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  1. POd American

    “Miller, the Greenville police chief, noted that the measure is opposed by both the S.C. Police Chiefs Association and the S.C. Sheriff’s Association. He said the proposal could lead to more police confrontations with people carrying guns.”

    Really? This guy is an “f ing genius.” I bet if this law were to go into effect, about 90+% of the LEOs would be a hell of a lot more polite to citizens and start acting like Peace Officers rather than thug shitheads.

    Side benefit: There would also be a reduction in dogs shot by these assclowns.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      I wonder if anyone has ever informed Mr. Miller that exposure to oxygen will lead to more incidents of oxidization. I’m sure he’d be all in for banning air.

  2. PoPo are so shot sighted. Instead of worrying about ‘the money’ figure out how to make more. So you lose permitting fees. That is chump change if you consider that the local PD could open up a training school about the new law at double the fees price. They have all the advantages to do so — A known brand to pitch, a facility available for use, trained personnel to offer the instruction, etc.


  3. thesouthwasrght

    Few are the LEO’S that truly endorse an armed populace.

    The latest thing here in my neck of the woods are the FWC (fish and wildlife) using drones to surveil and make criminal cases. Case in point a few weeks ago they used a drone at night to catch a man using an illegal gill net. I MO this is an exceptionally slippery slope. All sorts of excuses for abuses will come of this, the least of which is a complete loss of privacy. But these are the same cats that touted their support of the 2ndA and how they will never take people’s guns and yada yada.

  4. They do not fear any possibility of increased crime or violence using guns. They fear the armed citizenry. When those LEO’s who only care about power and control are sent by their overlords to take control of the sheeple it will be a dangerous task due to the armed citizens.

    • JJ, if the PoPo are just now thinking about that they are so 2008 behind the times. Enough guns have been sold since Obama took office that should they attempt to sieze them most PDs will be decimated in less than a month in the attempt.

  5. It’s a lot easier to kill others if they don’t have the ability to shoot back. EOM

  6. Arizona has always had open carry and in past few years legalized concealed with no permits needed. Not a damned stat changed one way or another. The argument the Cops are going to go crazy or citizens are going to be involved in more shoot outs is all PC BS. People are going to do what they want.


    The hysteria welled up here in Rawles Land when that grinning idiot Governor “Butch Otter” (yes, that’s his silly f***ing name!) signed the Constitutional Carry Law. The Kootenai County Sheriff and the CDA COP came out against it and were excoriated in letters to the editor of the local daily fish wrap.
    It turned out, the issue was, wait for it….MONEY. Sheriff “Wolfie” as this corrupt political hack is referred to, saw the huge loss in CCW permit revenue. Granted, since the law passed in 07/2016, there have not been any OK Corral or High Noon episodes. Of course, down in Adams County, Jack Yantis was executed by two badge-carrying thugs. But, no one gave a rat’s ass about that innocent man and his family. Stay gray and pray, my friends. We live in interesting times.

  8. They’re swimming against the tide:

  9. Reduction in crime and repealing of laws is bad for cop business. Their whole business model is built upon more laws and increased crime. Without it then there are no fancy cars, drones, nod’s, stingrays and of course the fancy tactical gear.

    • Don’ forget their bloated paychecks, benefit package, and ‘perks’.


  10. The criminals are gonna do what criminals do. The argument that otherwise law-abiding citizens who exercise their RKBA are “gonna go crazy” is prejudice and bigotry by those who SAY they are against prejudice and bigotry.

  11. Jimmy the Saint

    There have been at least a few higher-echelon police who have openly stated that they would have their troops go after civilians lawfully bearing arms. No way that ends well.

    • Randolph Scott

      then it is time for those ‘higher ups’ to go, to be exterminated and gone from our great society.

  12. I am instantly very suspicious of anyone who would disarm me. If cops were the only ones with guns……

    In reality, I’d bet my Sig what they REALLY FEAR is going into the ‘hood to arrest some undocumented pharmacist knowing that 99% of said ‘hood bunnies are armed. Wanna bet?

  13. “It would create opportunities for additional violence to occur,”

    This may actually be true. But it is also at the same time the case that it would create opportunities for additional *defense* to occur. Since we already know that arming citizens reduces crime, we can confidently predict that arming more of them will reduce crime (on net) even more.

    The real factor here is that cops, the people running the protection racket, care more about keeping their racket going than they do about the welfare of ordinary people. The more people are armed, the more they handle their own defense issues, the less they need cops.

    CC permits performed the function, of demonstrating that the sky would not fall if the people were armed. They were good for that purpose; but we now face the question of whether people need permission from bureaucrats, to defend themselves and their families. Clearly, unless we are slaves of the ruling class, we do not. Draconian penalties simply for carrying without a permit, a paperwork “violation” at worst, make no sense at all.

  14. “We’ve reached the point where state actors can penetrate rectums and vaginas, where judges can order forced catheterizations, and where police and medical personnel can perform scans, enemas and colonoscopies without the suspect’s consent. And these procedures aren’t to nab kingpins or cartels, but people who at worst are hiding an amount of drugs that can fit into a body cavity. In most of these cases, they were suspected only of possession or ingestion. Many of them were innocent… But these tactics aren’t about getting drugs off the street… These tactics are instead about degrading and humiliating a class of people that politicians and law enforcement have deemed the enemy.”—Radley Balko, The Washington Post


    Heroes. every one.


    The police state can only derive its power and legitimacy from the politicians who support it. The politicians can only obtain and wield power due to the consent of the electorate. The electorate is fine with this as long as their ox is not being gored and their family members are not the victims of the Leviathan.
    Who, among your circle of friends could tell you who were Miriam Carey, Jack Yantis, Kelly Thomas or LaVoy Finicum? Who could explain the circumstances of their murders or why, in the case of Kelly Thomas were the Fullerton, CA cops acquitted in a jury trial of a slam-dunk 2nd degree murder? When the armies of darkness are picking off the populace little by little, it just does not register.
    The PR machine is still going full-tilt on “patriot websites” with the “Blue Lives Matter” meme. Up here in Rawles Land, it’s either that or absolute idolatry of anyone who has ever served in the military. Now, how do you overcome that mindset? The answer is, you do not. You never will.
    The sea change will only come when or socio-economic situation becomes so desparate(a’la Venezuela) that the mask finally comes off and these blithering, under-educated idiots see the Leviathan and its ORCS for what they really are. Until then, whatever civil disobedience you select must be swift, secret, and well-planned. Bleib ubrig.

  16. Jeepers, you mean the Police are NOT the big supporters of the 2A as has been reported?


    If police are concerned about “safety” they should be volunteering their time to conduct safe gun handling classes on the police range. They could make sure that every mom knows how to employ her sidearm safely and accurately. They could teach kids how to check a firearm’s condition, and unload and render it safe if it is loaded.

    Safety? Seems to me they just want everyone but themselves disarmed.

    Now who would have thunk that?

  17. No CCW needed? Open carry?

    The sky won’t fall. Chiefs and Sheriffs are elected officials – it’s in their best interest to keep folks disarmed (from a position of job security) and scared. And convinced that “only cops” should be able to carry a weapon – as if they have some sort of super-power the rest of us don’t…

    Was grocery shopping last week. Saw 5 guys carrying openly. I had a work shirt over my rig.

    Nothing happened. At all. Shocker, I know. Going by their reasoning, it should have been a Bullet Festival with much collateral damage…

    People – if they even noticed – just shrugged and went about their business. Nobody gave a damn.

    I suppose this is the “new normal” now… not that I mind – just remarking on the change, is all…