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  1. He’s right, of course, in the long run (i.e. over millennia). But glossing right over the 1700 years between the Greek and Roman republics and the birth of our own, before which the average was unmitigated darkness is a bit more than pollyannish. For someone living the solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short existence in most of the interim, there was no such bright sunny future anywhere on the horizon.
    Much like in most of the world even now, where “the knowledge” is still a fragile flame, and far from universal.

    Barbarism is ever the norm; civilization is the outlier.

  2. Concerned American, you might want to share this:

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      • Notice how the down vote buttons are disabled on that comment thread?
        Even among their swarm they have to control the narrative with the iron fist.
        The frustration and despair is rampant. There is literally no reference to principled imperatives. It’s an echo chamber selling a false paradigm. And violence for the sake of violence in the name of talking points of an ideology takes the place of reason.

        I love this comment:
        “The only thing that this shows is that fascism in America exists only as mindless violence and is completely politically impotent, there little more then street gang’s.”


        This is a good one. Like diversity is something we all are supposed to compromise on because unicorns and magic dirt you plant magic beans in or something. They don’t get it, BFYTW, Alt-Right doesn’t care:

        [–]dub_tree -14 points 1 hour ago
        Scrraming extremism at an extremist on the opposite end of the spectrum will only serve to solidify their intolerance of your views.
        The “battleground” today is just a way to get all the idiots on both sides to waste their energy fighting, rather than coming to a consensus about other things upon which they might actually agree.
        By fighting at all, you are losing, because when you are angry, you are easier to demonize, easier to predict (you will lash out), and therefore, easier to marginalize and/or control.
        Civility, compromise, tolerance, and education are the weapons. Punching a fascist will just fuel them even more, which damages your cause and bolsters their resolve, because it makes you the villain in the eyes of the public, especially those who have no horse in the race.
        Moderates may prove to be a strong ally, for whichever side wins them over.

        This sub thread is a doozy. The cognitive dissonance is so thick you can walk on it. It’s their ilk who disarmed themselves to begin with, and the lamenting is rich with the total absence of the understanding of fundamental primal rights of self defense, the irony, the double standards are beautiful, they are fighting against those primal freedoms, but fail to see it is those primal rights they are lamenting about, that they see as a right they should be instilled to, but your a fascist if your fighting for to keep those unalienable rights:

        [–]The_Great_Cornlord 7 points 1 hour ago
        I honestly think we need a campaign to get more antifa armed. It seems that seems to be the biggest problem with our resistance. They’re mostly armed, why aren’t we?

        [–]OldWob Anti-fascistand Green Syndicalist 2 points 43 minutes ago
        Well, if you look at the pic of the stuff the Berkeley PD confiscated, there were 4 large American flags, and roughly 30 that were black and/or red. Not getting disarmed seems to be part of the problem.

        [–]The_Great_Cornlord 1 point 31 minutes ago
        Not getting disarmed is a big part of the problem, yes, but we need more than flags and bats. We need to take notes from the John Brown Gun Club and get firearms and training. I know getting firearms in states and cities we have a presence in is usually a hassle, but even handguns would help. It would certainly put a psychological element in while holding fash back. Who do you think a fascist is more afraid of? People with only flags and bats, or people with flags, bats, and guns?

        [–]OldWob Anti-fascistand Green Syndicalist 2 points 17 minutes ago
        I own multiple firearms, and am quite good with them. However, note that open carry in California has been illegal since Ronald Reagan signed it into law, and concealed carry is very restricted. If we’re to legally have firearms at events, it won’t be here.

        [–]The_Great_Cornlord 0 points 4 minutes ago
        God damn it Reagan. Just had to take away the guns from the spooky Black Panthers, did you?

        [–]098765432112 0 points 28 minutes ago
        Isn’t using violence to silence opposing voices a form of fascism?

        [–]The_Great_Cornlord 0 points 26 minutes ago
        oh god not this shit again


        Reminds me of the Dutchman’s axiom about how every progressive is just a commie without an AK.
        There is no thought given to the consequences, the means justify the ends totally rationalized.
        You got to “read the whole thing” to appreciate the magnitude of asshattery.
        Talk about unintended consequences of cultural marxism in action.
        Dichotomy of the hive. Even after reading it, there is an element of disbelief how truly stupid these people are, stupid you can’t fix.
        The hive mind is a human extinction movement. No more no less.
        Their own worst enemy, and they walk right into it eyes wide shut.
        Lenin’s Useful Dupes on crank.

        They are not capable of comprehending their incessant picking at the scab of identity politics, of constantly shitting on their existential enemy, of the non stop straw men, the never ending shift from one false narrative scapegoat to the next, they have created an identity zeitgeist, a movement the likes of which will be their existential extermination.
        They will rue the day, the ones that survive, their waging Ragnorak on us dirt people, where the Nazi’s will seem like angels to them.
        They do not understand what they are creating.
        They are fucking with people who are the most reluctant and tolerant killers in history. There are among us dirt people merciless warriors who once pushed to the brink of intolerance, have a way of waging total war that is the most personal form of warfare imaginable. Who do not stop once started till they do.

