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  1. I’m not convinced that Missile Technology is even important to the NORKs.

    It’s possible that their development program is merely a feint, designed to occupy Western’ busybodies … whilst they are actually concentrating upon alternative delivery systems.

    I just don’t buy that this Asian nation is so incompetent in the field of rocketry.

    I’d imagine that it is a comparatively trivial task to devise an autonomous maritime delivery system that can take weapons across the oceans … to coastal and estuarine targets. Bear in mind that just about every nuclear power plant is situated by a coast or a river. Juicy.

    • It’s hard to do the math when your stomach is rumbling.
      Harder still when your family is hostage.
      Hardest of all when Dear Leader is a frothing moonbat and your laboratory is cut off entirely from access to the rest of the world.
      Science has ever been a social activity, at least to a penultimate point, and the Norks are having to do all this own their own hook.

      But it’s fun to watch; at least, right up until they get a functional MRBM or ICBM.

      Then Japan, SKorea, Taiwan, maybe even Singapore or Oz decides that depending on the US nuclear umbrella is so yesterday’s plan, and the region mirrors the Russian/Chinese/Pakistan/India section of the globe, where you have four nuclear powers, and very little adult supervision.

      Just remember to have three to four feet of earth sheltering your, um, “root cellar”, and include an outdoor shower rinse, for the…vegetables, yeah for the vegetables.

      The Cold War was over from 1989-2009, give or take.
      After 2009, the Cold War wasn’t the problem.
      Now we’re up against global insanity. The Kim family are the movement’s poster children.

      • If it comes to that, his “subs” could be Kamikaze-variety.

        Pretty sure that there is no shortage of willing pilots in NORKland. Some N. Koreans were on the BBC, this morning, proclaiming their willingness … nay, eagerness … to die for their Nation.

        A very lo-tech solution to his delivery problem. Maybe.

        Who was it that was advising us, on this very site, to look for alternative solutions to military dilemmas? I can’t remember, but it was just the other day.

        • You only get to punch the dragon in the nose once.
          Kim only gets one such event, after that it’s national extinction.
          Which is a high price to pay just for part of a city or so.

    • No one does a Solid Fuel Ballistic Missile Launch on the first try. Nor, the second, third try. Unless someone who has tested, failed, and then mastered it, gives NK the specs, NK will fail, until they don’t.

    • “…I’d imagine that it is a comparatively trivial task to devise an autonomous maritime delivery system that can take weapons across the oceans … to coastal and estuarine targets. Bear in mind that just about every nuclear power plant is situated by a coast or a river. Juicy.”

  2. making light of a committed and determined adversary is foolish.

    all it takes is the will to succeed.

  3. Notarealperson

    Don’t mock the mad man with the nukes.

    Say he’s limited to deep frying Seoul and Tokyo. The global economic repercussions will be devastating even to the U.S.

    Tread lightly with well armed crazies.

    • Screw that noise. You ever watch Old Yeller? Hint: he didn’t get extra gentle pats on the head and a whole can of dinky-di at the end.

  4. Hillary is even shorter…

    • but Trump is 6’4″. That should do it. And BTW, if push comes to shove, one CBG (+ in-theatre land-based) worth of airpower will likely not be enough. There’s 2 more CBG’s on the West Coast right now, one at sea exercising and the other in-port but ready, + 1 carrier w 5th Fleet in the Persian Gulf. Why aren’t they on the way? I wouldn’t take on the Norks with less than 4. Our Orange Napoleon and his fearsome, fruit-salad bedecked Generals & Admirals may well be underestimating the enemy by a large degree.

      • I think I read that there are now 3 aircraft carriers en-route; presumably with their hosts in tow.

        I recall now … there was an interesting piece here, about the “lure of symmetry” in conflict. The author spoke of Hollywood and of the dispatching of snipers with Bren guns.

        The NORKs ain’t dumb. They just ain’t. They know full well that they can’t win a stand-up fight against the Great Satan. I think that they won’t make much attempt at a symmetrical response to American’ aggression.

        Wasn’t it Greene who ultimately defeated the superior forces of Cornwallis, by the simple tactic of running them ragged through the Southern States?

        On the subject of strategy, the US is pointedly threatening the NORKs with annihilation. It seems that the US is determined to attack, irrespective of NORK’ policy and actions. A somewhat dodgy tactic … it might cause a complete capitulation (Harfleur 1415), but is perhaps more likely to stiffen the resolve of the Koreans. They would seem to be in a position of “having nothing to lose” by fighting; dangerous.

        What of the rest of the world? If the US goes aheads and nukes this Nation, sure, the others will be cowed. But, I would bet that they will also be desperate to be rid of these “madmen”. Nobody wants to live under the threats of the schoolyard bully; they just don’t. You’ll push people away from yourselves and into the arms of Russia/China. The outcome of violence is always uncertain, I suppose.

        • I have just seen this posited … that the NORKs nuke other states (Russia, China, India, Pakistan) in the hope that the confusion would lead to a wider or even Global response. This would be if it kicks off in their part of the world, of course. Done properly, the “evil Capitalists” would be just as dead, even though it takes a few weeks.

          There’s so much tension that a misidentified attack just might work, I suppose. Back to this thing of “nothing to lose”.

          An irradiated KSA sounds quite appealing.

          Also, quite a bit of talk about bio-weapons. Presumably, these would be easier to “export” via the numerous Trade routes.

          Perhaps you need only export the knowledge + people who are sufficiently-skilled and motivated.

          All totally fascinating, in a macabre sort of way. Let’s hope that DC gets it first. I’m fast losing interest in humanity.

      • (later)…here we go: