She Werfs Flammen Like A Girl

Via Gab.

Just click on this Instagram link for the vid.

Well done, young lady.

22 responses to “She Werfs Flammen Like A Girl

  1. Flamethrower : Because sometimes someone needs to be burned.

  2. Now that is truly the definition of a ‘hot date’

  3. Went there. The gatlinlike gun one is pretty cool. Then the branch points to other stuff are endless. Never been on instagram before. Thanks for the intro.

  4. That young lady has some guts!

    Heehee…… that thing makes a good jet-ski motor!

  5. SemperFi, 0321

    Can’t get vid to play.
    As an 0351 (my original MOS), I was one of the last Marines trained on the old flamethower in early 1973. Good backward push as the fuel flowed thru the hose, you had to really lean into it, and 9 seconds was all the 72 lbs was good for, then empty.
    We were taught wet down target for 1 second (just fuel, no flame) then ignite lighter (front grip) and then give it another burst of 2-3 seconds of flaming fuel. Repeat as needed. And you can bounce fuel off side walls to get in behind target, kinda like ricochet fire, works best with napalm instead of straight gas.

  6. Jesse Bogan

    Because sometimes shooting is just too good for them.

  7. Looked like Egon Spengler, first time with a proton pack:

  8. Nice to use on some Antifa’s at Berkley!

  9. Here is an All Purpose Light Weight Individual Can Exterminator

  10. There are The Women of The West. There is no messing with them. Woman who haven’t forgotten what a sword, an axe, and gun are for.

    Fixed Bill’s roof top bomb shell: