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  1. NK is not a threat to Americans.

    The US however IS a threat to NK, AND more so to Americans.

    This is nothing more than theatre; NK politically is very useful to the neocons & their military industrial complex.

    Is the NK ruler a nutjob? Yep, probably – just like most rulers.

    Where does “info” regarding NK originate?

    Why, from the very sources (and their proxies) that stand to gain from Never Ending Conflict.

    Or can use the NK distraction whenever needed.

    • NK is not a threat to Americans.


      Because a country still technically at war with us for 67 years and run by a batshit crazy clan of megalomaniacs developing their nuclear and missile technology to the point of popping a nuke or three overhead wouldn’t cause a catastrophic EMP which would lead inevitably to about a 90% die off of US population within a year afterwar…oh waitaminute, never mind.
      So just maybe the Norks are a threat to Americans.

      And go up a size on your tinfoil; it’s a size too tight.

      • the Norks – after observing the sad fates of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ukraine, and Syria – know this: anyone who does not submit to the dictates of the Judeo-globalist/petrodollar crowd (and does not possess deliverable nuclear weapons) is going to get a violent visitation from Uncle Schmuel. So, as a sovereign state (see also: Iran), they will continue on their present course.

        Trump thinks he’s Bismarck. But he’s going to wind up like Napoleon. Perhaps he will build a casino on St. Helena. But more likely he’ll kill us all.

    • Yeah?.. maybe Americans are sick of the Norks bullshit Schoolyard threats.. ever think of that?, even our Arch enemy the Russians didnt carry on in such a fucked up way during the cold war. Maybe it’s time to make him back up his bullshit.. maybe 70 yrs of bullshit is enough.. beside.. SK needs the real estate, and China and the US need to be able to work shit out so our economies dont tank, and they need to do it without a 1950’s throwback blowing his own nuclear horn everytime he needs another sack of rice…this is the 21st century, we dont put out threats via loudspeaker anymore..

    • What itor said, bigly. I would add “The US however IS a threat to NK” is a primary means by which the “batshit crazy clan of megalomaniacs” keep control over the population: Without us, those running-dog capitalist Americans will kill our men, rape our women and eat our babies. The worst thing the USG (and the South Koreans, Chinese and Japanese) could do to the North Korean government is clearly state (and show, by, for instance, reducing US presence in SK): We will initiate NO military action of any kind against North Korea. We will respond to any military aggression by North Korea by whatever means, including nuclear weapons, necessary to stop such aggression and then studiously ignore it and its ineffectual ‘tests’.

      I can at least entertain the idea that NK has let off a crude (i.e. very large and heavy) U-235 gun-type device, but NFW anything suitable for a missile, even assuming that they have any that don’t, as cougar @4/14 12:43 put it: “[blow] up barely clearing the pad”. Also, FWIW: The welds looked like they were made by someone that had never welded. Further, discounting all that, and granting the dubious premise that “catastrophic [nuclear] EMP” is anything more than budget-pimping doom porn, we would be a lot better off spending that money instead on hardening the electric power grid against a Carrington Event.

      And I’d rather have a tinfoil hat on me than a (gov-media administered) frontal lobotomy.*

      *Apologies to Tom Waits

    • Most posters here have some sort of clue about what might be happening. You, however, do not. You strike me as one of the people who would blame the CIA if a North Korean nuke fell on your head.

      Ever been to Korea? Every seen the intelligence yourself. I have. And you’re clueless.

  2. Sooooo, North Korea is known to have a test yearly that usually blows up barely clearing the pad and all the news chatter is that the USA will do a strike on any upcoming test ?
    Anyone else wondering just who the hell we elected president ? His immigration and banning muslims has been spot on, but being one wrong move away from WW3 on two fronts, NK and Syria; WTH ?

    • He’s wrong on Syria, he’s right on North Korea. I agree that 60+ years is long enough. It’s time for the DPRK to shit or get off the pot.

