Take A Breath

Assessment from Aesop.


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  1. are you kidding?

    a sop is a tool.

    he has nothing…

    • That action figure picture that you have as your avatar, it has stains on it. Has it been up your mudring face first?
      “Gently Used”.
      Not hatin, just asking.

      • That’s Jake McNiece of the “Filthy 13” from the famous D-Day photo. Currahee!!!

      • I know it’s hard for most murkins to believe there are men who still look and act like men… I happen to be one of them. You should see the women I can attract- on a daily basis.

        peons and peasants… will never know true freedom.

        What’s it like to work your miserable life away for nothing? I get up every morning(when I want to) and do whatever I please. Being in the 1% does have some advantages…. 🙂 One thing I will never do is listen to or take advice from anyone who hasn’t succeeded in life, that would be dumb.

        The net is full of “experts” who don’t have a pot to piss in.

        Fuck that stupid noise.

        • And yet, day after day, you have nothing better to do then lift your skirt and spank your asscheeks here.

          You’re clearly a legend in your own mind, everyone downwind of you gets that. But so far, that’s 100% of all you have to offer.

          The only redeeming value of your posts is that hundreds of people know instantly what “That Guy”, the one they’re not supposed to be, sounds like.

          Just build a temple to yourself, lock yourself inside, and be done with it.

        • You’re telling us on the internet about the women you attract? What a desperate loser. Desperate for Internet respect. Your life must suck.

    • Detroit III

      You realize peoe just tune you out, yes?

    • tfA-t prepares his usual withering rhetorical salvo:

    • Concur. Not gonna bother arguing with his ‘rah rah we’ve got Tomahawks’ BS. Nor with his inability to explain the superhuman qualities of White Helmets who unlike those Japanese after the Tokyo Shoka Asahara attack, can handle sarin victims or even stand right next to the bomb crater where evil Assad supposedly dropped his chemicals and not go into convulsions — oh I know, dispersal and all that. Plus we should like totally trust White Helmets who pose for selfies with Al-Qaeda, since the CIA evidently does even now that Pompeo has replaced Riyadh John Ibn Saud Brennan as director. The more of Assad’s air force we can destroy so Al-Qaeda can advance on Christian towns that have been Christian for 1,900 years the better. Amurika!

      When it turns out what chems were used came from the mad dog neo-Ottoman Sultan and our friends who gave us 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers the Saudis, I’ll be back to remind Aesop of his rah rah dumbassery. Better yet, when the Yemenis missiles get a helluva a lot more accurate at blasting Saudi F-15s on the tarmac, quite probably with a few Brit or US contractors alongside them, and the Houthis are kicking the crap out of ‘our’ Mideast allies with their shiny new anti-tank missiles from Russia and Iran with love and the new Saudi refinery on the Red Sea is on fire, I can explain the concept of asymmetrical warfare and retaliation to Aesop…but it’ll probably be a wasted effort.

  2. Randall Flagg

    “2)”But the sarin attack is a false flag!”
    Really, Cupcake? So, everyone who “knows”, and can back it up, that Assad is a swell fellow, doesn’t have nerve gas, and would never ever use it on his people, because it’s bad, raise your hands.”

    Hand raised. Pick me! Pick me!

    The answer is: Don’t care. Don’t care if there was a gas attack. Not my problem. Never has been. But for some reason, you and many others, are just champing at the bit to get into Syria.

    • Way to miss the point totally, Randall.

      I’m champing at the bit to not get into Syria.
      But I’m happy to let the Navy send Assad all the missiles up the yazoo he can use.

      Thanks for playing, and there’ll be some lovely parting gifts for ya.

      • as the ZOG’s Ukraine hijack indicated, you can push Putin only so far. Then he strikes back. The same will happen in Syria. Meanwhile, Assad – ably supported by Hezbollah, the Palestinian Brigade, SAA, Russian SF, Russian AF, etc., will go on winning.

        As to N. Korea, I agree…time to do “something”. But as it stands now, Trump is waiting for the Chinks to act decisively…and the Chinks are waiting for Trump to act decisively. Meanwhile, the Norks will go on norking.

        • Yah. They’re really norking it right out of the park:

          But I’m sure Kim thinks those 150K Chinese troops are just at the border to pick up the pieces of the missile, not to help him find a new place to live.

  3. wendystringer48088

    Good read. Does make a good case for President Trump being at least better than what we would have got with Hillary and puts in a better perspective President Trump’s recent actions firing the Tomahawk cruise missiles into Syria. I really hope Aesop’s analysis and assessment is correct.
    I for one am still confused by some of what is going on with Trump. His daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner for instance. But I guess no one is perfect and they can only do so much. So maybe it is not time to run around in circles screaming that all hope is lost just yet.
    “So keep up your PT, stock up on supplies, go to the range for some practice.
    The world is still a scary place, and there’s plenty of real things to worry about, and for which to prepare. So all you dutiful good pessimists, cheer up: bad times are always coming. (The only question is when.)”
    I can get on board with this.
    I have been spending the Good Friday-Easter Sunday weekend doing all kinds of prep stuff. PT (Physical Training) and PM (Preventive Maintenance) are pretty important to real world performance.
    Seems the more you do the more you find you need to do. When was the last time the spark plugs and ignition wiring was changed. Survival food, meds and medical supplies and how out of date are they all may be as important as when were the rifles last sighted in? Lots of things to do.
    Took a break to check in here and saw the new poat and had to respond. Now back off the internet and back to (personal prepping) work.
    Happy Easter all!

    • Happy Easter to you too.
      Aesop brings up many valid considerations. So much depends on perspective because really, non of us knows for sure the details and sercret squirrel shit going on.
      With the undercurrent of chaos within the oligarchy and the exposure of how illegitimate the entire construct of the government is evidence the deep state, and the scale of corruption and crime in it’s wake, nothing can be discounted.
      There is another way to look at it. Dirt People Rules. How soon after such an act of defiance of the statist-quo we can forget how much power we have with our consent.

    • ” Does make a good case for President Trump being at least better than what we would have got with Hillary”

      True, but that doesn’t change that he either lied about his stance on such issues in order to get elected, or that he has so little integrity he already betrayed his position and his supporters.

  4. “The Yinion Plan.” “The Sampson Option.” “Operation Talpiot.”
    Lenin referred to certain sorts as “useful fools.”
    “Show your work.”

    • John, considering you’re carrying Lenin’s water just now, you might want to be a bit more circumspect before reminding folks what he called those people.

      I showed my work.
      All you’ve done is best described as outgassing.
      Feel free to remedy that, and it will be a discussion.
      But you’d have to do more than just gainsaying.

  5. This guy has his points, those who have had feel reign for decades can’t match the USA and really do not want to start things, but the many old vets are right also that the USA is now closer to a serious war than has been in decades and Trump hasn’t completed 100 days.
    You can walk out the house with a gun and everyone will take notice but once you start firing warning shots, the locals might not just sit there and jump when you say so.

  6. …hurr…murrr…cops suck…Americans are shit…durr…huurr…words.

    How sad is your life?

  7. A considerably more rigorous “assessment” from an MIT professor emeritus and national security professional of many years standing – http://www.unz.com/article/the-nerve-agent-attack-in-khan-shaykhun-syria/
    Excerpt referencing the U.S. intelligence report:
    “I believe it can be shown, without doubt, that the document does not provide any evidence whatsoever that the US government has concrete knowledge that the government of Syria was the source of the chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun, Syria at roughly 6 to 7 a.m. on April 4, 2017.”

    • Your still stuck on stupid, Ralph.
      The Tomahawk missiles were undeniably real.
      So are the results.

      But whenever I want to know what to think, I always go to the Ivy League.
      Because they’ve done so well prognosticating to date, especially given their deep experiential understanding of military and international issues.
      Hence the inevitable triumph of the Soviet Union in the Cold War, exactly as they predicted.

  8. Tired of this shit

    “Aesop”… Hmm…

    Yet another pea-brained imbecile who thinks he is so much more intelligent than everyone else that he has the moral right to talk to everyone with the utmost contempt and condescension.

    If someone is so arrogant, he is also ignorant.

    His short blog post is filled with logical fallacies.

    Nothing to see there. Really.

    “If you think you are arguing with an idiot, most likely he is doing the same.”
    So, moving on…

  9. True. Not true. My truth. Your truth. Their truth. Who’s truth? Since we live in a world with many truths’ (at least those story lines – that would be ‘narrative’ for the vast unthinking majority out there [less the good folks that visit this site]) we (that would be both you and me) get to pick the ‘truth’ we wish to believe. Which pretty much leaves us with if we (I) didn’t see it/experience it first hand, it is only narrative and that is exactly what the information sources push so hard to establish. Better get back to basic principals and focus mostly what is in front of you – mind what you can take care of (that would be me also) and take all else with a ‘grain of sand’ …..

  10. Aesop –
    I just came in for lunch from moving our herd of cattle composed of 370 A.U.M.’s to a different pasture one last time before we move them onto to the grazing allottment in late May. I suppose your penniless ass will call me a “Welfare Rancher” just like the rest of Lenin’s minions do even if I am paying the folks who provide you your Food Stamps, the U.S.D.A., a perfectly fair amount for the somewhat sparse grass and browse available on “public lands.”

    I must admit though, because that left shoulder got shot up a bit during Nixon’s first term, it is getting kind of tough to get that damn horse saddled up and then the well-worn thing back off him and onto the saddle-tree as these years are flying by. I’m not complaining – just saying.

    Given I have actual “real work” to do this afternoon, sort of “P.T.” by repairing the spring boxes and moving the water tanks back into position up on that allotment, I don’t have much time for banter with you this afternoon. But for the few minutes I’m cleaning the food off this plate before we head back on up to the mountain, I just wanted you to know how proud of you I am.

    You actually have your very own “Blog”. I’m so impressed with that discovery I was left temporarily speechless after realizing that I’ve actually been engaged in argumentative banter with a fellow whose mommy named him Aesop (you guys are Greek, right?) because of his genetically-endowed brilliance. A darn Blog! Right then it then occurred to me that due to your superior genetics there was no need for any education beyond Basic Training after matriculating through the government-controlled K-12 propaganda machine, up to and including the personal collecting of vast volumes of quality reading material (those are called “Books”) and broadening your intellectual horizons. In your circumstance there was no need for such as you were obviously born with an “over the horizon” intellect while those of us farther down the evolutionary ladder in that random gene-pool lottery actually had to do what Henry Ford once quipped about; “Thinking is hard work, which is why so few do it.”

    That must be why you have a “Blog”, a “Blog” obviously being a modern imprimatur of sorts, for having a “Blog” provides a warranty effectively stating that readers should take your musings with the utmost of seriousness, that your thoughts translated into words carry with them a level of contemplative intellectual gravitas reserved for but a mere cadre of others who, like you, came from the sperm of one royal and noble personality let loosed with unbridled passion seeking out the once-a-month holy egg carried by another of such blessed status.

    Thank God the sperm found its mark.

    Now “matured” and the the registered owner of a “Blog”, you have found it within yourself to engage in that ancient European custom of noblesse oblige, sparing the rest of us that horrible task Henry Ford suggested above, to work hard and to think hard and to read widely. All that is required for the non-Bloggers of the world is for us to know our place – that of being a non-Blogger and therefore just another blank face in the sea of lumpen upon which you gaze down upon, Gatsyby-like. What is expected, no, “required” of us non-Bloggers who don’t spend all our waking hours in front of these screens because of “Meatspace” is to simply nod our heads in agreement with your utterances, (curtsy)”Kind sir.”

    Reflectively, I just don’t know why I read Lenin’s “What is to be Done?” way back in 1975. Clausewitz? Carrol Quigley? Bertrand Russell? Henry Ford? Every volume of Shakespeare and Chaucer? I don’t know why I read a damn thing. I don’t know why I’ve got damn near 4,000 books in my personal library. If I had known that a “Blogger” such as you could accurately tell me how the world supposedly works and better yet, how I should think, I wouldn’t have read a damn thing my entire life. All I had to do was be patient and wait for you to show up.

    What I do know is this. In mid-February of 2009 my wife and I were headed to Missoula to get some more veterinary supplies since calving season was upon us, and for some background noise we had old Rush Limbaugh on in the Dodge Diesel. McCain and Palin were losing afterthoughts and in a rare admission of what he really does, Limbaugh spurted out with some real anger in his voice, “I’ve been carrying water for these neocons for a long time.” My wife of thirty-seven years and the mother of our four children and I exchanged glances, not that we didn’t know he was and is a water-carrying sonofabitch. We were just surprised he admitted it. So is everyone on Fox News except for Tucker Carlson, and we’ll see how long he keeps his job. He might, if he’s careful. The one’s who work for the other networks are all water-carrying sonsofbitches regardless of what biological sex they are too. Being a water-carrying sonofabitch is both in the job description and it’s clearly written on the Style Sheet.

    Aesop. You are nothing but a really small container, like about the size of a urine-test container carrying sonofabitch, with your very own Blog. As I wrote above, I’m just so darn proud of you!

    Happy Easter, folks. I’ve got to go back to work.

    • I repeat, John, your e-penis is certainly positively monstrous, casting a shadow that’s visible from space, and all bow before the fact you have a paying job, and once served in the military.
      I hate to break it to you, but even that is not a very small club.
      Even on the internet. Even on this thread.
      But sad to say, no, my mother didn’t name me Aesop, any more than your mother likely named you after an indoor plumbing convenience.
      But I’m glad to see the investment in technology is paying you such dividends. Even if it means that you mistake scraping off what’s on your boots as contributing to the discussion.

      Your previous attempts having fallen well clear of the mark, and lacking any substantive ability to put words to page except to cock-a-doodle-doo about your (so far undemonstrated) vast and voluminous skills at knowledge synthesis and reasoning, perhaps you would deign to spare us your futile attempts at inapt sarcasm, and go back to herding cows. That, at least, has the patina of honest work for noble motives. And there’s no danger of you having to worry about being contradicted amongst the panoply of intelligence you rub shoulders with while on the job. Your repartee must dazzle the entire herd.

      But in case you missed it, no one’s trying to “tell you how to think”.
      It was more along the lines of a fond wish that you might simply begin the exercise in the first place.
      If only for the novelty of the effort.
      Best wishes on your newest endeavor.

    • POd America

      Happy Easter to you and yours.

      I have given up responding to this character and as you can guess from my previous comments (saw a few hints of them in your reply) that I don’t agree with about 99% of what he’s been spewing lately.

      You made my day with your own personal brand of ass-whipping….all I can say is Bravo. Now that you got that out of your system, maybe you too will ignore his future rants.

      If no one responds…did he really say anything??

    • John, god bless you!. I spit coffee on this one. Thank you for being a real American. Where I’m at I’m surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of men, working off of their horses backs, doing similar work.

      Sometime backbreaking work, with god awful hours, and little return.

      Happy Easter to you sir!


  11. Just finished reading Aesop’s essay.

    1. America has NO justification for playing ‘cop’ to the rest of the world.

    2. America has NO justification for attacking or invading any other country that hasn’t invaded or attacked us FIRST.

    3. Every ‘war’ has ALWAYS been a banksters/collectivist’s war..they’re the only ones who’ve ever benefited in any meaningful way.

    4. What goes on (real or far more likely false flag by the HMF’sWITTIC) in other countries is NOT our ‘business’..our business is what is happening here and now in our own AO’s…not what happens with the scumlords of ‘Mordor on the Potomac’ (who trumpy is the latest seat warmer and puppet of..nothing more!).

    5. Realize that you’re who matters to you and yours…trumpy and the rest of the narcissitic sociopaths that are the parasite class aren’t going to save you..we’re nothing more in their eyes than ‘human groceries’..and no fraudulent ancient scrap of paper guarantees you or protects anything critical to you (read Royce’s ‘Hologram of Liberty’ or Spooners essays to understand this)..the only ‘protection’ that any of us have is our guns and the ability and will to use them as necessary in righteous self-defense!

    6. Stop worshipping/believing in the most dangerous superstition, aka ‘authority/gov’. Read Larken Rose’s book in PDF format online for free to understand this as well as reading Bill Bupperts essays at his site Zero.gov

    Simply put don’t be a willing tool or useful idiot for the HMF’sWITTIC..that’s what the parasite class and their remoras want you to do!

    Think and live for you and yours – the parasite class can FOAD!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    NorthGunner III

    • Interesting theories, bereft of any actual support; unfortunately, the world you imagine isn’t the world that actually is.
      Just because you aren’t a T. rex, you shouldn’t for a moment believe that they’ll be ignoring you, and it’s helpful to pay attention to where, and upon whom, they sup.

