NR: HuffPo Fell for a Hoax Piece Demanding That White Men Lose Voting Rights

Bad editor.

No doughnut.

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  1. So, we’ve been had?

    • I have to admit – when I read that article , I had a sneaking suspicion that it just seemed to “put together” out of typical leftard talking points.

      Then I saw the pic of the alleged author, who looked suspiciously like a male gender type in drag.

      Didn’t stop me from forwarding the thing around everywhere just to get everybody all pissed off and thinking that HuffPo is a bag of tards.

      • I posted it on my blog and I’m leaving it there. HuffPo published those actual words on their actual news site and thought it was all good. What if it had been the opposite? What if the writer was suggesting the black men be removed from the voter’s rolls? Or Hispanic women? Or all women? There is no way in hell they would have published that.

  2. Not buying it.

    They jumped in with both feet, whether the author meant it or not.

    It becomes impossible for satire like at The Onion to survive when real life frothing moonbats like at HuffPo become self-parody, without further intervention.

    • “They jumped in with both feet, whether the author meant it or not.”

      One must consider this, even when fake, to be a primer for things to come…do not think for a minute that the authoritarian Leftists wouldn’t do it if they could.

  3. So? I fell for it too. It was a great troll. Better even than the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

    • lastmanstanding

      Haxo…I…don’t think the Protocols are a troll.

      But that’s just me. 😉

  4. Truth be told I fell for it lock stock and barrel when i first read it a few days ago..It didnt sound to out of the ordinary considering the pitchfork and torch parade thats been organized against whitey.

  5. It’s not a hoax. It was an article written by a person and HuffPo decided it was good to go on their publication. The HuffPo put those actual words on their actual website. They can claim not to endorse or support everything the author says, but what does that BS even mean? You published it. I read that shit ON YOUR WEBSITE. If it’s on your website, then it’s your content!

    The only “hoax” is that the author wrote it under a fake name. And is that such a hoax? What’s the difference between Mark Twain and Samuel Clemens?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “What’s the difference between Mark Twain and Samuel Clemens?”

      At least a few points in Scrabble.

  6. Oregon Hobo

    So their idiotic disenfranchisement proposal was a hoax to make them look like a bunch of racist misandronist bigots who’ve completely unhinged themselves from both the real world and the high ideals they espouse. Yuks and high-fives all around.

    Ours on the other hand was the real deal to make us look like…?

    Champions of liberty. Yeah, that’s it.


  7. Jesse Bogan

    Best excuse they could come up with more likely.

  8. Where is the proof that it was a hoax and who is offering that-up, the same PPL that foisted the hoax? I’ll stick w/the original headline

  9. OMG FAKE NEWS!!! There oughta be a law!

    …yeah, OK. Poe’s Law and all that. Well done, Anon. Carry on.

  10. We fell for it too… Of course we know our enemy and what they want.. so….

  11. The case could be made that they *wanted* it to be true.

  12. HuffPo = fake news.
    The “editorial staff” fell for it? Likely they cheered it wholeheartedly and only regret that the less enlightened they must share the earth with are too some kind of “ist” to understand the brilliance of the author’s work.

  13. “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  14. Hognose passed away peacefully this morning.


  15. Sorry to hear this. I really enjoyed the site, and will miss his daily additions to my knowledge. God bless him.

  16. Truly the apex & apogee of human ignorance. The fact that women by sheer mathematical numbers cannot coalesce to simply vote any woman in office they choose (but continue to wave the misogyny flag & beat the misogyny drum), tells me that suffering & ignorance is a symptom of the human condition. Devolving as a species.

    Trapped on this spinning ball of matter hurling through the atmosphere & universe of Love & Hate among over 300 million species of plants / animals / organisms, and we’re the only beings that pay for the right to be here ?
    Dictated by some tyrants in High Castles that print fiat money telling society at large what “normal” is.

    Get me off this Rock.