Z Man: Convergence

The Right Side Of The Left, Or Vice Versa

Badthink in spades.

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  1. Almost all education, welfare, and other claims of government dependency are skewed by this IQ bell curve.

    • Ever noticed how Masons and Ashkenazi Jews are over-represented on the far right side of that bell curve throughout history.

  2. Another ugly detail not mentioned in the IQ article is level needed for breakthrough development, vs evolution and application. I once read, and believe based on what I’ve seen, that a minimum of 140-145 is needed (and more like 160) for truly great work. I’ve met those people and they are a) very rare and b) all white or Asian. A cursory look at the bell curve distribution explains why.

  3. Confederate miner

    The South had am almost perfect society. The whites no matter how low on the social ladder were still white free men not a black slave. This kept the class envy down and probably explains why the lower classes at least tried to emulate the upper class. As for the Africans slavery in America was the best thing going for them.

  4. POd American

    These facts can’t possibly be right, so sez the Progs. (eyes rolng)

  5. Low IQs can be overcome by a willingness to work harder. A high IQ can be a means to overcome sloth. But there are practical limits to which each can be applied to overcome the negative aspects.

    The question to ask yourself is — You just paid your taxes. Who is getting the benefit? You or somebody with an IQ lower than yours? If the answer is ‘yes’ then are you really that smart?

  6. Watch Flynn on Flynn :

    There is no possibility of an IQ independent of cultural. Unless the populations have identical cultures in terms of the amount of abstract information flowing through their minds, they can’t possibly have the same average IQs, the same distributions.

    If you think otherwise, you have to explain why your grandparents were morons relative to you as measured by your IQ test. I don’t know about you, but my grandparents were pretty smart, judging by how they did in life.

    • How many tax leeches did your grandparents support though?

      You have the same IQ as them but you’re loaf is greater. The fuel mileage will be worse.

  7. Oregon Hobo

    I have yet to see the supposed evidence that this disparity is biological rather than cultural.

    I recall the immortal Fred Reed pointing out that Ireland jumped from a dismal average of 87 to an even 100 over the course of ~40 years. Was this due to a sudden genetic shift across the entire Emerald Isle?

    I’ve known black men who were raised by white parents and who, surprise, surprise, functioned like white men, spoke coherent English, held intellectually demanding jobs, and maintained intact families with well-behaved and intelligent kids. Friends have related remarkably similar experiences. I suspect many of you have encountered similar cases as well. Did these black men absorb white genes from living with white people?

    I realize that’s far from being a double-blind study of a large sampling but in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, I’m going to point the finger at culture as both the primary causal factor in black dysfunction, as well as the only factor that might feasibly be changed on a large scale within our children’s lifetimes.

    Happy trails,


    • Sorry. I used to do psych testing for all kinds of kids in SpEd.

      Arithmetic has no mercy.

      Z is on the money, and everyone knows it, even the niggers.

    • Hobo:

      Start with this WIkipedia article, and consider how left wing WIkipedia is, but even they have to admit that IQ is largely a heritable trait. Then, do you googles. There is a plethora peer-reviewed scientific material supporting the theory.


      Also: consider Charles Murray’s “Bell Curve” and the more recent general readership book “Blank Slate” by Stephen Pinker – which explains the immense effort that went into constructing and promoting the “blank slate” theory. Which is now discredited.

      So it’s not surprising if you were schooled anytime between the 1960s and today that you have absorbed the idea that intelligence (and many other traits) are mostly cultural. Sadly, it’s just not true.

      • Oregon Hobo

        Jackson, many thanks. I finally bought the Bell Curve a few weeks ago and haven’t gotten to it yet. I’ll take a look at Blank Slate as well. I will readily confess that my outlook on this topic is very much uninformed by reading of actual peer-reviewed research.

        Regardless of heritability though I still am of the opinion that black American culture is completely and utterly broken, that much of that breakage occurred in the past ~50 years as a result of focused efforts by domestic elements (Cloward, Piven), that repairing this damage is an inescapable prerequisite to repairing the rest of the country, and that I have no idea how to go about this task.

        Ironically, Bill Clinton came the closest to accomplishing this but the welfare reforms passed under him were later repealed, reversing a brief uptick in prosperity and overall quality of life for blacks in the U.S before too many people noticed the inexplicable anomaly and started asking embarrassing questions.

        #OREGON HOBO#

    • Hobo,
      One can take your observations one step further — How is it two siblings raised in the same household, nearly identical upbringing and exposure can have different IQs. I bring it up, not to disprove the cultural differentials, but that even more subtle factors can come into play.

      Where we might diverge is HOW culture is implemented to achieve a IQ goal. We had a cultural shift with the implementation of The Great Society and it has been a disaster on multiple fronts. But one of the bigger outcomes was absentee parenting. It takes engaged parent*s* challenging the kids constantly to bring about the desired outcomes.

      It would be interesting to see an IQ distribution as in the beginning of this article that broke the data down in Black, White, Asian.

    • Confederate miner

      Then you are a blind man.

    • “Genetics is culture gone to seed.” – Edgar Steele

  8. There is almost no cultural component in IQ measures. IQ capability is almost 100% genetic. It’s true that a gifted individual that is not taught to the maximum level of his ability will score lower when tested, that’s not the same a cultural influence.