      None of which matters for most of us day-to-day, especially points 4 and 5, in which you and I are largely in complete agreement.

      • If we agree on Pts 4 and 5 that’s
        a ‘win-win’ for personal Liberty.
        The other points are based on the golden rule (what goes for individuals also goes for nations interacting with each other).
        Unfortunately the ‘parasite clans’ that consider themselves the HMF’sWITTIC insanely believe that they ‘speak’ for everyone else where they imagine that they rule over.

        What utter brain rot!!

        trumpy no more speaks or represents me than ‘doofus deucy’ or ‘john mc’hitler’ or any of the other parasites that infest Arizona.

        None of them do ANYTHING for me, not have I ever asked or demanded that any member of the parasite class ever do anything for me. They’re on the order of tapeworms and dog ticks..the sooner folks start seeing them in that light and stop giving them any respect or believing they have any legitimacy in any way shape or form then people will truly be free!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        NorthGunner III

    • Wars for oil have a habit of keeping this pretty cool technology called, “Civilization” going, so there’s that…

      But, if you like anarchy, there’s plenty of that in third world already. The end-state of anarchy is Warlordistan.

      When you and yours are getting roasted over a spit, and the Strong Man and his lieutenants take turns on your womenfolk before chopping them into nuggets, be sure that your last words are an explanation of how the, “non-aggression principle” works.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Going back to 1917, not one thing has changed. The masses clamored for war after being brainwashed and lied to, and the MIC was making a killing on war supplies. Anyone who voiced opposition was locked up or lynched.
      We’ve seen how many wars since then, and it’s the same story every time.
      Mankind is composed of mainly idiots, most of whom will never grow 2 more brain cells than their parents had.
      Actually, on an academic level, we’re a lot dumber than they were in 1917.

  12. Could care less about anything overseas. I didn’t vote for that. And now, “Regime change”…. again.

    No thanks. Same as the old boss.

  13. PS if Putin is such a ‘pussy’ why aren’t members of the greater Galician master race freedumb army comfortably sitting in Donetsk and Lugansk, or better yet shouting Slava Ukraina from Sevastapol?

    Or why is the Syrian army still advancing and team AlCIAeda moderate TOW Jihad still retreating after our awesome Tomahawk show?

    Show your work Aesop.

    • Sure thing.

      There are 19 more like that, along with the rest of the base.
      How many more would you like?

      BTW, how many airstrikes did Putin launch in retaliation?
      How many times did we suffer missile attack in Iraq between 2003-2012?
      How many times did Russian & Chinese planes bomb Saigon from 1965-1973?

      Just wondering.

      What he’s done in Donetsk, against Ukranian mall cops and pick-up militia has about taxed his remaining tiny army to the breaking point. And as they’ve found out in Syria, sending a sizeable expeditionary air force outside your home country and keeping them there is no picnic.
      Look around the web, and get back to me.

  14. I wonder what it’s like to be the smartest guy in the room, completely oblivious to the elephant(s) within same.

  15. Have affirmed that Tfat troller and Aesop neocon turd ball are a total waste of bandwith and not even worth the effort of skimming text. Quick scroll past here after. Someone has to say it – Good riddance DungBeetles.

    • Bengal, don’t underestimate either. Both are in fact brilliant in their own way. Both alpha’s. The parts they dislike about each other is mute, their one and the same, which is usually the case.

      Think of it this way. When I meet and dislike someone, after soul searching, I’ve discovered that I see in that person a part of me that I don’t like. Not 100%, but dam close.

      One uses anger, to keep us red white and blue, the other uses ego. Amusingly, both switch rolls often. Their both important on this site.

      How boring would WRSA be if we all saw it, thru the same eyes. Zero learning would be happening.

      Learning is exactly why we are all here, to learn and have a small voice for minor modifications.

      We aren’t shaping the world here, but we are shaping our part of the state by being vigilant via outside education. I’m the same way with Barnhart, drives me nuts. Which is exactly why I continue to read her shit.

      Or I’m wrong, again,


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  17. Well said, sir.

    Iron sharpens iron.