The Second ‘Battle Of Berkeley’: And Now What?

Some thoughts.

May Day is coming.

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  1. So, the normals are starting to fight back against the Twink Ninjas™, even without the support of the Trump administration. Seems like Trump might have got the broomsticks marching. I bet he can’t get them to stop.

    • P.S. Thrown fireworks *M-80s) as cover for gunfire, perhaps their next move?

      • That is a solid working assumption. It will desensitize the crowds, although actual gunfire will sound, and certainly FEEL different.

      • It’s but the work of a moment to load or encase the next batch in a glue-gunned matrix of BBs, brads, and broken glass.
        Even the monkeys on the Left will trip to this soon enough.

  2. ‘It is now clearly inevitable that someone is going to get killed, on one side or the other.’

    Betcha anything it will be perpetrated by one of the uber leftists. It’s what they do.

    • In grade school, they all taught “Crispus Attucks” as the saint like exemplar. The Nazis had Horst Wessel, the Chinese had Li Feng. A new mythology will probably emerge right quick.

    • I do believe that is correct and unfortunately why the TRUMP card had to be played this round.

      trump1 trəmp/
      (in bridge, whist, and similar card games) a playing card of the suit chosen to rank above the others, which can win a trick where a card of a different suit has been led.

      a valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage.

  3. This has a way to go yet before it’s worse than the 60s. But, the spark may indeed be that first death. If it happens to the left, they’ll use Occupy type tactics and try to shut down infrastructure. If it happens on the right, I suspect it’ll be matched back proportionally in an informal manner once people realize they’ll get no justice through the legal system.

    • hummus abedin

      “Once people realize they get
      no justice through the legal system.”
      The rule of law and equality of
      justice is long dead in America.

    • Minor difference tho’. In the 60’s it was the students against the Pigs. There was little or no counter group considering the backdrop of the Vietnam War. This time it is student v student, or if like activist v activist considering many AntiFA forces are not even from a university.

      Of particular interest is the stand down by the PoPo. My curiosity is were the PoPo doing so expecting a certain result to occur and was it a city directive to do so? What State agents do or don’t do telegraphs both intent and future directions.

      • The PoPo stand down is interesting – but – this is what potentially allowed the Antifah beatdown to occur. So I’m having a hard time seeing a downside to the standdown.

        I’ve been trying to follow some of this stuff – and keep some of my crowd up to date on what is going on. I told them a few weeks back about Based Stick Man – and how sometimes one guy can be extremely important to waking people up. It’s starting to look like that might have happened. His example seems to have inspired a bunch of other people to go head to head with Antifah and give them the beat-downs they so richly deserve.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          I’m fairly confident that the standdown will cease if the badthinkers win a couple more brawls. It may end up making the UDA/RUC collaboration look like child’s play.

      • hummus abedin

        It has been clearly shown,
        in interviews and public statements,
        that the treasonous shitbags of Berkeley (and Bay area) political dictatorship
        issued the stand down orders,
        which resulted in the riots at the Milo
        event and the March 1st rally.
        Moreover, they have made clear that
        their will be consequences for violating
        the rule of law, by the communists, antifa terrorists, multigay SJW’s, and their foot soldiers.

      • The police do not have what is called an “affirmative duty” to me, you, or anyone in particular. That has withstood jurisprudence, and will not change. Police…. they have an odd role at this point in American history. That they can be told to “stand down” and watch chaos erupt is a dangerous direction (i.e., Baltimore).

        • To the extent self defense will not suffice, private security firms paid by the neighborhood should replace .gov popo depts.

          Contract duties and penalties for breach.


          Solved the security issue.

          Plus qualified immunity and no duty to protect.

          Hershey has some words on a related topic. Posting in 5.

          • “Contract duties and penalties for breach.”

            Forget about it. It can’t be institutionalized. Successfully I mean. That’s why 100% of the evidence supports the contention.

            It happens to be wrong to do anyway, but that’s a much different topic…though possibly related. In any event, even the attempt to accomplish it necessarily leads to what we say we want to stop. This is another example of why hierarchy is so important and why Pragmatism is the biggest enemy, by far.

            As if more evidence were needed, as the cup runneth over. Additionally, it may be helpful to keep in mind that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN UNCHOSEN OBLIGATION, commonly called “duty.” That’s why no person can name even a single one that he himself has, but somehow can point to kagillions of others that everyone else has.

    • This is less like the 1960s and more like the 1920s and early 1930s in Weimar Germany.

      • It’s the 1960s when people carry and use sticks in the streets. It’s the 1920s interwar period when they carry and use guns.

        • Don’t worry that’s coming too.

          The 1960s was mostly left wing rabble versus the police/state. This stuff going on now is street action between opposing ideologies and that is what makes it more like Weimar Germany.

    • The nation was a LOT stronger socially and culturally than it is now. It won’t take anything like what happened in the 60s to break the camels back.

  4. AAR from:

    SUNDAY, APRIL 16, 2017
    Mailvox: fighting antifa

    A firsthand report from the Second Battle of Berkeley from a reader:
    Those Nike batting helmets are light, but they work! I took a rock to the top of my head yesterday that probably would have had me out.We also tested it before the saturday with a could of good smacks to the sides and back with both dowels and 1x3s. The impact jerked your head, but it protected against the pain and did a reasonable job of getting the blow to skate along the curves of the helmet.

    One of the folks there next to me wasn’t wearing a helmet, and took a nasty smack in the head with a thrown full mini-can of soda. He recovered OK, but there was a LOT of blood. They have video of him getting treated.

    Wear a helmet…even if you are fit and young. I armored up because I am slow, but even those fit madmen dodging rocks on the front line could use it.

    …and VD, They did a fantastic job of keeping the lines together yesterday. They had folks watching for flanking and the berserkers (that’s what those based millennials were fighting like…absolutely breathtaking) at the front were keeping an ear out for the yell to pull back when they smashed into the front lines of the very skinny antifa janissaries. There were only a few incidents of folks pushing too far and getting enveloped.

    Gloves are necessary as well. I started out with my motorcycle gloves, but lost them when I took them off to put some gauze on the fellow how to smack with the soda. Even though I didn’t take a hit in the hands, I still learned why I needed them after the rally when I was heading back home. I didn’t get pepper sprayed directly, but I did go through the clouds a couple of times and helped a few guys holding their head back when they were getting their eyes washed out. Pepper spray residue was all over my hands and when I took off my mask, helmet and goggles, I instinctively wiped my lips. Noob mistake that would have been mitigated if I was wearing gloves. I’m glad there were no cameras to capture my “it’s too spicy” dance.
    Good to know that there are some tactically-aware leaders taking charge, and that people are following their directions. Discipline plus preparation plus leadership usually equals victory. I noticed the discipline right away in the first videos I’d seen; it’s far more important that everyone is on the same page than for anyone to engage in individual heroics or pursue optimal tactical objectives.

    It was also significant to see that the tanks were going after the antifa leaders. Remember, antifa is all offense, so the leaders are not expecting to engage in any direct conflict themselves. The wedgies were a nice touch; another effective humiliation is to tie their shoelaces together or to remove their belts and bind their ankles with them.

    It seems to me there ought to be a bounty placed on antifa flags and masks. I certainly wouldn’t mind having a flag or two to hang in my office as a trophy.
    Labels: mailvox, war



    • Definitely, “Capture the Flag” is a way to go! Shia LeBeuf has been utterly humiliated by losing his. make them cry for the symbols.

      • Heard something about his pouting on some arctic desolate island alone up in Finland.

  5. More weggies! And bloody noses, split lips and blac eyes for the antifa punks.

    Or something more consequential….

  6. Agree, with the author. His supporters will leave him behind. It’s not his train, it’s ours.

  7. And while you are extremely busy saving the world, there are also some very important things going on here. So if it’s not too much trouble Mr. Trump.

  8. I’ve been scanning all the available videos of this, the previous riots and the Huntington Beach clubbing. There are several repeat faces in the crowd that are not dressed up in their black LARPing gear but are dressed in street clothes. They appear to be moving in both crowds, but generally move into the black gaggle and then there is an incident.. I’d call them Sgt’s I have tentitively identified one of the overall tactical coordinators, but it’s difficult with the sketchy camera work.. I’d also advise the Free-speech crowd to watch the “””Press””” as many of them are filtering through the crowds identifying weak areas for the LARP crowd..

