Cognitive Dissonance

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  1. You mean that “Frankenstein monster”, which the CIA created, that escaped? Ya…he decided to breed. His kids are here looking for their “inheritance”…

  2. There is no cognitive dissonance for the insiders since they’ve always backed wahabbist sunnis.

  3. We’ve thrown our penalty flag.

    The best move now is to withdraw, and let the children fight it out among themselves, then see what’s left over when the dust clears.

    A dozen years and more trying it the other way should show the folly of trying to pull western democracy out of the asses of superstitious tribal goathumpers.

    • it was never about ‘western democracy”. More like the Greater Israel Project and the Petrodollar, with a long bow toward the CIA’s poppy fields in Afghanistan. That being the case, there will no withdrawal short of a nuclear climax.

  4. Obozo, Kerry, Shrillary & the neocon$ wanted to invade Syria, then. But couldn’t muster the support for war. So, the false flags continued.

    A brief background:

    1) When mo-ham-head expired the muslim world was split regarding who was to be the rightful successor – one side shiite, the other sunni. Both sides regard the other as illegitimate, both sides desire to rule the muslim world

    2) The neocon$ & progre$$ivists of U$A, France, Britain et al have long been allied with the house of Saud aka the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SA is a sunni nation, Syria is a Shiite majority nation. See #1 above.

    3) Iran, an ally of Syria is also Shiite majority. See #1 above.

    4) The U$ is currently backing the House of Saud war against “rebels” in Yemen. Unlike Syria, Yemen is a sunni majority country, thus the “rebels” in Syria are U$ $upported, while in Yemen the “rebels” are attacked.

    5) The US, France/Britain/et al (represented by the EU) greatly desire a pipeline through Syria to deliver oil to Europe, thereby greatly reducing EU dependence on oil from Russia, via Ukraine. A not inconsequential benefit to those proposing same is the prospect of vast wealth, and more importantly to exert control on millions of Europeans at will.

    6) The central banker controlled US/Germany/France/Britain et al must maintain at all costs a market for the world reserve currency, the U$ Federal Reserve note, the dollar. Maintaining this requires virtually that virtually all oil be sold only to bearers of the U$ FRN.

    7) Countries whose leaders have demonstrated an interest in selling oil for gold or something else of real value, spurning the U$ re$erve currency or “guiding hand” have found themselves invaded or otherwise overthrown, much like Syria in 1953, Iran in 1954, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and so forth.

    8) The unfortunate residents within the EU have demonstrated resistance to EU predations on national will and individual freedom, the EU & U$ have addressed this failure to willingly comply by creating the conditions calculated to flood the EU with millions of openly hostile invaders, euphemistically referred to as “refugees”. This group will form the New European vote, as shock troops to subdue the already passive europeans.

    9) The U$, having created & funded the Taliban (in Afghanistan, against the then USSR), later morphing to Al Queda, then ISIS – still with U$ funding, has used these groups under the guise of “arab spring” or “moderate rebels”

    Therefore the goal of the U$/EU/Saudi cabal is to overthrow any country whose government is not sunni or not on board with the pipeline or not accepting of the re$erve currency.

    The cabal uses every opportunity, every means available to accomplish this. Favored approaches are false flag attacks, preposterous propaganda claiming that the lack of evidence is proof, while demanding that the defendants prove a negative, outright fabrication, false motives (“it’s for the women & children”) all are well represented and carried out through a panoply of proxy front groups – see #7 above.

    Now, with Trump that which could not be accomplished through the Left wing is being accomplished through the Right wing – both wings belonging to the same globalist group, both wings useful to delude the easily swayed masses through a constant barrage of propaganda.

    This propaganda is easily recognized – it will ALWAYS be an appeal to emotion, whether claiming that some innocent, vulnerable group is being sadistically victimized; claiming that We Must Do Something Now! Claiming that “this has gone too far already”, or some such similar drivel. Another emotional appeal is to Patriotism! Just like the propaganda piece named the Patriot Act, there are many who WANT to be deceived, and will deny ANY evidence demonstrating that they have been duped.

    Propaganda can also be recognized by the use of unnamed sources, anonymous intelligence sources, positing as proof an article with the same claims, or some utterance by a vacuous celebrity.

    Recognizing propaganda is essential. Once recognized as such, a search for the truly guilty parties is the natural response.

    • good analysis. Three caveats: Syria is majority Sunni; though, given the obvious Isramerican backing for the Sunni terrorists, Assad has some Sunni support. And you missed another key motivating vector: the Greater Israel Project. Also, I believe the pipeline that the Saudis/Israelis want to run up through Syria and thence to Europe is for natural gas, this to undercut Russian sales to Europe.

  5. Granting most of your premises, countries have legitimate national interests in play as well.
    Conspiracy theories are fun and easy, because like most propaganda, the less one can prove, the more legitimacy for the conspiracy is claimed.
    But they’re too simplistic to account for the whole situation, not least of it being that 160 nations consisting of 7+B people are going to behave with Brownian motion in all places and times, and do whateverinhell suits their little clan first and foremost.
    Even a rigged roulette table has a real wheel and a real ball, and sometimes, the ball falls where physics dictates, and not the crooked croupier. The house only has to bump the odds slightly more in their favor to clean up handsomely, compared to blind chance in an honest game.

    The game is rigged, certainly. But that doesn’t make everyone at the wheel the house, nor a sucker.
    And all that matters at the end of the day is who won the most chips, and cashed them out before the losers catch on.

    If you want to not play, you’ll need to find another planet.

  6. Moderate Muslims….what an oxymoron. Imagine for a second that two gangs, say the bloods and crips, are fighting. Now America, the “cops”, decides we are going to back one of the gangs. IT DOESN’T SOLVE THE GANG PROBLEM! And that’s what we are trying to do in Syria and every other Stupidistan. We’re backing one group of Muslims over another…..they’re both bad news. Backing one group of violent terrorists over another group of violent terrorists still leaves us with a group of violent terrorists. Leave them alone to fight over bad sand and rocks. If they try to fight over here….kill’em all; let Allah sort them out.

    • That is an interesting style of argument, defining the problem to produce the solution you want.

      However, I deny the premise, that all Muslims are extremist. In fact, most are not, and Muslims have been the principal victims of Muslims since the religion began. Same as Christians, Jews, …

      Btw, the Muslims haven’t needed a reformation, because they do not have the centralized church that the Catholics did and do. The Protestant Reformation was ‘leave the Church’, therefore many schisms. Same as Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, …

      Every culture, every major religion, … have all had their day in the sun, contributed to civilization. And they did it by being people, just ordinary people like you and me.

      The Muslim culture and political power rose on the spice trade when they could be the middlemen, fell when ships replaced that role. Now some parts are rising on oil. Every country on earth has had the same rises and falls based on things outside of their control.

      After you know a few people in any group, you can’t think of them as a simple ‘they’, they are people, individuals, individual strengths and weaknesses, nobility and foibles.

      And you certainly can’t think ‘all Muslims are extremists’, because very few are, and there would be many less if the US and Europeans and Israelis were not continually invading their homelands.

      You know that, because you know what would happen to UN troops in this country. Would you not be called an extremist after that event?

  7. Not play – works for the Swiss. And others.

    • Only because their terrain favors that option, and they’ve made the lemon not worth the squeeze.
      We can’t grow mountains here, and making it not worth the squeeze, between our population, our native resources, and our economy, is about as impossible as it could ever be.
      Short of taking the Venezuelan socialist express elevator to hell, killing off 3/4s of our population on purpose, and then nuking most of the country with the dirtiest bombs extant.

      Spitballing here, but I’m betting most people living here would be against that approach, if asked.

      Sweden’s not playing – how’s it going in Stockholm these days?

      Anybody else who’s “not playing” probably either has an economy that Bill Gates could buy out of pocket, and/or a population that hasn’t been worth anything since slavery was abolished in the 1800s.

      Again, these are generally not examples to emulate.