do. Not being facetious.

      • and both would have a pretty hard time showing anything in the way of proof.

        Both, Cupcake?
        So, other than not reading the entire essay in question, got any proof for that ridiculous load of claptrap?

        Maybe stop applying Mommy Logic {Johnny has a bloody nose, because Billy hit him, so Mommy punishes them both for fighting, because Johnny’s nose got in the way of Billy’s fist. QED}, and read the OP link again.

        Or just scroll down to the twit’s screed from HuffPo linked yesterday about taking the vote away from White People, and get back to us when you’ve got one of those from dated yesterday about taking the vote away from the Diversity.

        Get back to us when you Can’t Find That, and perhaps amend and revise your comment.
        Just saying.

        • kay_de_leon

          I read the essay, big dog. I wasn’t responding to the theme of his article as much as the ‘violence and mayhem towards my people is tacitly sanctioned by government’. I mean I SORT OF get why someone would say that, and I get why every race of people has their own list of grievances as to why shit is hard for them. Humans are a pretty competitive lot, it seems. My point is that our list of grievances might not stand so tall when compared to those other lists, though admittedly my last post probably didn’t qualify as much and really I can’t think of a dumber worldview than one that focuses primarily on group identity politics (especially as insanely convoluted as they are today).

          I saw that girl’s bullshit on HuffPo too. As to that, I believe there was a time when the Diversity actually DIDN’T have access to the franchise. It’ll be a little older than yesterday’s news, but shit like that is what I mean about both sides complaining about the forces conspiring against them when they’d probably be better served by improving the world for themselves and their own. Still, if we are buying into the hype, I’d rather see a zombie write an article about taking something that she’s completely fucking powerless to take outside of her own delusional daydreams than know that all the hip-hop I’m consuming is actually a virus to my culture, and that giving my mom a bit of government food and drink has actually made her a million times less ambitious.

          • Sort of?

            Grievances don’t have a “weight”.
            “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere” ring any bells?
            No one gets to weigh them and decide equivalence, or lack.
            But the two sides are not interchangeably false thereby.

            Wrong is wrong, and calling it “evening up the scales” is nonsensical.
            There’s nobody alive who owned slaves in America, and nobody living who picked cotton. And the Voting Rights Acts was passed 53 years ago. It was settled law in most states even earlier than that, as was slavery itself.
            (You want to argue for taking away voting rights for all white people older than that, primarily in 11 southern states, good luck with it. Esp. when you try to enforce it in Congress and the state legislatures. The guilty parties for Jim Crow are mostly long since dead and buried.)

            And the reparations for slavery are buried in graveyards outside Gettysburg, Bull Run, Vicksburg, Atlanta, etc. Mark that debt “Paid in full.”

            Anyone black with that old gripe now should be given a dollar, and a one-way ticket back to Africa, with all right to return revoked in perpetuity. On the spot. The greatest pity in history was Booth upending that plan with a derringer ball.

            Everyone else who came here was a volunteer, and just needs to STFU about “white privilege”. One of the outgrowths of that privilege was letting them come here at all; no small number could do with being repatriated to their ancestral lands, for a seven-year period of re-socialization to America’s exceptionalism. Anyone electing to return here afterwards or come here new waives all future rights to bitch about past grievances. That should be part of the oath of citizenship.
            College professorial knobs spewing that nonsense ought to get fired for cause, and given the opportunity to pick up trash on campus, or just leave, and be glad the stocks and pillory went out of legal favor.

            As to zombies writing, she couldn’t comprehend those other thoughts, because zombie.

      • I see there is a hole in the sand from where your head appears to have emerged.

        Best get it back in there.

        • I’m thinkin’ it’s the meds.

          Or there are mebbe six operators pushin’ the buttons.

          Same result, really.

          A moment of fleeting lucidity

      • I haven’t found that book Black Girls Bleed a Lot maybe you could point it out to me…

  5. We had the opportunity to take our youngest and her team mates to some of the highlights of Western civilization during years they were attending Olympic level qualifying competition in Europe and the Levant. The great cathedrals, places of history, museums – Notre Dame, Cologne, Schönbrunn Palace, Versailles, Aachen, the Louvre, Kunsthistorisches Wein, the British Museum, the Parthenon, the opera, ballet etc etc etc Then they returned to the US and went to a well known museum for a tour of a special “African and African American Art” collection to which the guide was overly orgasmic in her narrative of the childlike primitive “art”. You could see the subtle glances between them. Message received.

    • SemperFi,0321

      I’d been to 30 countries by the age of 30, went to school in Mexico City and Switzerland, Today people see me as sarcastic and negative. I’m not a follower of other peoples bullshit.
      But at least I’ve seen enough to base an honest opinion on for myself.
      Travel is one of the greatest educators of young minds, they learn first hand and can see for themselves the world is not equal, despite the brainwashing attempts of others.

