Things That Make You Say “Hmmm…”

Jews Standing Up For Muslims



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  1. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    My guess is they arent actually Jewish.
    They may have converted.
    Islam is allowed to lie and deny.
    Who knows.
    I know the Jews in Baltimore are not informed on anything.
    They have the same problems most of America has, if not worse.
    I would say worse,

    • They choose to live in a collectivist hive called Baltimore..and most likely would be totally lost if they were immediately transported to either my AO or say, Ten Sleep or Worland Wyoming..especially since we proudly open carry here.

      Collectivist larvae appearing to inhabit grown human bodies…truly a ghastly version of ‘pod people’….

      Need I say more?….
      Nah, didn’t think so…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      NortgGunner III

  2. The article’s author Margirie Ingall has obviously been drinking the collectivist koolaide and has graduated officially to Stockholm syndrome.

    Man oh man…talk about the foolish taking the viper to their bosom in real time!…

    Jews for moslems makes as much sense as blacks for slavery, chickens for Col. Sanders and pussyhatted crazy cat ladies for clitnicking.

    As the kid in the film might have said,
    “I see stupid people”.

    You can’t just make this shit up..that’s the real head shaker where this is concerned.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty – Furthermore islam and its enablers and supporters MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III

    • no, Jews have been allied with Islam against White Western Civilization for most of the last 1,300 years. That’s why Christian Crusaders slaughtered Jews and Muslims with equal joy. Throughout the subsequent Caliphate, Jews were the Moors’ tax-collectors and enforcers. As recently as 1922 on the Turkish coast at Smyrna, Jews and Muslims joined hands to massacre 200,000 Greek and Armenian Christians. Currently, Israel (where the Zionist racial nationalist wing or organized Jewry clusters) and the Sunni-ruled Muslim states – Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan – are tightly allied against the Shi’a; if the Israel-backed Sunni terrorists win in Syria, that’ll be ally #4. Meanwhile, Leftwing universalist Tikkun Olam Jews in the Diaspora are using the Muslims blown out of their own countries by the Great War on Terror (i.e., war to keep Israel on the map and oil-producers on the debtbuck) as one of their several ethnic invasive armies to destroy the White Nations.

      So it all makes perfect sense.

      • Mr. Frosty

        True 100%, but boomers and “Team Freedom” will do Olympic tier mental gymnastics to claim Jews are our “greatest ally” and the 85% of Jews who support the Muslim invasion of Christian nations “aren’t REAL Jews”

        Cognitive Dissonance is an ugly thing…

  3. People living in Bodymore Murderland can choose whatever house of worship they would like, prayer won’t stop the bear.

    • TheyCallMeRockStar22

      Baltimore has many, many problems.
      I will be raising a family here, but they will be taught the truth about the world.
      I think Baltimore(and Baghdad) prepared me well for the world we live in.
      Don’t worry about us.
      Also, if you ever find yourself in Wapiti, Wy. send my regards. I Love the North Fork, I Have a mess of Family up there.

  4. POd American

    I threw up in my mouth and stopped reading after “diversity advisor.”

  5. I read “The Rise and Fall” when I was in JR. High and it got me hooked on the ETO for life. I’ve consumed all I could over the years and never got tired of it.  Even though my dad served on a sweeper in the Navy and witnessed the bodies floating down the Yangzee river from Mao purges, the PTO didn’t grasp my interest all that much. 

    Over the past 4-5 years I have though long and hard about the following.

    Re: the holocaust;  my longest running complaint is that pretty much *everyone* has been trained to think it was only the 6 million Jews that got eliminated. You tell (((them))) that there were 6+ million non-Jews as well you get vacant stares, ignored or, more likely, argumentation.

    I have never, and I mean *NEVER* read or heard anything regarding the other 6+ million non-Jews slaughtered in the camps and shot down in ditches from any major Jewish publication or prominent Jew whatsoever. Commentary Mag, Front Page, Tablet, Mosaic, Caroline Glick, Bill Kristol, those frauds (and supposed ex-Communists) David Horowitz and Ron Radosh (who crucified Diana West and got her banned from FPM because she told the truth), Steven Spielberg, none of them. Sure, those forgotten ones get lip service in the holocaust museums but that’s about it. They are *that*  focused and single-minded.

    I used to be very pro-Semitic. No longer. Now I’m just indifferent to their screams. They want to push the self-destruct button in the name of “human rights”?  Welcome to the new and improved Zyklon-B.

    I fully support Trump’s position on Israel and moving our embassy to Jerusalem, if, for no other reason, to enrage the goat-fucker Muslims , neo-Nazis (and quite a few “Christians”) for their visceral hatred of Israel. They deserve their own nation. They paid in blood many times over for it for over 2,000 years.

    But they want to cast themselves as the only victims of wholesale murder by the Nazis here in the U.S.? Fine and Dandy.  Fuck ’em. As a result they have lost their primary status as the oppressed minority with me, and a whole lot of others, a long time ago.

    I would hazard a guess that this quote is somewhere in their canon of scripture, but perhaps to often conveniently forgotten:

    “What ye sow, that shall ye reap.”

    Perhaps *that’s* a lesson that should be preached on Saturdays.

    • Mr. Frosty

      How was the Zyklon administered? The “gas chambers” doors and windows weren’t sealed. How much coal does it take to oven 12 million bodies? How much coal did Nazi Germany have access to?

      A first year engineering student could have come up with a better mass execution system, yet it mysteriously eluded Nazi rocket scientists…

  6. “Windage”

  7. Author Ingall must be a Jew. She charges $2 just to comment.

    • good one. Don’t put that sort of comment up if you’re in Canada, Britain, France, Germany, etc. You’ll be arrested, fined heavily, and then jailed for years. Tells ‘ya (((who))) rules.

  8. As a Christian there is no difference between a Jew and a Muslim. Both reject Christ and are non-believers.

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    Have “upstander” on your hip. Problem solved!

  10. Josephus was Jewish historian on the pro-Roman side, after Titus razed Jerusalem and Solomon’s Temple.
    Doubtless there were pro-Hitler Jews too, right up until they got put on the trains.

    Quisling, at last look, was a native Norwegian, as Merkel now is a native German.

    This is hardly a new phenomenon, for Jews, or anyone else.
    Some people just have a nihilistic wish for the grave.

  11. Bibleater Bibleater

    Makes about as much sense as yelling “hallelujah” (save now) one week and the next screaming “crucify him”. They will be holding center stage in the future because of deep connections to the prince of this world.
    Bite ,chew, swallow repeat.

  12. Unlimited Muslim immigration into Europe and the US is heavily funded by various wealthy Jews.

    Soros and the Rothschilds have paid billions to change the laws in most of Europe so that you can be arrested and fined just for voicing opposition to these policies.

  13. The Walkin' Dude

    Jews standing up for their “boogeyman”?

    • Mr. Frosty

      Christ and his followers are the Jewish “bogeyman” according to their holy book, the Talmud. He almost wiped out the Pharisees and they see him and his followers as their greatest threat to this very day. That’s why you clearly see the Pharisees (Jews) allying with their lesser enemy (Islam) against Christendom.

  14. Cannibal rabbits. Stay well clear until they are done with each other.

  15. Gotta wonder why the muslim dome on the rock has been permitted to exist.

    And why the phrase “anti-semite” has So Long been in vogue; semite being a descendant of Noah’s son Shem. Which of course points to both jews & muslims.

  16. Maybe we should consider it a proper Christian approach to dealing with small human issues? The kind of things cops should use to de-escalate confrontations?

    The comments to this point were all based on the assumptions that Muslims are all alike and bad.

    I know Muslims, they are very common in our area. For example, I just found one of our family’s acquaintances and business associates were Muslim. We went to their daughter’s wedding, everyone was drinking wine and spirits, there was no hint of religion.

    Muslims are no more alike than Christians or Jews, and every religion has its extremist elements, which periodically become violent. Hindus pioneered suicide bombings in Sri Lanka against militant Buddhists. Our allies foster the suicide bombers, and the US train and equips the anti-Assad forces which use them to such deadly effect, for example :

    I find it difficult to blame Muslims in general for Muslim suicide bombers. The same argument could find you and me responsible for that Al Qaeda attack, seems t ome.

    • You make a good point:
      95% of Muslims give the rest a bad name.

      But Islam has a name for the ones you met at a neighborhood wedding, mixing with infidels and consuming alcohol: apostates.
      Unlike Christianity, there’s been no Muslim Reformation.

      So maybe look up the original surrahs in Koran about the proper disposition of infidels and apostates.
      Then get back to us about “violent extremists”.
      Versus “mainstream orthodoxists”.