  3. Grenadier1

    Weaponsman had a heart attack

    Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

    • Figured it was something like that; thanks for the update and specifics.
      You getting this firsthand from the inner circle, or friend-of-a-friend?

      On the post that noted not to reply, from his brother, we hardheads only posted 102 get well sentiments in the last 4 days.
      Speaks to the measure of the man, and his blog.

  4. Capitalism sees government controls as damage and reroutes around it.

  5. lon a follower

    Does a swarm belong to a hive?
    Becoming set-apart.

  6. “This intellectual revolution was a direct threat to the Church”, (cult of global warming), “and the state,” (liberalism) “bastions of unmerited privilege and inflexible, self-serving doctrine.” (Professors and politicians).

  7. Indeed If the ‘Hive Mind’ swarm can coalesce

  8. The point is the swarm behavior evolves faster than the Stasis Quo can or wants to. Behaviorally and genetically, we are in evolutionary arms races as individuals and cultures. Evolution is very good at finding futures, planning isn’t even close to as effective, it takes longer to do the trials.

    Big companies are slower than small, so small companies produce the majority of innovations. Small farmers have much higher productivity per acre than USDA, measured in dollars. Big armies lose to militias, … Royalties and other inbred groups have high rates of heredity disease, not the rest of us, etc.

    Centralized loses to decentralized in evolutionary arms races. Don’t be centralized.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Big armies lose to militias”

      That’s more of a modern thing. Historically, it’s not the way to bet.

    • good statement. Something I’ve been thinking about: in 1913, the French Socialist leader Jaures prevented the (((banksters)))/[[[politicians]]] from starting the World War then and there by mobilizing the European working class against it. So, in 1914, he was hit shortly after the Archduke. And the Socialists’ over-centralized, over-organized solidarity collapsed along with wc opposition to the War.

      “Swarm” is also a good way to saturate any defense. If I were the Norks, I’d use their extremely limited AF to kamikaze-swarm and KO a ‘Murkan carrier if it comes to all-out war there.

  9. lon a follower

    The bird mind is also of a flock.
    Becoming individual, set-apart.

  10. Robert is a superlative critical thinker. He always has worthy insights.
    There are two sides to every story, I never have any doubts in the long view we dirt people prevail. It is in our nature to win, liberty runs through many of our veins. Loosing is not an option for millions of us unknown dirt people. Just because we are not in the sacrum, in no way indicates we are apathetic or unprepared, if anything, we are watching carefully, sharpening our hatchets and building resources.
    The truth here is it requires paid astro turf supported by foreign & domestic enemies, along with the power of the state in order to shove this ideology up our arse’s speaks volumes. That does not automatically bestow any tactical or strategic advantage, all it equates to is a paid and or brain washed thuggery, and when it gets seriously sporty, is not the makings of sustainable hearts and minds. These Soros thugs are not fighting for home or hearth, for retention of patriarchy and traditions long held, or principles that create prosperity and happiness. They are waging violence in the name of an ideology steeped in misery and hate. I seriously, no I un-repentedly have no doubts but for a few psychopaths, they have the heart or staying power of faith in legitimate virtue and principles that sustain and inspire us patriotic dirt people.
    The truth after more than a century with every conceivable political and social advantage, mega bucks almost incomprehensible, this ideology has resorted to astro-turf violence of paid shills with wooden sticks and pepper spray, the long march has devolved down to banana republic false meme physical tactics in an attempt to regain the 5th column media offensive to impose itself, force itself upon us dirt people, well from my perspective it smacks of desperation and very limited options.
    It’s actually pretty obvious and ridiculously cheesy. Like this is all you got?
    I mean come on, social justice warriors in sky masks paid for and bused in, sympathically presented as legitimate “protesters” by a complicit media, run by Soro’s bucks red diaper baby operatives, fighting “White Right Wing Fascists”?
    Have you ever imagined black bloc antifa having to face the brutality of civil war in a nation of dirt people armed to it’s teeth with small combat arms the equal or greater than any army that has existed?
    Blacbloc/Antifa is actually quite contrived and comical, a joke in the larger sphere of reality of the armed nature of literally millions of American’s, if you got an ounce of druthers and common sense.
    You want your class war?
    You want to “Kulak” us White dirt people?
    You think you are going to have your little November Revolution?
    Your Bolsheviks are going to assassinate and purge the current hard right regime
    Lets get this party started then. Bring out the guns antifa, lets have this out.
    Like, you can have your cultural marxist jihad, we will raise you our 2nd Amendment primal rights to arms and using them to defend our lives, our freedom and our property.
    Lets just see who wins.

  11. well from my perspective it smacks of desperation and very limited options.
    It’s actually pretty obvious and ridiculously cheesy. Like this is all you got?

    Yep. That’s it, in a nutshell.
    This is what losing looks like, when you pass the baton to the Batshit Bozo Brigade of the Derp Division.

    Look on my protests, ye mighty, and tremble. – P.B. Shelley, Ozymandias