Political Violence (Of Sorts) Is Here – Who Can Do It Better?

Mike Cernovich looks at the scene.

My strong bet?

Lefties, backed by globalist money and domestic political eye-avoidance.

This thread suggests otherwise.

79 responses to “Political Violence (Of Sorts) Is Here – Who Can Do It Better?

  1. older than dirt

    They got owned, they know it. Let me tell ya something. These kids ain’t stupid. I gamed with these kids at Something Awful for 10 years. They will find exploits that you never dreamed of.

    Next engagement you will have to be unmerciful and ruthless.

    Another small point, if I may. We have to draw them out on our turf. Make them bus to the midwest. Take them out of their comfort zone.

    It will be easier than you think. Think candy. What child can’t resist candy?

    • They’re trying to drum up support to take on the Traditionalist Workers in Pikeville, KY here in a few weeks. That would be the same group that got in a knife fight with antifas in California some months ago and took them down 6 to 1. And they’re going to try it in deep eastern Kentucky.

      Assuming either side can drum up more than a few people, I imagine it’s going to look like the Forsyth County march.

    • And meanwhile, as our attention is drawn, aka slight of hand, aka “look a squirrel!”, the one enemy which must be defeated first, is still running things and enabling the other enemy to distract us from the greatest enemy.

  2. Some of the AntiFa people in that thread are discussing bringing guns to these rallies.

    We’re getting closer, folks.

    • That was what I found most concerning.

      Trainers should, absolutely, vet their students prior to instruction.

      • LOL. Practically? Ask them if they are commie Antifa when they book? I’m thinking that my Father’s Day Force on Force should be advertised on Antifa websites so we can run a true ‘Red Team.’ We would just have to make sure the pre-inspection shakedown was thorough…..

    • Trump’s first real Executive Order on guns might have to address guns at political rallies.

      • Grenadier1

        Uh, No thank you. We just got rid of that shit in Georgia.
        If they want to bring guns and kick this thing off then so be it.

      • And I hope it says that they are to be unrestricted so that peaceful protestors can protect themselves against violent ones. If he writes an EO to ban guns at rallies, I’ll be the first to join a rally with a Glock 19 on my hip.

    • Yes, but notice the hesitancy when they suggest it.

      They’re weighing whether there’s anything or anyone they’re agitating for that’s worth picking slugs out of their liver. It’s giving them quite a mind-f**k.

      Never having had to ponder that thought, this is a new experience for them, and their default is to say “F*** that noise.”

      They’re also having an existential crisis about being pro-anarchy, and suddenly noticing that discipline and leaders are necessary, and their heads are practically exploding at the revelation that, maybe, perhaps, the world isn’t anything like what they fantasized it was, when they thought they could annoy their way to absolute political dominance.

      Guns? Risk their own @$$#$?? Hierarchy? Leaders? Strategy?

      It’s blowing their tiny little minds.

      This is going to devolve down to the 10 or 15 committed ones in every thousand, and then turn into a Baader-Meinhoff terrorist mole hunt. Not a revolution by any means.
      The other 985-990 will self-select to go back to sucking on bongs and playing WoW, because someone could get their dental records rearranged in all that street theatre.

      Even in Berkeley, as is just barely dawning in their dim-witted blobs of grey jello.

      “But the posters and the guys and girls at the meeting said we were going to win…? Why are my teeth scattered there all over the pavement? And why is Jimmy sitting there clutching two hands full of his own entrails?? I’ve never seen that much blood come out of somebody before. That wasn’t in the briefing. And how do you fix that with first aid?? All I’ve got is water and this bandana. To hell with this nonsense, I’m going back to mommy’s basement. Nobody bothers me there, and my teddy bear will protect me. Mommy!!!…”

      Chalk up another “victory” for the fearsome hordes of bedwetting vegans with a peanut allergy.

      • I hope Trump isn’t underestimating the Norks the way Aesop is underestimating our domestic Reds. During the street-fighting in Germany, 1929-33, the Reds gave quite a good account of themselves. They often beat the shit out of the SA. As to outright Civil War, the Reds have won a number of impressive victories: Russia, China, Cuba, etc. I wouldn’t short-sell their chances for a moment…particularly since they already have the entire jew.gov on their side. .

        • These aren’t Reds; they’re just pinkos. Same shade, just softer and not nearly as serious.

          And I haven’t under-estimated them; to the contrary, I’ve called it just about right down the middle of the fairway since the beginning.

          The Antifa-theads are just useful tools, and pure sideshow.

          When protests start having a major body count, you’ll be getting close to the curtain going up.

          This has been and continues to be just intramural b.s., nothing more.

        • They’ve had victories among unarmed (and therefore easy to intimidate) populations. Not the case here. Americans can get pretty damn ornery.

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  4. Jimmy the Saint

    Looks like the stage is finally getting set. Like Sonny said in “A Bronx Tale”: “It’s when the other guy has a gun, and he pulls his out, and then we see who the real tough guy is.”

  5. I only read a few comments on that anarchists web site, but it simply amazes me that the Left continues to allow their little commie followers to think that fascism is a phenomenon of the Right. I guess none of them bothered to read the memo – the Nazis were socialists: does National Socialist German Workers’ Party ring a bell? How about this quote from Hitler: “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” May 1, 1927

    • Grenadier1

      Dont try to logic with them. They are convinced that Hitler was a right winger and that the ideological decedents of Nazism are Republicans and Libertarians. Its weapons grade retardation and no amount of factual historical evidence will convince them.

      • Oh man may I use this?

      • Hitler was a right winger, and a left winger to boot. Eh, I’m sure you knew that. What most are really trying to say is, “I’m not like him!”

        Ironic, since in relevant respects they are.

        • These Antifa/Neo-Bolshevik fuckers, before this is over, are going to wish Hitler was here instead of the pissed off dirt motherfuckers they have incessantly shit on and threatened with genocide, who will be fighting for their hearth home and kin, are through with them. The ones not dead that is.
          Guarantee it Jim.

      • Its weapons grade retardation and no amount of factual historical evidence will convince them.<—-mast head worthy

      • judge a man by deeds, not words. Once in power (see “Night of the Long Knives”) Hitler liquidated the Nazi Left.

  6. This will escalate slowly, until the brakes fail. Will Antifa human sacrifice one of their own to get a so-called “martyr”? They need more than diseased looking porn workers, and they have utterly LOST “blue collar America”. They wonder on their threads where the Blacks, Latinos and fabulous people are… ANTIFA has not clued in that they are unpopular in those communities because white shitlibs always assume they are in control of any “coalition”. They miss the cultural issues that latinos effectively ethnically cleansed swathes of Los Angeles of Blacks/Africans in America. Latinos are on their OWN program. They organize well and have cultural strengths that the patchouli doused dare not understand. They have issues, yes, but they are cohesive. The Antifa is not. They have no organizational pull, other than perhaps Soros paying some. Money does not go far when your “footsoldiers” are comparable to veal in muscle tone. Antifa also has the issue that they have a lot of druggies and psychiatric cases amongst them. I for one will not look away when the gutters run with them. They are defective cockroaches in bipedal form, nothing more.

    In closing, Pinochet and Franco were heroes. All else follows. Los PePes was a real group that seems to infuse the based youth of today. Onward, to a clean, degenerate-free nation!

  7. post-WWi German military, esp. ground troops, heavily right-wing. Not so with today’s feminized, queered-out, PC’d ‘Murkan military. The rest are merely patriotard; Mattis et. al. are not our friends. I’d have no positive expectations of anyone connected with the jew.gov, military or police. Look at the Oathkeepers: they think the Berkeley Reds are “fascists”…not communists.

    • and now that I’ve read both the Cernovich piece and the Anarchist thread, didn’t I say before – many times – that the Anarchists will (as in Russia, 1918-21; Spain, 1936-37) ultimately line up with the (((Reds)))? Yes I did. It’s also a fact that, once utilized to the max, the (((Reds))) turn on and massacre the Anarchists. Cf. the sad fate of the Russian “Greens”, and Orwell’s HOMAGE TO CATALONIA. We can use this fact, at some point, to drive a wedge.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        In one of history’s better jokes, “organized” anarchists are always on the side of communism and big government. The non-organized (i.e., individualist) anarchists almost never are.

      • >>>We can use this fact, at some point, to drive a wedge.

        Fact, what a joke. I’m sure I know more anarchists than you do, yet I’ve never met a single one that has anything in common with tripe like that. Yet here you are, in 2017, calling that “anarchist.” Sure doesn’t help your credibility about anything else, assuming there is any to help.

        • the large historical facts are as they are. And we’re seeing it repeat, now, in the current anarchist-communist alliance. In your assertion of absolute individualism, however, I see the potential emergence of a well-based fascist. Emerging from his present chrysilis of nonsense like a splendid, shimmering dragonfly.

          • Uh, OK. 🙂 I suspect the real problem is that there are two distinct groups, both calling themselves anarchists. Jim, it may be time to give up on that label. “Voluntaryist”, anyone? (That has problems too.)

            • Yes, logically the anarchists should have marched with the Libertarians, despite their different choice in lifestyle, but they never have and never did. They’ve always marched with the Communists, irrational as that is. Perhaps because they have the same choice in clothes and lifestyle? Some skin heads used to like the Hare Krishnas because of the similar lack of hair. Humans often aren’t very deep.

          • TheAlaskan

            Dragonflies don’t emerge from a chrysalis…butterflies do. Fixed it for ya… now continue giving us your blow by blow how the Judahites are gonna get us all.

      • Interesting to check out their flags. The old school Hammer and Sickle is seen, but by far the most prevalent flag at all these rallies is the Red and Black. That is the flag of anarcho/syndicalism. Which attempts to bridge the gap between commies and anarchists, I guess. (The former wants the state & party to control everything, the latter wants no one to control everything. What’s the synthesis? Seems odd. ).

        Syndicalism was the economic program of Mussolini and the Italian Fascists, which was basically worker-owned cooperatives as the basic building block of economics as opposed to either private ownership of companies and assets (Capitalism) or state ownership of everything (Socialism/Communism).

        They are pretty organized worldwide under a federation with various national groups in each country they are active in (about 20 in Europe and South America, as well as USA). They have strong ties with radical unionism, and their umbrella organization is the IWA: International Workers Association.

        The famous leftist professor Noam Chomsky is one of their top theorists in the modern era. The Wikipedia article “Anarcho-Syndicalism” is pretty good.

        It’s amusing that an organization that is supposed to be about workers asserting their rights appears to be almost completely populated with student and the idle youth living off of their parents weath, presumably.

        It’s good to know as much as you can about your enemy in times of war.


        • They’re only anarchists until they break the current system.
          Then the masks come off, the hammer and sickle (and the bayonet-tipped rifles) come out, and they think that They, Our Betters, will reign like gods over us ignorant fucks, whether we like it or not.

          Pretty much like every time it’s ever happened.

    • How many contacts you have is the military today? How many are family? Are any old buddies you served with that stayed in?

      Tell us again what The Military will do, please.

      Remember, mindless robots and broken veterans are leftist fabrications disseminated to further their goals.

    • Right, because the only real historical difference between national socialists and soviet socialists is where they were born.
      Don’t be a tool on that point.

  8. Please to study “the Troubles” in Northern Ireland for a full understanding of “politcal violence”. These are minor dust ups and a prelude to the real thing.

  9. there was no way of voting our way out of this. The dichotomy is too great between us here in the USA. The streets will flow with the blood of both believers and non-believers. One just needs to accept that we are already dead men and women. That will allow you to do what is necessary when the time comes.

  10. A few things. First of all I think we all should read the comments on the second article you posted to get an understanding of what goes thru the other sides head.
    Second, in those comments I saw that they were immediately looking at their mistakes and seeing where to make improvements. The words Combat Training kept coming up. While many here consider them a joke, they seem to want to learn from their mistakes and get better. I don’t see them backing down, just changing their tactics.
    It was funny to watch them complain tho when the right uses their own tactics on them.

    • Notarealperson

      They are not a joke, one of them already knifed a MAGA protestor who ended up hospitalized because of it.

      Eventually more of them will pack knives and various forms of koshes, slappers, etc. Nice low profile weapons that hurt people and make no noise. They won’t do guns because it forces the police hands on the issue and they have to intervene. Anti-fa and it’s Democratic backers can’t afford that.

      Still when they escalate expect a equal response from the right,.

  11. So the next Take Back The Night march in Berkeley won’t be about the woman who was assaulted rather it will be the Reds growing a pair.

  12. I notice many of you here referring to the AntiFa people as “anarchists”. But true anarchists they are not. They’re left wing, totalitarian statists. Look at Edward Abbey to see what anarchism is.

    Hint: It isn’t AntiFa.

    • That ship has sailed, I’m an ancap who didn’t like the usage of the ‘cap’, and called myself an anarchist for years. Right up until these scum started to subvert the libertarians and turn them into degenerates. Anything that isn’t opposed to them they will shift their way. Whatever language you use, they will subvert. That is their nature.

      “Anarchist,” however philosophical, is no defense against them. If you are anything less than opposed to them, they will eat you alive. Same as the racist, misogynist, homophobe tactic, claiming you’re not a racist is how they win.

    • It’s a word that gets argued over. Edward Abbey was an American author and, in so far as he had a political influence, it was on the left. He wrote “The Monkey Wrench Gang” which was about eco-sabotage, and so he is considered the grandfather of Earth First, who implemented his plan. He was a hard core ecologist and hated damns and power-lines despoiling his pure, empty desert Southwest.

      So while I am quite familiar with Abbey it is a-historical to claim that he’s either “not a leftist” or a major historic figure in Anarchism, which is a political philosophy going back to the 19th Century, which is barely a footnote in.

      I know that there is a sort of extreme Libertarian version, based in America, that comes from a more right-wing or “Freedomista” outlook (to use Bracken’s useful term). Bill Bupert and ZeroGov might be the most familiar example people here see. He attempts to co-opt and redefine the term Anarchism, but again, it’s sort of silly.