  9. jock supporters, er, i mean trumpf supporters deserve to get their asses beat. what a bunch of brainwashed losers. anyone who stands up for any politician or cop has it coming to them.

    MOAR beatings and hopefully killings. 🙂

  10. The point of the exercise is to shut down the Right. Period.
    If the Right loses, game over.
    If they win, push back harder; eventually, the po-po will show up with Mommy Logic(c), blame everyone, and shut everything down. Game over again. Heads they win, tails you lose.
    This means we either push it beyond sanity, or get beat.

    FTR, this was the Third Battle of Berkeley, not the second.
    Our side is 1-2. Ann Coulter is showing up 4/27, and then as our bloghost noted, there’s May Day, 5/1. This ain’t over until it’s over.
    (I suspect, it’s just getting warmed up. This has been pre-season play, so far, until someone decides it isn’t worth it, and retires for good.)

    At least those representing our side aren’t getting punked now, like they were at first.

    And all the cops are doing is teaching our side to ignore them.
    (Hey, Chief Dumbass, and Officer Fuckhead,: is that really the message you want average citizens to take away? That you’re at best neutrally uncaring, and at worst, actively aiding and abetting the clear enemy? Well-played; let’s see how that turns out when this goes to guns, all around,as it will with near-inevitability. You should take a lesson to heart, Blue Hordes:
    You don’t have enough ammo, guns, or TROOPS for things, once Joe Average marks you as a bigger threat than staying home. Which means you’ll be staying home, or not ever returning there again, and the streets will belong to whichever side has the demographic edge. It won’t be you, even if they call out the National Guard. (Think about that long and hard, @$$holes.)
    And when you try to make a comeback, you’ll be rightly greeted like Nazi collaborators by society, and I don’t mean figuratively.
    If you’re lucky, they’ll only stamp swastikas on your faces with hot fireplace irons, and then turn you lose.
    If you’re not, history will be rather instructive in where you’ll end up.
    The overwhelming likelihood is at the ends of ropes, in batches.
    What will happen to Antifa at that point doesn’t bear serious thinking, if one wants to sleep at night.

    But before then, the problem will be Team Blue, not Team Fucktard.

    Or, those charged with upholding the paperwork outlining a peaceful civil society could go back to being impartial keepers of the public peace, and start bitch-slapping the violent Left, totally precluding the necessity for a violent Right.
    When you make peaceful change impossible, you make violent change inevitable.” -JFK

    • “Or, those charged with upholding the paperwork outlining a peaceful civil society could go back to being impartial keepers of the public peace.”

      I missed it…when did that happen? Or, how ’bout a deal…you go take care of the paperwork and the rest of us will just do it. If you’re nice about it, maybe we’ll even chip in on the mahogany and padding for the room.

    • “like Nazi collaborators”…linguistic cue, or: how you can always spot the (((neo-conz))) & [[[cucks]]].

      • Sorry, Haxo; I didn’t mean to deliberately disparage your relatives and heroes.

        But if you have some other suitable exemplar bunch of collaborators from history, I’ll be happy to substitute them next time.

        So it looks like all you can spot is somebody using the obvious example as an obvious example.

        Blame the Jooooooooooooos if it turns your crank.
        You will anyways, given 0.02 seconds.

  11. It’s amusing to think that UC Berkeley was the center of the 1964 “Free Speech Movement”, but has now transformed into the center of the “Suppress Speech Movement”. So it goes with colleges. Of course in both cases, the college administration opposed free speech. The difference is that now, the students do as well.

  12. You can’t fix stupid

    • anonperson

      The guy on the right with the beard and glasses? Yeah. Anyone else notice that in all the footage, he only seems ‘concerned’ with getting one side to ‘stop fighting’? He couldn’t even be troubled to wear something other than the Antifa uniform.

      This guy needs some Special Attention.

    • Yes you can, you just need to use a big enough hammer.