    Negroes simply don’t have the IQ potential at a level that can sustain a white created civilization requires to be maintained. The collapse of Rhodesia is a case in point. Thousands of negroes with 80 IQs armed with rifles proved that you can force “regime change” upon advanced white society with enough outside support.

    Rhodesia should never have been yielded to the negro savages.


    NRO? Mona Charen? Credibility. National Review and its minions have been in the politically correct Amen Corner ever since Buckley canned Joseph Sobran for telling the truth. These people are writing “racial” articles while the real deal-the FSA-is bleeding them dry via the tax system through SNAP&EBT, They leave their plush, secured offices to their fortress parking garages and motor home to their gated, protected communities.
    They can tut-tut and tsk-tsk all they want. The day will come when they and the rest of their ilk who work in these Blue Hives are running for their lives. The mobs of Wagaboos will be burning their way of life to the ground. But, I imagine the smart ones already have their hideouts in Jackson Hole or Sandpoint. Time will tell.

  10. Badthink in spades..”
    Double entendre alert.

    Describing the certainty of the test results is so far beyond the pale, no one dare speak of it, else risk instant unpersonhood, in perpetuity.

    NR used to put the clear conclusions right on the page, in the magazine.
    E.g. “Looking at other western nations, the non-black crime rate in the U.S. is lower than crime in Switzerland; the non-black, non-Hispanic crime rate in the U.S. is lower than crime in Lichtenstein.” NR, circa 1990.
    Now it’s like asking them about their retarded niece locked in the basement.

    Doesn’t exist; never happened.

  11. The unmeasurable X factor here is ethics. The left is populated by the ivory tower 2nd/3rd deviations who have made a spectacular amount of money off of idiots. A society with a functional (read Christian) code of ethics is far more stable, happy and productive than a group of 3rd deviation sociopaths. Look at the filth coming from Harvard, Princeton ect. or the absolute insanity of the Silicon Valley people and their ideas about transhumanism. IQ is a tool like anything else. Some people/groups have more or less of it, but the moral aspect of the equation is what points those tools in a productive way or you wind up having really smart people making lampshades out of people. At moments I’m tempted to start a snowflake lighting store…but I also realize it’s not my call to make either, Someone Else is responsible for being the only fair judge to ever take the bench.

  12. “The bigger issue here is the fact that she cannot bring herself to mention the real reason black males have rocket high unemployment levels. That’s immigration. Cheap foreign labor and a willingness to tolerate idle black men, has resulted in lots of idle black men. This is really not difficult material.” Contributory, yes, but causal? I don’t think so.

    1. Welfare bunnies begat more of the same and thus no expectation of life success based on the fruit of ones intellect and labor. 70% of black babies are born to single mothers and baby daddy’s in the breeze. That’s culture.
    2. Welfare bunnies DON”T WANT TO NOT BE….WELFARE BUNNIES. There is NO SHAME in it. That’s slavery.
    3. The amorphous scum residing inside the beltway and sucking the saggy teat of the taxpayer every second of every day DEMAND a large population of welfare bunnies because, hey, there’s a lot of friggen money in it! That’s complicity.

  13. One of the tangible items that really frosts my cookies that never, ever gets discussed in this “wealth gap” between blacks and whites is the discussion for choices and personal responsibility.

    There are many blacks, aka “the artificial middle class” in the DC region where the combined household income is in excess of $200K due affirmative action hiring at rates far above market under the guise of “equality”. However, the Washington Post is forever moaning how the “wealth gap” endures and Princes Georges County, MD (high income, majority black federal civil service) was the highest hit during the foreclosure crisis. It’s all due to teh raycism, dontchaknow.

    Or how about, it’s due to personal choices and habits? In our DC exurb neighborhood, which happens to be one of the highest income zip codes in the entire US, there are quite a few “professional” black families whose household incoming income is easily over $200K. However, they couldn’t scrape up the cash for an emergency if they had to, whereas, the white families in this neighborhood trend towards stay-at-home moms with one wage earner doing the daily death commute into the city and most have paid off their homes in full within 15 years or so, building equity to cash out for retirement.

    Leasing high end BMW’s, Mercedes, Lexuses, etc as well as season tickets to bakka baw and fooball, enrolling your spawn into bakka baw and fooball expensive training camps, leagues, etc, eating out all the time, blowing money on ridiculous mark up retail jewelry, clothing, etc adds up. Quickly.
    So much that you don’t cut your own lawn or hire someone else to do it like your neighbors, so you end up HOA liens. They ALL seem to live a high roller lifestyle they feel entitled to, yet are always in arrears on their HOA payments.

    NO ONE ever talks about income coming INTO a household and the spending decisions made AFTER that that impact long term wealth down the road. No, oh no, it’s always about dat rayciss, white privilege, etc etc etc.

    I am over it. So, so over it.

  14. IQ differences are real, are biologically based, and have a correlation to poor decision making and recognition of consequences as well as future success/earnings/ability to form a stable family structure.

    Unless we return to a screening system where everyone is matched to their abilities, talents and motivations we are screwed. I have no more patience for it, personally.