Should White Progressive Women Be Disenfranchised?


Too much or too little?

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  1. All women ought be disfranchised.

    Abzug was not white. She was (clearing throat… polite cough…) a Tribeswoman.


    • here’s (((Bella))), Leader of the (((Pack))):

      still waiting for that list of not-Jewish “feminists”. Judging from the fables he’s been posting lately, resident warmonger Aesop seems to have a lot of time on his hands. He could do it…unless they all perished in the global Ebola pandemic.

      • Why would I want to?

        Look what the crowning achievement of the Progressive agenda, the XIXth Amendment, got us just here in the U.S.
        Starting with the election of Warren Harding.

        Put words and positions in someone else’s mouth.

    • Correct. Women should not be permitted the vote, nor to hold government office of any kind.

      In the early 20th century, all supporting female franchise were very knowledgeable of the European experience which had already proven the fact that women vote socialist over 65% of the time. Looking at their history today, has proven that idea correct.

      Don’t forget the late Andrea Dworkin, who once claimed to have been a whore in Paris.

      • Ugh. Andrea Dworkin.

        My trip to the dark side began in my university library , where my late-teens / early 20’s male brain thought ” If I can figure out this woman thing maybe I can score with chicks”. At the time I was a psych major – so I spent a decent amount of time in the stacks doing research in the psych journals while writing papers and so forth. It was the mid 80’s – so , no internet – all card catalog.

        Somewhere along the line in those travels I distinctly remember coming across Andrea Dworkin. She published in a number of “scholarly” journals. It was some REALLY nasty stuff. Advocating that men are sub-human and should be confined to prison camps and only used for labor – shit like that. And she wasn’t the only one. For me this was a real “holy shit” moment. The stuff is all out there if you care to dig and dig deep. For me it was many nights of staying to closing time at the library. Back when you had to do it the hard way and couldn’t just look shit up on the internet.

        So when I see the guys on Youtube with their MGTOW videos – and I talk with people I run across in meatspace and on the intarwebs – who seem to be amazed at shit like the pussy hat marches and the female support of Antifah and all the other assorted commie shit that is going on ……. I tell them: ” Welcome to the party pal – where the hell were you? I’ve known about this crap for MORE THAN 30 YEARS”.

        It’s not new – you just weren’t paying attention until now – because it’s gotten so much worse and out in the open.

  2. POd American

    All progressive women (any color) should be airdropped at the earliest possible time into Syrian ISIS training camps. This would accomplishes two things, 1) it rids us of their company, and 2) it will have all jihadi’s committing suicide by cutting their own throats in a matter of days.

  3. Defenestration would be more effective. Not to mention more amusing.

  4. Ominous Cowherd

    If we want to save Western Civilization and Christendom, all women must be disenfranchised.

  5. POd American

    Here’s another braindead prog that needs to be airdropped ind Syria along with her cat.

  6. Oregon Hobo

    Didn’t we just have a link to some outrage-porn last week in which we tsk-tsk’d and waggled our fingers over some woman advocating for disenfranchisement of white men? Hypocrisy much?

    Found it… right here:

    Please, can we stop associating our side with this sort of stupid shite? If we don’t like women voting socialist then howabout we as parents stop raising girls with a worldview in which being dependent on men and dumb as a sack of hammers are feminine qualities?

    The Men’s Rights Movement rightly points out the trap of marriage, alimony, and misandronist judges, the ruination that feminism has wrought on the modern female, and much more that I won’t bother to inventory right now. However, we’ve got more than a few gaps on our own side between what we want and what we say we want.

    I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve seen some writer complaining in the same blog entry about how it’s hard to get laid coz women are frigid and how he doesn’t like women who aren’t virgins. …Or how we should sleep with lots of women so we don’t overvalue them, and how women shouldn’t sleep with too many men because then they won’t value us. …Or how women need to be more submissive to their man (which goes hand-in-hand with dependency, both material and emotional), then act shocked when 65% of women vote for dependence on a daddy figure or treat us as a fountain of money to be strip-mined in divorce court.

    Two sides of the same coin. We see now with our 20/20 hindsight the mistakes that the “Greatest Generation” made in raising the Baby Boomer generation, but we still can’t see our own hands in the making of the problems we face today.

