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  1. Rofl. Art, pure art
    Most laughs since Santa Ana’s beaner ass got tarred and feathered and sent back home.

    Now if we can get someone to wire a set of ” truck balls” on the statue of Fearless Girl.

  2. This should escalate nicely as I think is the plan. See the based stickman video in prior thread (day by day) where knife is pulled by friend of the asshole who got clocked. Stay away from this bullshit IMO. Nothing good will come of it. When Antifa or any other asshole looking for shit comes up my road I won’t be hitting you with a stick.

    • no, this is good stuff. Hardrights & Trumpaholics vs hardLeft. And on the Reds’ home ground, Berkeley. Polarization is our friend. Memesters @ Dailystormer and elsewhere are having a solidarity-building field day. The GIF of that White guy pole-axing the Red Jewess who got in his face warms the heart.

  3. That looks more like an atomic wedgie to me. 😅

    • In ‘my day’ you made sure your nether-wear was never visible. If by accident you did ‘your friends’ would give you that atomic wedgie that would teleport you into next Sunday. Hell if your enemies got a chance.

  4. No doubt Fruit of the loom will come up with some sort of anti-weggie device for rioters.

  5. PEPE SPRAY…. Heehee….

  6. Robert Heiney

    This is how puke commies work. They are a destructive force in every country along with their cohorts the Islamic State. Both work the same way – both have the same goals.

  7. Should have tossed in one of Uncle Leo’s 3rd degree burn, hair removing Dutch Rubs.

  8. It’s not so fun for the Pussy Hat Brigade when the other team shows up for the match, is it?

  9. Should have shoved a Fair Trade, Organically Grown, Locally Produced, Union Packed, Lacto Fermented, pickle up his ass. But I guess the wedgie will do.

  10. The Antifa bitch that got punched (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DjZWrSVt1w) is also a hairy porn star (http://www.atkhairy.com/tour/model/ven020/Venus-Rosales) and on her facebook account the day before the riot she threatened the scalp a 100 nazi’s. The feminazi’s brainwashed this 97 lb girl into thinking she could duke it out with adult men. Luckily she just got off with just a headache and a black eye. She makes her living off of a very liberal 1st amendment, yet wants to take that right form me, by force. If that punch was 3 inches lower she would have lost teeth and been out of the only job she is qualified for. Hopefully that punch knocked some sense into her.


    Sooner or later, my friends, these rallies will be punctuated by gunfire. There will be dead demonstrators on both sides and both sides will claim the moral high ground using the corpses of the fallen. Remember Horst Wessel? Stay away from these “demonstrations”.
    You may stand in the backround. You may take notes and photos for later evaluation. BUT, do not stick your neck out. Go gray and stay gray. Remember the admonishment about the dish which is best: “…supped cold.”

    • That is especially great advice for parents who have young children depending on them. Fighting these punks is not a hill you want to die on.

  12. Antifa admits they lost.

  13. joe tentpeg

    ‘Making wedgies great again.’