CalExit Update

LATimes: Break away from the USA? The effort to cleave California faces its own split


Who decides?

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  1. The PTB are controlling the MSM by hiring idiots to write this drivel. These non-critical thinking Dolt’s can’t apparently read history or figure out the how it happened, But notice they always regurgitate the Pavlovian Deep State’s social programming narrative. Decades of abuse in Commiefornia is the how it got there. It’s not rocket science or a enigma. The nanny state, entitlements, socialism mentality, something for nothing, multiple politicians – criminals caught rigging or gaming the system of corruption & greed. City Planner’s & Controller’s dipping in or paying themselves, CAPERS fund kickbacks – poor investments etc. off the pay scale grid of reasonable why serving the county – city – state they swore to uphold it’s constitution & US Constitution as a citizen thereof principles (integrity – ethics, – ROL- character – terpitude). Somehow ‘Treason” has been removed by the PTB’s lexicon & only selectively prosecuted against targeted persona non grata people. Truly the height of a failing Justice system of selective prosecution vs. Lady Justice supposedly blindfolded for that objective reasoning principle vs. Politicized agenda of selective prosecution. The beatings will continue until the morale improves.

    Happy Easter !

  2. Terry Rapoza is a great guy, for those interested go to or you-tube and listen to Mark Baird. Modern day Thomas Jefferson right there!

  3. The State of Jefferson has been an ongoing initiative that was sidelined with the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. It includes southern Oregon counties as well as northern California. It is not a secessionist movement, but one that wants to establish a new 51st state. Although the LA Times article is loath to give the movement any credibility, there are 21 Northern California counties signed up and the SOJ held a rally in Sacramento a year ago last January to present their petition to the state. More information on the effort and the individual county coordinators can be found at

  4. Since 1849, when the state was remade in a rush of greed and ambition, there have been more than 200 efforts to split apart, pull away or otherwise reimagine the vast empire known as California. Not one has succeeded.

    The latest, most conspicuous attempt, a proposed ballot initiative fueled by anti-Trump sentiments and titillated national media coverage (those wacky Californians!) seems destined to fall short of qualifying for the ballot, barring a sudden change in fortune.

    Supporters of the measure, led by Evans, have until July 25 to collect nearly 600,000 valid signatures to place an independence measure before voters in November 2018. The group, which received the go-ahead to collect signatures at the end of January, has yet to reach a quarter of that number, according to the California secretary of state’s office.

    Yah. Translation:
    Even the lunatics at the LASlimes have to recognize, when sobriety kicks in after their bender, that this horseh…um, fertilizer hasn’t got a snowball’s chance in hell, and never did.

    In other words, it was just some horseradish added to spice up their platter of post-election “Trump is a disaster for the country”, which worked for about 3 seconds, until jacking vehicle registrations and gas taxes in Califrutpoia by the legislature and Gov. Moonbeam made Sacramento a bigger problem here than Washington DC has ever been.

    Moral: All politics is local.

    Lesson: If there was a ballot initiative to separate California from Sacramento and rename the breakaway city “The Locus Of Evil, and Anus Of Life As We Know It”, it would only pass here by 20M votes.

    And there will be an initiative out of this: probably to limit car registrations here to $100 max, and gas taxes to $0.10/gallon in perpetuity, and requiring, under pain of criminal penalty to the governor and legislature, that such monies mandatorily be used only for road construction and maintenance, not to welcome illegals and subsidize welfare.

    Well played, Moonbeam.

  5. Detroit III

    California could easily split, FSJ not so much. Sacramento would take over that place like the Union did Maryland.

    FSJ should just do it. No vote, just set up its own government.

  6. NorthGunner

    “FSJ should just do it. No vote, just set up its own government.”

    Ah yes, what a wonderful idea…initiate another parasite ruling class
    aka ‘gov’ to control, steal from and assault/murder it’s ‘human grocery’
    class where it now operates as a monopolistic gang of thugs.

