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From Chris Muir.

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  1. Oh, really??? It’s “the left”? Wrong answer. Try again.

  2. Atlas Shrug

    A Good One!

    Sometimes I miss the little inferences in Day By Day, but this one is simple AND good, as most worthwhile messages are.

    Keep your powder dry (and don’t lead with your left),
    Atlas Shrug

  3. lon a follower
  4. lon a follower

    “I am come to send fire upon the earth; and what will I , if it be already kindled?”
    “Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you Nay; but rather division:”
    In a world ruled by lies and deception imagine the power of Truth being unleashed.

  5. hummus abedin

    Stickman and Rich Black
    rally again today in Berkeley.


    Be aware, the communists,
    treasonous shitbags, and their
    multigay SJW’s footsoldiers are
    organizing to attack them under the
    guise of a “block party.”

    April 15th!!!
    Defend the Bay Bloc Party and Cookout … Against the “Alt-Right”

    A repulsive spring medley of Trump supporters, white supremacists, fascists and racists are planning yet another rally. Let’s show them there’s no space for bigotry in the Bay!

    Come fork it up with other like-minded folks! Enjoy food, music, speakers and more! Bring friends, a mask and food to share if ya can!

    April 15th, 10AM to 2PM / MLK Civic Center Park

    Keep your ear to the ground for reports.
    At a minimum, there will be a dust up caused
    by them attacking the pro-Trump event.
    For those in that AO who plan on
    attending, the commie shitbag who led
    the anti-Milo riot, yvette felarca, will be
    on site leading antifa.

  6. hummus abedin

    Sent this out as an email
    to oathkeepers in California, some organizers,
    and alt media that will be a Free Sppech rally.
    I don’t think it will reach anyone in
    time to make a difference:
    antifa and their supporters have
    devised plans to physically
    attack people on the side streets.
    Based on the past success of such
    attacks on March 4th,
    and the rioting that shut down Milo’s speech on February 1st.
    antifa knows that Berkeley PD will
    be congregating at
    (and inside) MLK park, and will again intentionally stand down and
    refuse to protect those being physically attacked by antifa on nearby side streets.
    Moreover, this plan wass devised to protect antifa and their supporters from being
    charged with violations of the administrative rule issued by Berkeley PD on April 7th.
    antifa is going to violently attack
    on the sidestreets.
    The “block party cookout” they have scheduled for MLK Civic Center
    park is a tactical distraction, devised to keep attendees of the Free Speech rally preoccupied and looking in the wrong direction.
    Moreover, it will again give the
    Berkeley PD a convenient
    scapegoat to deflect the outrage
    which will be forthcoming after
    they again refuse to protect peaceful
    citizens from being physically attacked
    by rioters, domestic terrorists, and communists.

  7. hummus abedin

    Free Speech Rally
    is already getting the
    short-end of it.
    showed up openly displaying
    items “prohibited” by Berkeley PD.

    Live link:

  8. hummus abedin

    buzzfeed periscope link:

    “All Out Brawl”
    A direct on-air quote

  9. hummus abedin

    Tim Pool

  10. Muir a recovering Trumpaholic. Showing first symptoms of withdrawal. VoxDay, however, remains loyal to the orange God-Emperor who is, he assures us, now playing 11-dimensional chess.

  11. hummus abedin

    At about noon, the protesters began marching down Allston Way, eventually stopping and blocking the road between Milvia Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way, with some setting off firecrackers and others throwing bagels and rocks. BPD sent out an advisory around 12:45 notifying residents that large crowds had taken over Center Street and Allston Way between Milvia Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way and that Mutual Aid resources had been requested.
    “We’re here to take a stand,” said BAMN organizer Yvette Felarca. “We’re here to stand against … the whole Trump administration.”

  12. Aesop writes: You’ve basically rolled up everything the United States has done back to 1787, in one fell swoop, and everything every government has done, back before recorded history.

    Correct, all taxation is theft and all government is net parasitic. The legs I’m left to stand on are internally consistent, unlike a government’s or its supporters.

    SemperFi,0321 writes: What I want to know is; how did all those liberals know he was going to do this?

    Maybe they knew about the son-in-law -> Soros connection. Or, maybe he’s been known as a NY Democrat for decades. Or, maybe they didn’t know. Or, maybe they thought he was on their side, like Hillary voters think she’s on her side, and while there’s barely a connection between belief and fact this time they were correct.

  13. In the meantime, based stickman’s legend grows in Bezerkly:

    From the footage CNN had the AnitFa thugs outnumbered the patriots at least 15-1.

    And of course the cops did nada to stop the black-robed scum.

    Tough dude.

  14. hummus abedin

    Told Ya’…
    Donald Trump supporters and a collection of communists and anarchists clashed in Berkeley, California today, and Trump’s supporters seemed to bear the brunt of the attacks.

    Numerous videos show Trump supporters being beaten in the streets as police failed to keep the two sides apart.

  15. ProTrump forces take on AntiFA forces in berkley —

  16. Hognose is very sick. His brother alerted his readers today.