American Foreign Policy Synopsis

Via Curtis.

Mr. Greenwood, we are ready for your close-up…

21 responses to “American Foreign Policy Synopsis

  1. ,,,,,one Nation under Central Bankers invisible, with injustice and fuckery for all.

  2. NorthGunner

    Meet the new boss…
    same as the old boss…

    America got played again…and the parasite ruling class
    is laughing their assess off as they choose which ‘human
    grocery’ bag of chips they’ll attempt to pull off the shelf
    to appease their hunger….

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty – Definitely NOT food for
    the ‘parasite class’!
    NorthGunner III

  3. cf.: Reductio ad absurdum.

  4. Norks now calling our Prez an “orange-haired imbecile”. Intolerable. Where is the vengeance?

  5. Even if all the rest of it were shit rather than superb, the piece would still be a home run for A world where our and the United Nations jungle of the law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations.

  6. Sounds just like an update from antiwar leftist activists from the sixties…

    Left meets right and becomes the fulfillment of Charles Schultz’ famous Pogo quote from back in the day:

    “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

    • Randall Flagg

      Charles Schultz wrote “Peanuts”.

      Walt Kelly wrote Pogo.

      • POd American

        No, Charles Schulz created and drew the Peanuts cartoons.

        Piece of trivia….and I’m not busting your chops, but a friend of mine pointed out to me that 99% of people when asked to spell the Peanuts cartoonist’s last name add a T. You always hear his last name prounced with the T. Oddly enough, it’s “Schulz not Schultz.”

  7. Grenadier1

    We dont have to be the global police, but if we are not someone else will.

    Thats not to say that we cant be America first AND be protective of our interests.

    • Bingo! Winner!

      America has legitimate national interests, even if the neo-isolationists can’t fathom that, or how it works.

      It’s been so long since we had a president who put American interests first, people have forgotten how that works, and they spout the MSM lines in knee-jerk reflex from habituation.


      Sir: With all due respect, define Amerika’s “interests”. Before you answer that question, you would do well to get into the Wayback Machine or at least channel Presidents George Washingtion’s Farewell Address, John Quincy Adams’ statement about: “…prowling around the world looking for monsters to destroy”; or President Eisenhower’s Farewell Address. When you boil down Amerika’s “interests, you will see why we are in the mess we are in.

  8. Isolationist:

    One who recognizes what goes around, comes around. A realist, not one caught in his self made masturbatory Rambo fantasy. One who derives no joy from the burning, maiming, killing, enslaving of other humans who have done him no harm, and poses no credible threat. An iconoclast; one not given to blind worship of widespread beliefs & practices.

    Aggression is the antithesis of every Christian virtue, and the indispensable foundation of every political state.
    Will Grigg

    • You can have your own arguments, but you don’t get to remake words to suit them.

      Embrace your masturbatory fantasies that you can ignore the world, and live in splendid harmless isolation from the rest of it.

      But rest assured you’ll reap the consequences when it doesn’t return the favor and ignore you.

      Nature abhors a vacuum. – Aristotle