    Read Larken Roses’s ‘Iron Web’ and ‘Most Dangerous Superstition’ to
    understand the sane way out of the current freeway of insanity that
    is ‘gov worship’.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    NorthGunner III

  7. Sigh. The State of Jefferson would be a conservative (not Republican, but conservative in the best sense), low tax, low crime, liberty minded state. No wonder the old LA Times is in a panic. Sanctuary state? No, residents would be calling in ICE themselves, if illegals are too stupid to get the point. More taxes and therefore more welfare? No, 90% of residents consider charity the number two goal of churches and temples. Dumping Mooslisms in our area? No, we tolerate your right to worship, your right to live your life. But trying any of Sharia based law and…….there are lots and lots and lots of guns here. Just sayin’. SOJ residents don’t want or need a $100 million bullet train to Las Vegas; we really like guns and ammo and see no reason to apologize for shooting stuff; we grow wine in every naked orchard so whatever Napa/Sonoma does is up to them; and I am sick of building permits that get a thorough government colonoscopy before I can construct an outhouse. Taxes? My car is now 11 years old and my registration went up by $20-from $100 to $124-in one year. How can any state justify that? Brown Clown wants more state sales tax, which means the counties will jump on their chance too. We currently pay 8.250%.
    I grew up in Los Angeles when it truly was The Golden State. Perfect weather, fun times, safe as any large city can be. The politicians have destroyed that forever. My current life is much different: when you cross the Grapevine, you have crossed the Mason Dixon line.

  8. if califruitcake falls into the ocean- no great loss.

    • Geologic genius in action there.

      CA “falling into the ocean”, isn’t in the cards.
      What’s happening is that Los Angeles is moving alongside Frisco at about half a foot a year.
      So in about 2,000,000 years they’ll be neighbors.
      I’m thinking we can adjust to that reality just fine, given the 20,000 century lead time. And we won’t need Moonbeam’s bullet train at that point.

  9. Northern Ca citizens have zero represent ion in their capitol, just like most of Oregon has zero representation in Salem. I know we have a super majority of DEMs, here in Oregon, I belive that to be the case in Calif.

    What both Sacramento and Salem seem to not grasp is this simple fact. WE the State Of Jefferson, control ALL the water sources and the majority of agriculture. ” I’m incorporating down south AG, as they are Conservitive republicans generally.

    They fuck with us to much well salt the land and poison the water these fuckers drink. Ok, that was over the top, but you get it.

    In closing I wanted to educate our crowd. Here on the Klamath River, the Govt of Oregon the State of Calif, and the federal govt, are trying to tear down roughly four maybe five dams.

    PP@L power don’t want to pay for the hydro upgrades, and fish ladders to move salmon around those dams. Had those dams already have been removed this past winter, with the high water, the bigger cities in Northern Ca, would have been heavily damaged by uncontrolled flood waters.

    The Klamath River drainage exits into the pacific, in Eureka Ca, a bit north.

    The Orville dam would not have been able to control any of the water, and the power house would have been trashed badly, with debris floating into them. The Feather River drainage and the Yuba River drainage are regulated by this dam.

    Shasta dam, controls the Sacramento River, the Sacramento runs past so,e good size cities, and exits into the pacific in the SF bay.

    Folsom Dam controls the the American River drainage, all the way to the top of the Sierras. A true gem for white water rafters or kayakers.

    I had gone down I -5 a few months back at the height of the flooding. Truthfully I had not see the Sacramento that high since my high school days, Impressive.

    I also came home thru Reno or I-80 over the summit. I was raised at the top of the Donner Summit, I learned about really living in those informative years. In that area.

    Truly gods country. To bad it’s in Ca. Anyways I’ve seen and lived in much deeper snow on the summit, but the snow height was impressive, when I came thru.

    All the dams are or should be shortly dumping water for storage area retention. Their’s going to be a very fast snow melt and high water is going to be problematic.

    Their are some very concerned folks down around Stockton and below Don Pedro reservoir. Directly below DP, is a local water district, who legally and physically own a smaller lake, DP drains directly into that lake, and their friction between the govt, making room for runoff, and that water dist, who want to keep their lake as high as possible.

    Those guys are farmers and reluctant to dump water. I get it, their coming out of a legit water crisis. The Consumious River, the Toulome, And other rivers are at or were at record highs.

    My point is water storage, and control. Ca Or and US govt, actually have done a decent job of managing the resource. New storage is critical for all of us.

    All this water is from the mountains, which are occupied by hard core conservatives, in most cases. The State of,Jeffersoms is a pipe dream, yet I see more and more tangable idealogy pushing for that split.

    We are at, or near a world in which my kind of people willing to listen to the other sides bullshit. Their are really only a couple options. Splits are starting to make more and more sense.

    Happy Easter to you all.

  10. Eastern Oregon and Eastern Wa are having the same pipe dream. would be great if it could happen but I don’t see any of these states giving up real estate just because a few malcontents spring a leak in their diapers.

  11. I would move back to the Lassen/Plumas Counties area if it just weren’t in a Communist country.