Talentless Entitled Bint For Congress

Via Twitter.

Related tweet.

Webb Hubbell could not be reached for comment.

18 responses to “Talentless Entitled Bint For Congress

  1. Webb Hubbell could not be reached for comment
    Neither could Vince Foster. Even in many Seances.

  2. Miles Long

    Mister Ed is mighty excited about it all.

    • Mark Matis

      So is Prince Charles. And Princess Anne. Mebbe Chelsea has some Royal blood in her? Valiant Prince Charlie sure married a dog the second time around. Perchance did he find Hillary to his taste in the past?


    If she runs, she will win. If the Hildabeest runs for NYC mayor, she will win. It’s the way of things. Look at the Kennedy family. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  4. OMG-and she’s breeding! Stop!

    • The spawn of the spawn of the Alynski-ites.
      There isn’t much that is more foul than Soros spawn than the crotch droppings of the Clinton organized crime family.

  5. Why the long face?

  6. Damn I need more eye bleach.
    Webb’s kid is uglier than both Webb and the Hildebeast-which is a hell of an accomplishment.

  7. Have to keep access to the public teat somehow. One day, they may name a venereal disease after Bill.

    • they already have … it’s called tertiary syph
      Bubbas wide based halting gait and sloppy phonation ? …. classic signs
      Charcots’ Joints, indeed

  8. Well, Howdy Doody, kids! And howdy, Buffalo Bob!

    Well, howdy, Mister Doody!

  9. good. She’s stupid and corrupt. Like her mom. Stormbringer. Though Trump is, I admit, proving far more useful in that connection than I expected.

  10. Putting her mother in federal prison would upset that applecart, pretty much forever.

    • My favorite visual reminder for you Aesop:

      I have this photo framed and hung on the wall.
      I look at it every day.

  11. While Ivanka is certainly better looking, the idea that these Elite Maroons possess any special qualities is a myth. They haven’t so much as won the genetic lottery as the Federal Reserve Wall Street Cabal Lottery. It’s all going quite well thank you, pass the caviar.

    You should be planting your garden (prob indoor seedlings at this point) now.

    • lastmanstanding

      Keep reminding folks Tom.

      We have spinach, arugula, kale and chard coming up in a hoop house. A bit slow though, been cool here in big sky country this year, like a regular winter.

      Going to get onion sets and some other stuff going this weekend. Just bought a nice local pig. We know where it came from, how it was raised and only one very talented man handled it.

      • You fuckin’ know it Brother.
        You know that saying, “you don’t have enough ammo”, well, “you don’t have enough garden”.