“Lies Of Omission” Update And New Teaser

TL sends:

We have run some very successful campaigns so far and we thank everyone who has helped to make this film possible. We are in the final stages of editing, but that brings about another stage in the process, finishing the film and advertising to get it out to as many people as possible.

Having been involved in almost all of the editing, I can tell you that this is going to be a special film done correctly, without clever and deceptive editing, but letting some of the leaders in the Liberty Community have their say, to answer some of the tough questions we have asked. I have been impressed with their answers and often find myself quoting them in conversations with others.

I have had some of my views reinforced and I have had to rethink some of my presumptions as a result. It should, at a minimum, inspire anyone who watches it to learn more about their world.

FundRazr campaign

Thanks in advance.

9 responses to ““Lies Of Omission” Update And New Teaser

  1. POd America

    Can’t wait to see the end product and get it out to as many as possible. Thanks for all your efforts.


    What if….no one gave a rat’s ass about your efforts to expose the truth? What if….Amerikan sheeple were so dumbed-down or paralyzed by political correctness they were incapable of reacting to the truths of this video presentation? What if….this was never even exposed or picked up by the MSM?
    I applaud what the producers of this film are doing. If I were King, it would be shown in every high school and college in this syphilitic, degenerate, morally bankrupt Kakistocracy. We are too far gone as a culture and a country to even get the thought processes going about these nuggets of truth and liberty in this video presentation.
    I am about ready to get my own head chopped off because I dared to exercise my rights under FEDGOV law as a trained peace officer by carrying concealed on a high school campus. The man-hating feminazis of political correctness and their useful idiot manginas are way ahead the curve, vis-a-vis of our “BOR”. More to follow later in the week, if I’m not in an orange jumpsuit by then. Bleib ubrig.

    • them rotten bastards.

      i’ve had more than my share of corrupt fuckers who don’t- a pimple on my ass make.

      fuck the gubbermint and ALL of its stooges.

  3. Dan in Ohio

    Just donated. Thank you.

  4. Getting the film to a wide audience will be as much effort as making it was- if not more of an effort.

  5. Good endeavor, with quality and sound, but most important to
    reach out and touch someone.

    Just noticed this article:
    by Kit Perez
    “For weeks you watched the prosecution paint you as a violent criminal who should go to jail. You’ve watched over and over as people you thought you knew took the stand for the prosecution, allegedly lying about who you are and what you did. Worse, you’ve seen the judge openly side with them. Repeatedly she has refused to allow the evidence that proves your innocence, refused even to hear your attorney’s arguments. You aren’t allowed to ask questions; your attorney isn’t even allowed to cross-examine many of the witnesses…”
    In its entirety at:

  6. GREAT JOB Maybe if there were people who spoke out but most are to afraid or just dont want to see the truth .We are programmed to see no Evil,hear no Evil Speak no Evil.Were has Humanity gone?