    Just so we’re clear, anyone seeking to pull the vote from the female members of my family is every bit as much my enemy as the South African bint in that HuffPo article calling for my own disenfranchisement.

    Please, cut this crap out and go take your daughters shooting or something. If you’re not helping the women in your life to be more like that 35% that are doing it right, then you’re part of the problem. Stop blaming all women for your own shortcomings and let’s let the left go back to being the ones to alienate themselves from the rest of humanity by associating themselves with this sort of collectivist tripe.

    We’re better than this.


    • Or you can trump the sex issue by radically restricting the objects of the franchise, both directly at the ballot box and indirectly by similar restrictions on what the legislature can do.

    • Outrage porn? HuffPo??
      You jest, certainly.
      That’s the mainstream of the Left in this country.

      Or, do you believe in Bigfoot, the Easter Bunny, moderate Muslims, and unicorns too?

      It’s only reasonable, when they make a serious suggestion, to make them a reasonable counter-offer.
      Doubly so when that counter-offer has the force of wisdom and logic, rather than sheer bile and malign rhetoric on its side.

      • Oregon Hobo

        I don’t deny that the HuffPo article reflected the opinions of a significant portion of the left, and perhaps even a majority of those in positions of power and influence among the left.

        I’m also a big fan of Reductio Ad Absurdum as a method for exposing blathering stupidity such as that found in the HuffPo article in question, and if that was the purpose of this High Country Blog article, I’d have a far more positive response. However, the argument for disenfranchisement of women (or progressive women, however that might work) looks to my eye to be a serious proposal, and one that I’ve seen a few times previously. In none of these cases was it presented as an absurdity meant to shine a light on the equally absurd proposals of the left.

        As for wisdom, logic, bile, and malign rhetoric, the arguments are near-identical. Flip a couple of key words and one becomes the other. White men vote in terrible right wing regimes like the Trump administration so we should take the vote away from them. Women vote in terrible left wing regimes like the Obama administration so we should take the vote away from them.

        Again, this sort of collectivist thinking is the traditional domain of leftists and Islamists. Having divorced myself from the leftist milieu just within the past decade, I’m not about to sign back up for more of the same rubbish.

        This is a cultural problem, which requires a cultural solution. Let’s suppose for the sake of argument that our side succeeds in repealing the 19th Amendment but does nothing to resolve the cognitive deficiencies underlying that 65/35 ratio. Who do you suppose is going to do most of the raising of the next generation of children, both at home and at school? We will be overruled by the next generation, because we failed to fix the problem.

        We have a challenge before us. Those unaccustomed to regulating their own behavior tend not to be very good at it. For examples witness the advent of democracy in any Middle Eastern nation whose strongman dictator has been abruptly removed. Free, free at last, drunk with the sweet wine of victory, and thirsty for more, they immediately vote for tyranny (their guy this time though so it’s cool) on any day when they’re not busy bombing and burning their own cities and people.

        Many Americans have recently blinked away the conditioned fear of words like “racist” and “misogynist”, but now we are in danger of buying into the leftist campaign to suck all the meaning from these terms. Yes, it is in fact possible to behave in ways that are genuinely racist or misogynist by the original definitions of these terms. Many people are simply unaccustomed to regulating our own behavior in this arena. We need to recognize the contrarian reflexes we developed in response to the left’s excesses as both a product of those excesses and as fuel for more of the same dynamic. If we let this pendulum keep swinging, let us not be surprised when it swings back again in response to our failure to restrain our own excesses over the next 4 or 8 years.

        If we are truly so incompetent that we can’t come up with a version of liberty (that’s still what we’re all about, right?) that includes the other 50% of the population, we’ve already lost. Scratch that — you’ve already lost. I’m getting off this bus if that’s where it’s headed, and I believe I’ll have plenty of company.

        #OREGON HOBO#

  7. The Usual Suspect

    And men paid money to fuck that ????
    Say it ain’t so Joe, say it ain’t so !

  8. Grenadier1

    One vote per household. I generally think it would be a good idea for that household to be a home you own or mortgage but I have not decided if that is a necessary step or not.