      • Agree completely on the travel part my kids love seeing history first hand to help determine what kind of future they want…

  6. Ultimately we don’t have to engage these other less accomplished groups. It never amounts to anything when we do and they will never be convinced to agree that our culture is superior. It is enough to watch them in dismay as century after century the white man pulls another rabbit out of the hat. Also where the white man’s colonial rule was rejected now these countries have devolved back into darkness and chaos. Our best and only strategy is to protect white culture from devolving similarly due to immigration of inferiors.

  7. Let’s not forget the Masons and Ashkenazi Jews who are often over represented in these advancements in math and science.

  8. Yes indeed.

    “He’s gone full empire”

    Heavily Armed Swamp Critters

    By our calculation, it took just 76 days for President Trump to get on board with the Clinton-Bush-Obama agenda.
    Now there can be no doubt where he’s headed. He’s gone Full Empire.
    Not that it was unexpected. But the speed with which the president abandoned his supporters and went over to the Deep State is breathtaking.

    “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule”
    H.L Mencken

    “Man will never be free until the last King is strangled with the last enrails of the last Priest”
    Denis Dierot

  9. The entire technological platform for the 21 century was invented by an uneducated former pornstar prostitute named Heddy Lamar. Her 1942 patent for frequency hopping was 50 years ahead of its time. Cell phone service, bluetooth, GPS, WiFi all come from her outrageous patent. It was to help counter the germans who were radio jamming of our radio guided torpedo’s. She and some piano player who lived down the street from her, wrote it based on the 88 keys of a player piano. The Pentagon (which immediately classified it) stole her ideas to help counter the ruskies in the Cuban missile crisis. This is on top of her being declared the most beautiful woman actress in Hollywood in 1940. Its all on wikipedia. She died broke, of course. She was busted for shoplifting a few times, even in her 70’s. Just before she died some tech guys came and offered her pennies on the billions of dollars to be able to use her patent. She had to take it.
    Ps….She and the piano player friend were white, of course.
    And my God, she was a doll….

  10. Re: “If you can show me some stats that support the idea that our government is supporting white genocide, then yes. Please do. Not being facetious.”

    Ask yourself – Why did B. Hussein Obama and his people devote so much time, money and energy to disarming the American people? The answer to that question has a direct bearing on your comment above. Consider the following…

    One of Mr. Obama’s first political benefactors – and a mentor and close friend right up to the present – is unrepentant domestic terrorist, bomb-maker and Marxist revolutionary Bill Ayers, the head of the late 1960s/early 1970s Weather Underground group.

    Back then, Ayers and his compatriots were in full-blooded revolutionary mode. In between plotting their attacks and making bombs, they were talking about the communist utopia they hoped to create in these United States – and the probable necessity for liquidating (executing) as many as 20-25 million traditional Americans too-resistant to communist reeducation to be salvaged for the revolution. We know Ayer’s words verbatim, thanks to the presence of an FBI mole – the late Larry Grathwohl – in the group.

    According to the late Dr. R.J. Rummel, who was perhaps the world’s pre-eminent researcher on mass killings, genocide and democide, “gun control” should be thought of instead as “victim disarmament,” since most of history’s great mass-murderers disarmed their intended victims first.

    Let us circle around to the initial question – why did Barack Obama and his people try so hard to disarm the American people? the anti-gun people claim it is for the children, but if you believe that, I have some swampland I’d like to sell you for your next real estate development. The answer lies with Bill Ayers, Obama’s good friend, mentor and ideological fellow traveler.

    Of course, since Obama’s attempts to disarm the ordinary American failed, the skeptics can dismiss theories linking him to such a scheme as tin-foil hat conspiracy nonsense – but the facts and evidence paint a different story.

    Another strand of evidence that Obama and company had killing on their minds lies in the unrelenting race war that was waged by Obama, Holder and certain segments of the black community against whites and members of other non-black races. Not in places like Ferguson, but in the epidemic of black-on-white violent – flash-mob attacks, wildings, the “knockout game” and so forth – as documented by the courageous journalist Colin Flaherty.

    According to Dr. Rummel’s research, one of the preliminary stages of the genocidal process is the relentless scapegoating of the population to be victimized – i.e., in this case, whites, Asians, Jews, etc. as well as traditional Americans, those from rural America, Christians, older citizens, and those who oppose the Islamo-Marxist agenda, just to name a few. To that list, we can now add Trump supporters.

    One thing – and one thing alone – has prevented the neo-Marxist-Islamist agenda from being realized – the fact that the American people bear arms.

    • SemperFi,0321

      You’re a little late to the party, we covered this here about a decade ago.

      Also came to the conclusion for guns to be efficient, you have to use them.