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  1. I’m looking for an event, something wholly unintentional and unthinking from the communists, to put the match to this powder keg.

  2. This has the potential to get nasty.

    Is Culper Battle-Tracking This?

  3. It’s coming. They didn’t wear all those stupid purple ties for nothing. You globalists have badly misjudged the fire that is burning. Badly.

  4. Was there on business 5 wks ago and happened to belly up to the bar at Moe’s BBQ. (top notch)
    It was 50 cent draft night and there were some upstanding students next to me that discussed
    the current state of things openly.
    These kids knew what was up and defied
    all glorified, social constructs of “liberal college students”.
    I imagine one or more of them had something to do with those fliers.
    The lefties will get there asses handed to them
    if shit “goes South” there.
    Also, it’s a good thing we need “judges” to rule in favor of “free speech” for free speech to be “allowed”.

    • 1) Moe’s BBQ is fantastic.
      2) Generation Z is red-pilled as fuck.

      • Amen

      • “Generation Z is red-pilled as fuck.”

        Agreed. However the general assessment is that Gen Z birth mark year is 1997. That would mean that only the leading edge of Gen Z will be in the fray against the worthless Millennials on college campuses.

  5. Some Guy in WA

    Let’s look at it this way.

    1. While people are getting hurt at these events, it’s barely gone beyond the level of “street theater.”

    2. None of this violence would be happening if law enforcement was allowed to treat violence and suppression of free speech as the crime that it is.

    3. Americans who are sick of being suppressed and told that they are garbage, and should just shut up and die, are being emboldened.

    4. Victories at these events brings more people to our side. Losses bring more people to our sides. Same for the other guys. A huge percentage of the pop. will stay out.

    5. Escalation of street violence is extremely dangerous – bring shields and decent clubs, and armor, for a fight, and trash guys throwing M-80s and using pepper spray, then when do the guns come out? Why are you fighting symmetrical battles in the street, in front of cameras and law enforcement? Ratchet goes up….

    Finally, 6. intersectionality – the combat vets go majority hard right, a decent number are on the left. Not full antifa/commie, but generally left. Forward Observer is on the ground in #Auburn and his posts are being watched by Our Guys. Bringing the Liberty movement / preparedness / militia / Western Rifle Shooters of multiple generations is crucial. Now or possibly never.

  6. In Birmingham they love the Gov’nor, boo hoo ooo
    Now we all did what we could do
    Now Watergate does not bother me
    Does your conscience bother you?
    Tell the truth

    Sweet home Alabama
    Where the skies are so blue
    Sweet home Alabama
    Lord, I’m coming home to you, here I come Alabama

    Berzerkly ain’t Alabama. Tick, tock. So it goes…

  7. I was at his event at Texas A&M not too long ago. Nothing happened. There was the usual bs spouted by those who are empowered by but oblivious to the entitlement mentality that exists in those safe spaces. Interestingly enough, the police in College Station were more focused on the sign -holding dipshit than they were on those of us who were there in support of the speaker. Not surprisingly, most of those opposing Spencer came in from Austin.


    Who is Richard Spencer? What does he espouse that has everyone so nutted up?

    • Grenadier1

      Speaking of Based Stickman, he was at Berkeley again and got arrested during the fight. He is out again as far as I know.

  9. This is supposed to be live:

  10. Oh, to be a Batt boy at Benning again.


      Chuck: I’ll pass. When I was there(1970) it was populated by way too many loony-tunes with railroad tracks on their collars and ball caps. Grass drills were not supposed to be used as punishment, but that regulation was ignored. I neither cooperated nor graduated. If I had, my name probably would have been inscribed on the black granite wall in DC. I am unlucky that way.

  11. Some Guy in WA

    Culper’s reports are gold – IDed an antifa consultant who came in from Brooklyn to advise and organize, photoed one of their vans, and captured info about their movements and tactics. Ultimately it fizzled because law enforcement did their job, and the AltRight showed up in force (4x antifa/protestors).

    Well done guys.

    • He did a fantastic job.

      His Whopper/BK Lounge comments gave me a case of the LOLz.

  12. Fart in a hurricane.
    Last I looked, the first three tards to mix it up got cuffed and carted in about 2 seconds.
    (BerKeystone Kops, call your office.)

    So it looks like Moldylocks got horse-punched on Saturday for nothing, and Antifa is nothing but a gelding at a stud farm.

    If anything further happens, keep us posted.

  13. The Antifa action of chasing a small element of Based Kekistanis…. one concept…. “baited ambush.” I suspect that this will happen in one form or the other. Why? Because the progressive yute lack discipline, nor will they listen, nor does “leadership” exist much at teh tactical level. Easy as pi.

  14. Umm……is that aluminum foil that Laguna Beach Antifa has covering his “jewels”? Exactly what does he think that the CIA is broadcasting there? Does this fool know that aluminum foil is not a codpiece and if he is really that worried about unknown transmissions, he needs a urologist. Sheesh!!

  15. On a Friday Night That I have off, I know where to go grab a beer in Atlanta.

    Checked out the FB page of the group and the establishment. Those young children would have gotten their asses kicked in that particular area as little as 10 years ago. There are more white college age hippies in the MLK Historic District than Black people thanks to GA State University and the Gentrification that followed it.
    Kirkwood, Cabbagetown, the whole area has changed. When John Lewis finally retires from Congress, a White Bull Dyke will win his seat.

  16. There will be a 3 front war here in Fusa.

    Those who support the commies vs those who support trumpf vs those who desire Freedom. I will be gunning for supporters of the establishment of either side..

    Why would anyone be willing to die for a bankster stooge?

    Answer: murkins are the dumbest fools on earth.

  17. Bravo! You have outdone yourself with the graphics associated with this story. Posters, frog cartoons, data diagrams..A lovely composition for the eyes and mind. One of your very best!

  18. YeahWhatever

    The Antifa shitbags are learning. Notice how many parading by the police are wearing helmets & body armor & small shields.

    Looks like a few good shots by Based Stickman have made them actually learn something. For once.

    Now, escalation is only a matter of short time. Prevalent use of armor will only up the need for more damaging weapons. Fists & pine flag poles * tossed soda cans will now give way to metal weapons, bladed weapons, and molotovs.

    • Sweet. I bet BudK and Smokey Mountain Knifeworks are about sold out of 300 and LOTR memorabilia swords and daggers

      Myself, I always wanted the villains knuckle knife from “Cobra”

      • Awarded my young son after humping up to Mount LeCont
        a first production knife from a well known designer at Smokey Mountain Knifeworks. Heck, it was like 150 bucks back then.
        He was like six or seven years old.

  19. If they pull a knife, you pull a gun.