  3. Well who would have thunk that the Prez likes a good firework show. This fourth of July is going to be quite a show. MOABs everyone should have one.

  4. Constantly picking on 3rd world countries but would never take on a worthy opponent. USA USA

    • Are these “worthy opponents” taking us on?

      I seem to recall a war in the 50’s where we killed 900,000,000 Chinese.

      The Korean War wasn’t a Korean War. It was a Sino-American war, and their military manpower was completely destroyed.

      We took on Germany and Japan before that.

      Since those wars, which “worthy opponents” have fought in open warfare? None? Maybe you could say India vs Pakistan? Large scale, conventional wars have been avoided thanks to nuclear deterrents.

  5. Let me see if I understand this correctly (given that I’m a product of ‘public education in the 1950’ and early 60’s): NK is a no where, no account entity and nothing will happen if we (or the collective ‘we’) flatten it? Ummmm….
    WWI was started by one (maybe two) shooters (granted there was a big
    run up) and WWII was started by …… wait for it …… WWI basically. I know for the haters out there – this is an over simplification but for the deeper thinkers out there (and not the ones that want to see 100’s millions fryed) this is what is on the table. Got preps?

  6. MAMA (Make America Moab Again)


  7. – corrected link to MAMA

  8. I am sick of all of it. I don’t like Korean food. I’m tired of north Korea as a problem, and It matters little to me if some contractor makes some money off of exterminating them. God knows, we need all of the jobs we can get. I don’t care if we blow it to smithereens. Let South Korea take care of the dust, blow back, and any burned refugees. Iran will have to find a new place to test their expando-sticks and the Chinese can throw 30,000 more into their army. Everybody happy. Nuke away,

    • these days, those who nuke…get nuked. If the ZOG attacks North Korea with no more provocation than another nuclear test, Putin will draw the correct conclusion: terminal war with ‘Murka is now inevitable…and will strike when and where he chooses.

      • You have zero evidence to support and urging you say. What’s your frame of reference? Those who nuke, get nuked? Who are you taking about? Russia will nuke the US if the US attacks NK? Totally incorrect. You’re talking from your ass.

  9. What is blatantly obvious to me & anyone else who is objective.
    There is not nearly as much hate & vitriol as what I see coming out of the US Zio-Tribe Deep State run propaganda as what is on Russia – China – Iran or North Korea’s websites towards the USA. Almost non-existent except for the obvious US provocations & False Flags.The hypocrisy & social programming is deafening & beyond obvious.

    BTW FWIW, the article soucres is a South Korea / US rag & is known Zio-NeoCon Tribe disinformation shit stirring site.

    Here’s Rodong Sinmum News North Korea’s State run news site.

    I don’t care what North Korea does or who runs it. If the people aren’t happy there let them start their own revolution. Obozo is / was no better than the Kimchi Cake Eater Kim Jong-un lll

    If North Korea wants to make flinging Monkey Poop at women legal in his country so be it. Saudi Arabia beheads people still to this day & China commits it’s share of human rights atrocities & the planet doesn’t do shit about it. The hypocrisy & double standard hubris are deafening.

    The Zio-Tribe Deep State is marching the USA into a WWlll after the planned Chaos & crisis’s – economic collapse coming they & International Bankers set up.

    • That ” Monkey poo” isnt being flung at women…. it is, and always has been flung at Americans. If it wasnt for 70 yrs of it being flung at us, Id be agreeing with you.. but it has always, and will always be directed squarely at Americans, and it looks like we are at the end of our rope… thank God, because im sick of hearing about the hermit country and their dear leader.

      • “im sick of hearing about the hermit country and their dear leader.”

        Have you ever stopped to consider.

        From whom do you hear these things?

    • Bullshit. If you think NK isn’t putting out hate toward pretty much anyone and everyone, then you’re not paying attention.

  10. robroysimmons

    Not as interested in the Empire’s wars as I once was.

  11. maybe well get lucky and the norks will nuke the swamp !

  12. find the silver linning