      The Anarchists have *always* considered themselves part of the Left, in fact various Anarchist groups attended the First International. From Wiki:

      “The International Workingmen’s Association (the First International) was the first international body to bring together organisations representing the working class.[5] It was formed in London on 28 September 1864 by socialist, communist and anarchist political groups and trade unions.[6]”

      So, for 150 years large organized Anarchist groups have been co-organizing with Socialists and Communists for various revolutionary causes. This is history, Buppert et. al. really just avoid talking about it.

      William Godwin wrote the first Anarchist treatise. Does this sound like the thinking of the right?

      “His aversion to the imposition of a rules-based society led him to denounce, as a manifestation of the people’s ‘mental enslavement’, the foundations of law, property rights and even the institution of marriage. He considered the basic foundations of society as constraining the natural development of individuals to use their powers of reasoning to arrive at a mutually beneficial method of social organisation. In each case, government and its institutions are shown to constrain the development of our capacity to live wholly in accordance with the full and free exercise of private judgement.”

  13. Attacking women, children, elderly besides being cowardly, is a net PR negative. Women if faced with a choice will become force multipliers to that group which has the fortitude/capacity to protect them. Its in the genes. Every woman who can take a backline function in a street fight puts a male on the frontline to continue the fight. The Kiev insurgency proved that out.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Women if faced with a choice will become force multipliers to that group which has the fortitude/capacity to protect them.”

      Islam has been attacking the ever-loving-shit out of women in Europe, and the women aren’t exactly flocking to join anti-Islamic groups. The only women anywhere who seem to be doing anything about the fundie headchoppers are the Kurdish women.

      • Don’t say that to the Czech, Hungarian or Polish women who are raising hell in their respective countries. Even Germany has wised up. Hence the growth of the anti-Merkel coalition. Sweden I am afraid maybe the exception that proves the rule however. They are too far gone.

    • Antifa and similar groups have been beating up old men, pepper spraying children, and so on for over a year now, and they have spread. They almost always gang up on the weakest-looking person they can find. They like punching Spencer because he’s so soft. They dress and look like absolute filth. But they have the own PR division – the media.

      You’ve already lost the PR campaign, so go out swinging, their women and old marxist professors aren’t less dangerous just because you were told to fight fair as a kid.

  14. One other point. When this finally bubbles over into more than a skirmish logistics come into play. Soros maybe a very wealthy man but his $$ pale in comparison to the spend rate that say 50% of the american people could bring to the table. They have been funding the equivalent of an american battalion in arms/munitions every month since 2008. $85k was raised for Based StickMan in 24hrs. The Nationalists have inherent advantages if they work the triad of Comms-Propaganda-Force correctly.

  15. Amongst the numerous reversals on promises that Trump is about to hit with is gun control: the administration will use the political violence as cover for gun bans and Trump will claim it’s virtuous when he bans AR15.

    • Bullshit, put up a source or shut your pie hole

      • no, before he put on the populist mask to run for Prez, Trump was a vicious gun-grabber. I think it’ll be awhile yet before he defaults on this issue though. Like second term. If there is one.

    • Even assuming your opinion of Trump on the gun issue is correct, he probably will hold his fire. Hell even Obama had the sense to do that. Besides, no single issue would lose Trump his base faster than gun control. It’s one thing for a politician to have an opinion, another thing entirely to piss off and lose his entire support base. Most politicians have a lot more sense than that.

  16. Source for that info?

  17. God give me strength. This Pres is gunning for two terms. For him to even talk gun bans, would certainly be counter productive.

    The wise gun owner diversifies. LOL!


    • “…would certainly be counter productive.”

      Uh, it’s effectively a tautology that ANYTHING the government does is literally counter-productive. Thuggery is the OPPOSITE of human production, and a government simply has no tool at its avail but that.

      What you’re more likely saying is that there are some values for which you think it’s proper to use force to obtain. Okay, noted.

      • No, I think he was talking about real-world politics, Jim. Not philosophical ideals In the real world, Trump wants to maintain power, and therefore some moves are better and some worse.

        One can assume he has few or no ideals or scruples, but he still has things that will help him keep and grown his coaltion, and those which will tend to tear it down and make his re-election much more difficult. The NRA was the top unaligned org running adds supporting Trump. Gun owners were a backbone of his support. He’s unlikely to fuck that all off in his first term.

        Pointing this out doesn’t say anything about Dirk’s own ideals or political philosophy. Maybe he’s a Calvinist. Maybe he’s an Anarcho-Syndicalist. Maybe he’s a Rockefeller Republican.

        You assume too much, and seem to place yourself above everyone else in the purity of your theoretical positions.


      • The Eternal Red Faced Two Years screaming, “No! Do it myself!” But the Israeli Government is an exception to this – isn’t that right, Jim?

  18. I’m having fun, there’s this:


  19. Someone should re-issue that book, entitling it The Antifa Manifesto, with the internals exactly the same, and put it out on Amazon.

    The PR disasterpiece theatre would be better than money could buy.

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